Does Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Have Anti-Cheat/Mod?

Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by banjo2, Aug 10, 2017.

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    May 31, 2016
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    Hello. I was hoping I could get help with a particular game I'm trying to exploit.

    I've had SWBF2 for a while now, and I recently decided to have some fun and cheat around and do some hex editing. (Mod example found here: )

    At first, I used a basic Action Replay (Evo) and tried cheat codes, and none of them had any effect. Then, I moved on to modding. I dumped my PS2 BIOS along with a backup of SWBF2.

    I tested the backup with PCSX2, and it worked fine. I followed a hex editing tutorial and tried to change some properties of a unit weapon, such as fire rate and a few others. The end result weapon was exactly the same as if it were unmodded. I even tried breaking the gun by putting random text all over the hex code. And instead of the game breaking, the unit that used that particular weapon simply disappeared from the other available units, as if the game knew it was broken/changed.

    Given the fact that cheat codes didn't work either, it seems as if the game has cheat and mod protection somehow. What's strange is that there are videos of people using cheats and hex mods for this exact PS2 game, but it's impossible with my copy. The only possible explanation is that mine is the "Greatest Hits" version, which may not be the same one that the cheat codes were designed for.

    I noticed my disc has the ID SLUS 21240GH, and the GH means Greatest Hits, while the regular version doesn't have that last "GH".

    Is the game or version of this game simply impossible to mod/cheat or am I doing something wrong?
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