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    Is need that the update is ready for the base game, for more information, here.

    Game used for the test: Taiko no Tatsujin: Session de dodon ga don!

    There are different options in the dumper, that is saved in dumper.cfg.

    Here I'll explain the important differences between option 0 and option 3.

    (Information is the menu that appear when press "options" above the game, in the Menu).

    Option 0, dumping the game with the update embebbed and installing the
    .pkg generated.*

    The version is shown correctly?
    • In information not.
    • In the title screen yes.
    • In the history of updates yes.
    • Size occupied: 1'17 GB.
    Option 3, dumping the game and the update in different folders, and installing both .pkg generated.

    The version is shown correctly?
    • In information yes.
    • In the title screen yes.
    • In the history of updates yes.
    • Size occupied: 1'24 GB.

    There are way for to join to the game and the update from both .pkg generated? (For to have only one .pkg)

    There are way for to split to the game and to the update embedded from .pkg generated? (For to have both .pkg)

    When we dump a game, the name of the file by default is
    Content ID/Product ID/Entitlement ID + APP_VER + VERSION
    for example:

    We focus on A0100-V0100, here the explain:

    APP_VER: Update number. A new game in disc/digital will have A0100, and if this is updated to 01.01, it will be A0101-V0100
    : Disc/digital game revision. A game that is released without revision and that isn't updated will be A0100-V0100, but if the game is re-released (for example, for GOTY edition, version with all DLCs), the number will be different, for example, A0100-V0101.

    A example: GOTY edition could to be updated too, and if the GOTY edition is V0101 and the update is 01.50, it will be A0150-V0101.

    *When a game is dumped by option 0 (the game with the update embedded), the update number will be the revision number, because the update, being embedded, will be the revision for the game.

    For example, when a game updated to 01.05 and without revision (A0105-V0100) is dumped by this option, with the update embedded, it will show a incorrect number, specifically: A0100-V0105. This is a important problem that we must avoid, for that, I recommend use the option 3.

    Maybe this is the cause for to the information show the incorrect version.
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