Doom GBA Delta Episode 1 Romhack release

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Doom GBA Delta Episode 1 Romhack for the Gameboy Advance has been released.
This patch adds maps from Doom 32x: Delta, meaning the original PC maps with all the textures (for the most part) to the GBA.
Developed by Wavy, with Original 32x version by Roebloz and Alex.
Download link:
"The original GBA port of Doom used the simplified maps found in the Jaguar port as well as the 32x port. However, the rom hacks
Doom 32x: Delta and its friendly cousin Doom GBA: Delta fixes this by adding the originalPC maps back into both ports.
This zip contains a patch to a "fixed" episode one for the GBA port using maps from Doom 32x Delta, meaning the original PC maps with all the textures (for the most part).
So far only episode one has been ported to the GBA with episode 2 & episode 3 under way."

Patching is rather simple. All you need is your legally owned USA Doom GBA ROM.

Just head to this site here:

Drop your Doom GBA rom into the "ROM" selection box and drag one of the xdelta patches into the "Patch" selection box.
Now just press the "Patch" button and save the .gba file.
Boom! Now play it on an emulator, GBA flash cart or maybe even as a 3DS Virtual Console inject.

--------/THINGS TO NOTE/:
# It's uncensored! That means all the red
blood and gore are here!

# Level geometry is kept (mostly) intact
from 32X Delta.

# Texture variety is lowered. This is
due to how adding new textures can corrupt
other textures in levels, but I can
replace unneeded textures with textures of
my liking (i.e replacing Hell textures
with tech base textures for episode 1).

# Probably best to play with static lighting.
The vanilla maps can chug sometimes with
dynamic lighting, so with the more
detailed maps in Delta, I'd suggest to play
with static lighting.

# Yes, I am aware about the GBA PrBoom port
but I think doing stuff like this is fun.

--------/BUGS & ISSUES/:
# In E1M3, monsters can clip through walls in
the yellow key area. No idea on why this

# In E1M5, the Imps on the ledges hroght the
yellow key door can fall from the ledges or
can trigger the lift they are on. Reason is
Update: Episode 2 has been released. There is also a update available for Episode 1.
Download Episode 1 & 2:
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