Official DO NOT Link to Warez-related Vita Subreddits

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    I forgot
    This is an official notice

    DO NOT link to any subreddits that provide pirated materials here on the forums. I see dozens of posts all the time with people linking to this particular subreddit, IT'S AGAINST THE RULES. If a post from that subreddit has an answer to someone's question, quote it or paraphrase it, but DO NOT post a link to it.

    "Warez" - ROMs, WADs, ISOs & CIAs

    "Warez" is an internet term used to describe copyrighted software, game, film, music and data piracy.

    • We DO NOT HOST or PROVIDE ROMs/WADs/ISOs/CIAs; or link to websites that do contain ROMs/WADs/ISOs/CIAs.
    • We do not allow or condone sharing of title keys or any other form of copyrighted material or content.
    • Members may NOT ASK and MAY NOT PROVIDE INFORMATION or LINKS for and to places that provide ROM, WAD, ISO and CIA files in absolutely any way on our forum including PM (private message).
    • Members may also NOT mention torrent or warez-containing sites or channels by name or otherwise.
    • We do not condone piracy in any way.
    • Please go elsewhere if you only wish to download or share illegal files. The GBAtemp Forums are for discussion ONLY.

    These rules also apply to other "warez" too, not just ROM, WAD, ISO & CIA files; this includes (but is NOT limited to) - licensed and copyrighted software, code, movies, music, video games, magazines, comics, e-books, television shows, illegal torrents, etc. These rules also account for "keygens" and "cracks" including how to obtain, apply or install them.

    Those are the most frequently broken rules, and are the most important. Failure to comply with these rules may result in an instant ban on your forum account. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse!
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    Add VPK files to the definition of "Warez" in this post would be fine, this is Vita after all.
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    ^ I've got almost all VPK homebrews linked from this No.
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    He means official, paid-for apps and games in VPK format, not VPK homebrew.
    A lot of 3ds and Wii homebrew comes in CIA/WAD/DOL format, too.
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