dios mios memory card corrupted.

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    Jan 14, 2013
    so i had installed dios mios about 10 days ago, and all was going good. until yesterday when i should play some super smash bros melee, then the memory card said it was corrrupted, and as stupid as i am i just keept pressing A and then it formatted the memorycard. now all my saves are deleted including a save file to paper mario 1000 where i was at 5 chapter ): so now i just wanna make sure that it doesent happen again, so i have some things i wanna ask.

    1. i have installed gcmm, so i can take backups of my gc saves, but if the mem card would get corrupted again and this time i will make sure not to format it, can i then transfer the save files to gcmm on the corrupted mem card?

    2. are their any way that you could save on your sd card?

    3. first i used usb loader gx to play my gc games from, but then 2 days ago i switched to using dios mios botter. could it be dios mios botter that have caused my mem card to be corrupted?

    4. the last thing i wanna know is if their are any way to get saves file to paper mario 1000. i can see that if i use gcmm the saves will be on my sd card. so would it be possible that if one who played paper mario 1000 and was around chapter 5, could transfer his save to gcmm. and then upload it the internet so i could use it?
    this would be really great as i really do not bother playing the game from start.
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    I can answer three of these.

    1) If the memory card is truly corrupted, then you don't want to copy your saves onto it. Backing up the saves often, and in the case of corruption, formatting and then copying saves back onto it, would be the proper course of action.

    2) Using No More Memory (NMM) you can save on an SD card, but there are compatibility issues.

    3) Unlikely. I'd say it's more likely that your memory card is simply getting old. They have a limited number of read/write cycles, and will die eventually.
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    1) was already answered

    2) as already mentioned before, No More Memory is not very stable, so you are better off saving on a real memory card.

    3) was answered as well

    4) Of course if you find someone with a progress up until chapter 5, the person could backup their save with GCMM and send it over to you. You could then copy it to your own memory card without any problems. I would provide a save file, but unfortunately I only have a completed file to offer for paper mario.