Disc Errors:S

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    Jan 17, 2009
    Livingston, Scotland!!
    Thanks for any help, im on Pal wii 3.2E with softmii

    I have a backup of Madworld and Sonic and the Black knight.[Legal eh?]
    Sonic is NTSC but works perfectly with softmii. - with disc channel
    Madworld however, i have ntsc and i had no luck just black screen.
    I installed cIOS rev 8 and then it came up disc error:S
    I then ripped the ios wads needed from the iso - 38 55 and 53 somthing like that, and installed them...
    still know help. So then i got a Pal 'Backup' but there is still no change?

    pleaaaaase help as i am truly stuck

    ps.it works fine from gamma