Do i have a d2ckey or wiikey?

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  1. tpformbh

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    Apr 2, 2008
    Have had my wii chipped for a little over a year now, when i bought it brand new, it had problems reading original games. Sent it straight in for repair and was never much better, so decided to get it chipped. Works fine with backups.

    Just bought wiifit, and it couldn't read the disk, gave DRE screen. Backed it up, and it works fine.

    But, i noticed the drive seems to be much quieter using the backup - does this mean it's running at a lower speed? I always thought the D2ckey read at 6x, and the wiikey 3x.

    When i bought the wii, D2C's had been out for a while, so i just asked the guy to fit a d2ckey, but never checked it out myself.

    Reasons why i think it might be a wiikey

    1) I was able to run the 1.9S update disk which fully completed.
    2) Using GCOS, the software says there's a D2B found - don't know if this is accurate?
    3) Sounds as though games are running at a lower speed
    4) Looking through the SD card slot, I can't see an LED
    5) Once in a while, i get an 001 error - very rare - might just be because the wii is slightly faulty?
    6) could nintendo have swapped the drive out for another when it went in for repair? the repair note didn't actually detail any changes that had been made, looked as though they'd done nothing to it, but the guy who modded it rang me up to ask if it had been opened before because the screws had definitely been out before.

    Reasons why it might be d2ckey

    1) it's what i paid for
    2) the chipset number would suggest d2c

    Anyone offer up a better way to test without opening the wii up?
  2. Smuff

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    Can't think of one..... Opening it up and actually seeing for yourself is the only way I can see - sorry
  3. tpformbh

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    Apr 2, 2008
    No worried mate thanks for the reply

    I've read about trying to corrupt the wiikey, i might give that a go :S Other option i thought was to make a backup of SSBB without the layer break?
  4. ModchipCentral

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    May 15, 2007
    Download the 1.9s Wiikey update and try updating it.

    If it says Please check connections, test failed or something similar, you don't have the Wiikey
  5. tpformbh

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    Apr 2, 2008
    It ran all the way through and updated, which made me think it must be a wiikey (i had it modded before 1.9S came out so logically if it was, it would update)

    But then tried updating it another two times, but this time pulling the power out, at 70% and 55%. The chip still works fine, so either i'm not very good at pulling the plug, or it is a d2ckey :S But why would the update run if it was a d2ckey?

    If i found the 1.9B recovery disk (haven't found it anywhere yet) and attempted to put it back to 1.9B, then put SMG in, that would surely settle it? Unless i have the same luck as pulling the plug

    EDIT: Found and burnt the 1.9b recovery, i can still play SMG. I'll put this one down to experience, must be a d2ckey even though it doesn't make as much noise reading retail disks :S I'll see how waninoko's dvd drive thing pans out in case that ever offers up any clues