Dissidia Scans, FFXII Repesentative Confirmed and more

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    With Dissidia Final Fantasy getting released 2 weeks from now, SE is letting loose with information and clearing up some things about the game. There are a slur of updates so make sure you keep up!

    * Cloud Strife's getting his Advent Children alternate costume (I still wish we had his outfit for Don Corneo as another alt)
    * Sephiroth is getting his... uh... fanservice-for-the-females alt-costume (or the lack thereof, rather)
    * Ultros is BACK! (...as a summon)
    * The EX modes of Zidane and Kuja are shown (go, monkey boys!)
    * The EX modes of Bartz and Exdeath are also shown
    * There will be no Final Fantasy XIII representation in Dissidia
    * FFXII gets representation though - we're just not sure who yet (oooh, I love secrets!)
    o as jack_gllghr clarifies, "representation" doesn't automatically equate to character; it could be a summon or a stage or something totally useless... (err, like Penelo - cardboard character, par exellence?) Chances are though, it's a character, seeing as there's one more left that's not yet been revealed.
    * Only Cosmos' army (i.e. the heroes) get story mode campaigns, villains don't
    * There's a feature to save Replays on your PSP memstick

    There is also a interview in the source. (Also scans are viewable there)

    NEWS SOURCE: PSPUpdates QJ.net
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    Quite old info, but I'm sure some people haven't been keeping up. (I stalk the Dissidia GameFAQs boards often... >__>;)

    Yeah, Sephi's alt is total fanservice. He needs to cover his jugs.
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    Basch and Gabranth, epic sibling rivalry! (please...)
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    2 weeks! really? Finally I'm gonna play an awesome game on my psp, it's been such a long time.
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    Oct 26, 2007
    Some Shantotto info:

    "Like Terra, Shantotto is a mage, but the Tarutaru uses Final Fantasy XI exclusive spells. Shantotto can create cones of earth with Stonga and utilize the power of wind by casting Aeroga. Her EX Mode is Magic Burst which lets her cast a wave of spells that include: Quake, Tornado, Freeze, Flare, Flood, and Burst which commenter Gpba explains are the “6 Ancient Magic spells in FFXI”."
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    Just a little note...

    The magic bursts in Final Fantasy 11 Online don't work like that.
    A magic burst just adds to the damage of a normal spell if used at the proper time.

    Also, people rarely use the 6 ancient magic spells as they take so long to cast and they aren't as powerful as some of the normal spells at high levels!
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    I can't wait till it's leaked that Sora is the super secret char. Or Voldo.
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    It has to be Vaan and Vayne! Vayne is epic!
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    Screw Vaan or Vayne, Basch, Gabranth or Balthier please!