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  1. Terenigma

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    Nov 10, 2008
    Does anyone know how many costumes per character there are? Or the best way to unlock them?

    So far iv just been doing arcade mode over and over and some characters it seems to unlock more costumes and other characters it doesnt. Its bugging me not knowing how many there are for each character since for ayane (whom i dont use much) i now have 7 costumes and for zach and leifang (who i use all the time) i only have 4 >.<

    Also whats everyones fave costume so far? i can never get tired of zachs 3rd costume and leifangs costume 4 is... interesting [​IMG]
  2. Donald Serrot

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    May 11, 2009
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    I believe there has always been a slight difference in the number of costumes for each character. I know Leifang has 4 (+1 for the DL one from Friday). I think built in at most is 4 costumes, but more via download.

    Leifang's #4 is a pretty nice sexy costume, but I'm actually more partial to her #3. It just looks so cute on her! >w> PANDA! Her DL costume would be awesome if it was the green version though, I always loved using that one on my friend's DoA4.

    As for the best way to unlock them, it seems to be Arcade, but overall just playing the game seems to work pretty well too. I love how there isn't really any specific way to unlock stuff most of the time other than just playing whatever you enjoy playing. Makes it more of a special surprise! [​IMG]
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    from MukiEx on gamefaqs:

    This is a list of the total number of costumes per character, 'cause I couldn't find it otherwise.

    This is not counting DLC. I'm playing redundant matches in Tag Challenge against Leon so you don't have to! =3

    Kasumi : 4
    Ryu : 3
    La Mariposa : 3
    Tina : 3
    Bayman : 3
    Helena : 4
    Zach : 4 (4th = WTF)
    Leon : 3
    Gen-Fu : 3
    Jann Lee : 3
    Hitomi : 4
    Hayate : 3
    Ayane : 5
    Raidou : *3 (3rd one's kinda neat)
    Tengu : *3
    Alpha-152 : *3
    Bass : 3
    Christie : 3
    Kokoro : 3
    Shiden : **3
    Brad Wong : 3
    Eliot : ***3
    Leifang : 4
    Ein : 3
    Kasumi Alpha : *3
    Genra : *3
    * All palette swaps
    ** As stated in cheat section, L+X, R+X, and L+R+X will give you Shiden instead of random select once Raidou is unlocked.
    *** Is it just me, or is Eliot decided more... emo in this one?
  4. Donald Serrot

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    May 11, 2009
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    lol, Zach #4... Zach has always had some interesting costumes. I still think his #3 is made from nightmares though. >_>
  5. Blaze163

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    I know Ayane has a crap-tonne of costumes. At this point I think I have 5 standard ones and two from DLC. That's ri-god-damn-diculous. The DLC costumes I've seen so far have been kinda weak, to be honest. Made even worse by the fact that even though I bought the game on launch day, and had it on all damn day, I didn't get the Kasumi DLC for reasons utterly beyond me. And apparantly the save data on the SD card is locked to whatever system originally downloaded it, so I can't even get it off the net. I just have to wait until it cycles around again. But I'm woring on unlocking all the system voices at the moment so that should kill some time as I refuse to take the 'easy' way out by doing the 10 fight survival match over and over again. It's at least 50 for me. One only gains skill by facing adversity. And I need to get a shedload better at this game before I venture online again.

    Personally my costume of choice is Kasumi's second outfit, the white and red number. Normally paired with Ayane's DLC 2 costume when in Tag matches. And Zack's wierd alien costume scares the piss outta me.

    Wondering how long it'll be before they start releasing swimsuit/bikini DLC. And how pissed fans of the series in Sweden must be right now. Kasumi is 17, correct? And Ayane's the youngest competitor at 16. The 'age of consent' in Sweden is apparantly 15. And yet they won't distribute the game there because of child pornography laws. Isn't Sweden supposed to be famous for its banks? IE: good with numbers? Care to explain how you missed this one, Sweden?
  6. Paarish

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    yeah Ayane has lot's. I've only got 3 Eliot costumes, which are all in-game ones. Does he have any DLC? (Eliot... [​IMG])
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    Not always so slight, but yeah, that's what I remember from Ultimate, which this basically is. Some characters get just two or three, maybe, while others get upward of 10 or more. It's been a long time since I played Ultimate -- sold it a while back -- but that's how I remember it. Took me hours and hours to get some of those things. Seems like they've made the requirements a little less steep, though, with Dimensions.