Do you share controllers on ranked games?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by FAST6191, Dec 7, 2016.

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    Title says much but as a background I am old and so are most of my friends and siblings. We have learned to share controllers in single player and whatnot since before I was born. Recently I borrowed my brother's PS4 while he was on holiday for a few months, played ranked a lot. Only thing he asked when he got back was did you unlock some cool stuff (and yeah I have a 40x scope for a pistol on battlefield 4 which is endlessly amusing to me).
    However with the rise of ranked online games and unlocks and whatnot absolutely nothing has changed for me and those I know -- pass the controller each life, game, or when you get bored or frustrated is the order of the day.

    I have spoke to some others which seemed aghast at such behaviour. Now we have this thread so others might share thoughts on the matter.
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    ya we would share controllers. sometimes Savefiles not a lot though.
    we do share Games, especially games with multi savefiles.
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    It really depends for me but generally my sister (the only other gamer in the house) only wants to borrow my older consoles which do not have online play but we have a rule not to advance story mode without consent. However for games that do have online play, we have set up a few rules like no ranked matches, no trades, and so on.
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    Not since the little asshole inverted the flight controls in Battlefield Heroes without telling me, and I ended up crashing the plane into the sea and killing two teammates (who were vying for that same plane). Now the two guys can add "idiot who insisted on taking the plane despite the fact he couldn't fly and got us all killed" to their tales of multiplayer gaming horror.
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    I don't really share controllers, and especially not share games.
    I really do not like other people touching me games/gamesaves.

    Call me selfish but, I don't want others messing up me things.
    Not to mention others having their grimy fingers on me equipment...
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    Well, in the beginning, when i played with my lifetime friend, it was actually to pass the controller to get into certain stages, especially when we played really difficult games, like Ninja Gaiden or Zelda 2 on NES. The first time i actually finished Ninja Gaiden was in co-op with a friend, since there was a very dreadful pit on stage 4-2 with infinite enemies that for the life of me, i couldn't pass easily...until recent years that i played back on my 28 year old NES; how sturdy is nintendium! :tpi:

    Recently, we had been doing co-op on "not so old, but not so new" games, like The Conduit on wii. We've done some "Save file Sharing", so that we play on either's house. My friend has issues passing certain levels like the Washington DC, and i certainly see why. Nowhere they say that you need hybrid weapons to kill easily aliens on DC (hell, the manual didn't even mention these weapons!)...or that they also destroy easily the goddamned Conduits. Nor they say that they can be taken to all levels as long as you recharge ammo for them in secret rooms with the ASE.
    We're recently stuck on the last level due to not knowing how to move. Too many aliens, too many snipers, too little space to run/jump gunning (his specialty when playing), or strafe/shoot/bomb (my specialty when playing). Overall, we're having fun with it, yet it's kinda troublesome to have free time to play the game :rofl2:. As soon as we finish, we're going for Conduit 2.

    We're also doing co-op on Resident Evil Revelations and Revelations 2, but it's more like "Let's finish the game on all the difficulties on your profile, so that you get unlimited ammo for your preferred weapons; then, we do the same in my file to get everything as well". Kinda like we did on RE5.

    I'm trying to convince him that we play co-op Zelda 2, as he has to finish that one. I know the game like the palm of my hand now, it also serves that everything of my old NES is 100% functional to play it properly. Same goes for the cartridge battery and controls. Even so the game is by no means easy at all with that "advantage (they still guided you on the manual for a third of the game!), and i think it'll be a great experience for my friend, but alas! The lack of time is the thing stopping us from advancing games! :rofl2: