DS App Studio Now Supports 3D Model Importing

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    Hey All!

    I am proud to announce that the next beta release of DS App Studio will allow you to import 3D models(.bin files, you can use NDSMODELEXPORTER to convert .3Ds or .X files to .bin files, then you can import them to DS App Studio). Here is an image of using this feature in DS App Studio:

    Here is the code that was used to do this:

    // Project Name: NDS App - AwsomiSoft - www.awsomisoft.com
    // Description: this template is a very simple project it 
    // contains the basic code for a DS App Studio application
    // Version: 0.4.6
    // whenever using 2D or 3D you must use the start2D or 2D function
    start3D(256, 256);
    // first, you must tell it to start the first form
    // and this creates the form. To add another form, just
    // do createform and in quotes the name of the form.
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂ initcamera("0", "0", "70", 255, 191);
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂ text(0, 0, "This is a 3D example using DS App Studio!", "bottom");
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂ text(0, 10, "Renderer: OpenGL", "bottom");
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂ text(0, 15, "Use the stylus to change the zoom and direction of the camera.", "bottom");
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂ loop();
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ ogldrawmodel("statue");
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ ifstylusheld();
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ movecamera("stylus.px", "0", "stylus.py", 255, 191);
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ endif();
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂ endloop();
    I will be releasing this beta probably today, tomorrow, or the next day, depending on whether I can fix a few bugs in time or not. This is a big step for easy homebrew development, and I hope people will enjoy this new beta when it is released. Now, about the 3D model creation itself.

    I will not be supplying a 3D modeling program, but I know a few that are out there that are free. Here is a list of the programs you could use, and people can post programs that are free and support .3ds and .X file exporting or saving. I will be adding to the list as well and posting links to the sites you can get them at:

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    Jul 15, 2010
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    I could use these alright.

    Now that I have a lot of 3D functions completed, I will be also working on the sprite rotations, resizing, and manipulations.