Does anyone use the TV function of XboxOne?

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    I finally moved the Xbox One from my game room to my bedroom after moving my 360 into the game room for my brothers.
    While I was setting it up in my room, I had forgotten that i never tried to actually set up the TV functions of the system so I figured why not, and gave it a go.

    Absolutely the best decision I have ever made.

    It is the most convenient thing ever. Being able to just sit there and be playing a game, finish up at a point I wanna save at, and instead of being bothered to find the remote, change the source, and flip through everything using a remote, I can just tell my xbox to watch TV, and boom. TV.
    I wanna watch USA? "Xbox, Watch USA." History? "Xbox Watch History. Dont know what I wanna watch? "Xbox, Whats On?"
    It is the laziest most perfect thing ever. The setup was easy as hell, I thought it was gonna be annoying and a hassle. Nah. Its perfect.

    Does anybody else use it and think its as good as I do? I probably sound like im sales pitching it right now, but im absolutely telling you if you haven't done it, I recommend it.