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    May 31, 2008
    Hey guys,

    I'm sure most of you have heard of those programs that scan your system & devices, and let you know which drivers are out of date, etc.
    What're all your opinions on these programs?

    I'm wondering if any of these 3 actually work and are 100% safe:

    Driver Detective
    Driver Genius

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    Never touch any of those automated programs.

    If you are building/fixing/installing systems and need to do drivers for multiple different systems without messing around on sites like too much then has you covered.

    Otherwise I say just do graphics cards and printers as the main two that need to be kept current (although printers are more along the lines of throw the CD it came with away and just download them). This is usually due to added features and speedups.

    Motherboard/soundcard drivers are good too but less essential unless you are facing a problem or you are going well into the realms of overclocking.

    If you are using custom wifi drivers/managers then they are usually worth a check every so often (sometimes security and extra features).

    After that if you are using a high end mouse you might want the buttons but stick with the ones the operating system provides unless you can reason otherwise.

    Equally you will want a manual windows fixing tool to remove startup entries and unnecessary services that driver makers seem to enjoy adding (indeed removing them is a common thing I find myself doing and the "magical" resulting speedup usually endears you to people).