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    These dots, which everyone keep saying are dead pixels....showed up on mine about a month ago.....about the time of homebrew installation. They say they are because of overheating......but I never used wifi. My wii was dusty, cleaned it out today, fan works....Ive worked on a lot of computers and it just wasnt that dirty. Its on everything EXCEPT opera channel and homebrew channel. They show everything fine, no dots.......never have been, and left it on for 24 hours online just surfing and playing videos and such as a test. Can this not be a firmware problem?? maybe a bad ios or something. Some games only have a dot or two....and some like overkill have numerous ones. Shouldnt it be consistant, atleast a little? firmware 3.2 and Ive never had any probs with any software before. any ideas....I keep reading its the GPU and I just dont think so Thanks for any info
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    Uh..take a look at your other topic [​IMG]