Dios mios, this is making me crazy.

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by Punkonjunk, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Punkonjunk

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    Dec 28, 2011
    Most common problem: Freezes on dios mios logo without spitting an error. May spit generic error after a long time, like a half hour.
    Erratic errors: Sometimes the MEM1 errors, or apploader is zero, many other errors
    NO gamecube games would play. Disk was in drive, more details on setup below.
    FIX:as dumb as it ended up being, the solution to this erratic group of errors was the formatting on my hard drive. I'd formatted it to 64K clusters which dios mios absolutely CANNOT support. You can confirm by:
    hitting WIN+R and typing CMD. In this box, type chkdsk *: where * is your disk drive. When it's finished, you will see the line "xxxxxxx in each allocation unit" and that is your allocation unit size. Simply put, though, if you think this is the problem, and you don't know how to change the allocation unit size, or why (I did it to optimize read speeds on a drive that would almost entirely contain 1-4gb files), then you probably didn't change this setting when you prepared your hard drive for wii usage.
    But yep, there is that, for the googlers who stumble on this.

    dumb details:

    I went through this guide:
    Top to bottom. Unfortunately, dios mios 2.5 is the only thing available, and they don't keep older versions up. I figured that would work fine if I updated the loader all the way, but I contantly get errors. Either apploader is zero, a few others, or it just halts on the dios mios screen. Waited a half an hour, several times, to see if anythign would happen.
    It is on the first partition. I am not using DM lite.
    First partition is active and primary, and first on the drive.

    I also fully uploaded wiiflow, and that has the same goddamn issues. I've been dicking with this for 6 hours now, and trying everything I can to get it working, and googling every error, but there is not clearly updated guide that I've found that works, or DM2.5 sucks with stuff.

    Can someone point me to something that will work? Or give me a few ideas on what I can try?

    I know there are a lot of threads about how oh god waaah, but I have a handle on this.

    I used waninkoko's wad man to install Dios Mios. It does half start, as I said above, but spits errors or halts without an error.
  2. Punkonjunk

    Punkonjunk Member

    Dec 28, 2011
    Do I maybe need to update my wii? Does that break the HBC and stuff, or is it fine where it is? I feel like Dios mios replacing the wii one would mean i don't need to worry about updating. I could really use some help or a guide that works.


    My symptoms are all over the board. Finally, after tinkering, A LOT, like you don't know how much a lot, I got an error message that I found in the dios mios code page FAQ may mean the allocation unit size is 64kb. I confirmed by running chkdsk that I have 64k byte units, rather than the 32kb MAX dios mios supports. Currently I am copying the contents of the drive to another hard drive, and then will format with the correct params.

    If this turns out to be the solution, I will update the OP with a summary of the symptoms and the fix steps, and if I can, the title line, to help future googlers who for some reason thought "OH MAN 64K ALOC UNITS WILL REALLY HELP MY READ SPEEDS" Because please god, do not do that.
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    Engine room, learning
    64k is supported by DIOS MIOS Lite for SD card only.
    DIOS MIOS and USB requires 32k or less.
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