Dreamprix XL Testing

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    Hello Folks

    I recently purchased the Dreamprix XL, which is a Universal Steering Wheel Controller for Wii/Gamecube, PS1, Xbox and PC, thought it IS recognized on Wii as it says, due to no Up or Down Analog Controls, some games don't work with it, the following is a list of games I've tested on (the list will be updated with games I'll be playing in the future):

    * Mario Kart Double Dash: Semi-Playable (Can't manually select a character, you have to either stick with Mario and Luigi or choose Random and hope for the best, otherwise, it's basically playable)
    * Sonic Riders (Unplayable, Can't move Up due to no Up/Down Analog Controls)

    Thanks for looking and I'll be updating this as soon as I can get some more racing games to test it with on GC and Wii)
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    I know the name is supposed to be a la Gran(d) Prix but I can't help but hear dream pricks in my head.