Dreamcast saving without a VMU?

Discussion in 'Other Consoles & Oldies' started by 2dere, Dec 3, 2008.

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    New Zealand
    After years of not having a Dreamcast of my own. all that will change this friday (two days away.) One of the many games I have for it is PSO and I don't currently have a VMU for it. Now I can get one, well more than one for the same price. One the typical ugly grey and other a nice green. Grey I can have arrive in two days. The green will take probably more than a week ( I just want the green one more.). Now I know just how absolutely keen I'm going to be to play all my games I've bought And I'm wondering if holding off for the prettier colour will put me out off action for a couple of days. If it was anything like the ps1/2 when it comes to saving, or lack of it with an external unit I know I'll be out of action till my VMU arrives. So I'm just double checking here.
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    I don't really remember the Dreamcast having an internal save storage
    You will need that VMU.
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    The dreamcast was an amazing system I just wish it had done better [​IMG]

    On topic: Yea you will need the VMU
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    You need the VMU.
    Also I heard that you can get more blocks out of the VMU by downloading special softwar, burning it to a CD and playing it on your Dreamcast (since Dreamcast has an exploit used for homebrew and 'backups' you don't need a modchip or anything like that [​IMG])
    Theres extra blocks on the VMU in case SEGA updated the firmware on the VMU (if you don't know, the VMU plays small games)