disc read error 324?

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    so ive been trying to get my softmod to work, i just downgraded my wii from 3.4 to 3.2 and then loaded the backuploader gamma channel with the 002 fix. idk if its my discs but ive been burning with nero and it just keeps saying disc read error 324. now these arent brand name dvd-r's, they're just blank silver on one side and blue on the writeable side. is this my problem? should i just get different discs and try it that way? memorex ok or what kind of brands do u guys suggest? any help would greatly be appreciated i just would like my backups to work. thanks!
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    dude search for the friggin disc error omg face palm this place is getting ridiculous
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    check the Disc ID of your media and compare it with Da' List you need to burn on 1st class media, and some 2nd class media works too, but stay with 1st class...! [​IMG]