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Discussion in 'Switch - Games & Content' started by PedroDJavier, Jan 22, 2017.

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  1. PedroDJavier

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    Oct 25, 2013
    EDIT: I'm just making assumptions, let's discuss calmly

    Hello Tempers :D

    I know it's kinda soon to talk about scene and hacking but I just have some technical questions about if it is going to be possible to hack the Switch using only software vulnerabilities.

    So, as far as we've seen yet, it looks like the switch cartridges are not going to be rewritable, meaning that savegames are going to be stored in the internal memory or sd card, signed/crypted with unique keys per console. So, as long as Nintendo doesn't mess up cryptography with savegames as they did with 3ds first games, no savegame exploits would be reliable.

    Anyways, even though we had a savegame exploit, ASLR would stop us. AFAIK, The only way to bypass ASLR would be a scriptable exploitable environment, such as the web browser, but at first it looks like Nintendo won't set up a web browser (at least on 1.0 as far as we've been able to see on Switch Menu's images and so on)

    Assuming all this facts, is there still some known way to execute unsigned code using only software pieces (no hardware hacks)?

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    The C: drive
    lol the console isnt even out yet
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    You couldn't use one of the other half dozen threads on this in the past week? Really?
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    Switch isn't even out yet. Give it some time
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    Please no pointless speculation topics. Locked :switch:
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