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    Good afternoon!

    There is a directory with the file format * .docx, I need to recover file (damaged). If it simply open through the word, you must first get a warning that the file is not open because of:

    "Word was unable to read this document. It may be corrupt"

    Is it possible to open .docx file?
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    First you might also with to try libreoffice's writer ( https://www.libreoffice.org/ ), abiword ( http://www.abiword.org/ ) or something else in that world -- I have had them save me and mine several times when MS office decides to chuck its toy out of the pram.

    After this it gets fun. The docx/xlsx/pptx/?x family of microsoft formats are zip files to begin with. Extract them with any kind of zip decompression tool you like, personally I go with http://www.7-zip.org/
    From there it will be some kind of markup from which you can pull information from the file (it might even open in a plain old notepad). Depending upon what you feel like doing you might not get the formatting back but if the contents are more important then that is good.
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    1) Use WordPad (which is found under the "Accessories" tab) to open the document. Open the program and select the corrupted file. Then go to the "Save as" area and select ".rtf" as the file format. Then try to re-open in Microsoft Word.

    2) Open a blank Word document, then open the "Insert" menu and select "File" (in Word 2007, go to "Object," then "Text from File"). Select the corrupted file and then press the "OK" button ("Insert" in Word 2007). The document should then insert itself into the new blank document.

    3) Launch Microsoft Word and then press the "Open" button. Instead of selecting your file, go to the bottom and select "Open any file" (or "Recover Text From Any File" in Word 2007) and then select your corrupted document.

    4) Use another program to open it. If you have an alternative word processing program, like Word Perfect or Open Office Writer installed on your computer, try opening the corrupted file in those programs.

    5) Also you may apply https://www.openfiletool.com/docxopen.html DOCX Open File Tool