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    I purchased a Toshiba Canovio Connect for use with my Wii and Gamecube backups. I formatted it to Fat32 Using guiformat. The Wii Games work perfectly, but Dios Mios does not work. It leaves me at a black screen. My previous USB Drive worked. After comparing the drives, I noticed the Canovio was labeled AF (Advanced Format), while the other was not. I assume it was running 512 byte/sector. I believe converting the Canovio HDD to 512 byte/sector will fix it. I need help with that though. Does anyone here know how to format an HDD to be the required 512 byte/sector.

    In this thread, Cyan states that USB has a lot of restriction for DIOS MIOS to work.

    Physical issue:
    * HDD must not be bigger than 2TB
    * HDD must not use Advance mode (4096bytes/sector)
    * HDD must be 512byte /sector

    Software issue:
    * Partition must be Primary (no extended/logical)
    * Partition with games must be the FIRST primary partition on the drive
    * Partition must be FAT32
    * Partition need 32k/cluster or less

    Wii side:
    * HDD must be plugged in USB Port0 (port1 works, but only if there's NO port0 connected)

    Short Version: How to I format an HDD to have 512 byte/sector?

    Can someone move this to the backup loaders section? I think I posted this in the wrong one.
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    1st - You can try "Paragon Partition Manager 9.0" , I don't know if it can fix the read/write rate on the drive itself.
    2nd - You don't have to use any of the bundled software in the "diosmios_2.10" packages ... I would just not use their software.
    3rd - You can use "Fst Fix", the version with a graphic user interface. To fix your game images.
    4th - You can use the current version of "Wii Backup Manager" to add your game to your drive, and format it to FAT32 WBFS, or you can add your game using "USB Loader"'s interface from your wii directly to your usb stick/hdd.

    Using FSTFIX

    Most Game Cube images use "Stream Audio Fix // Tweak Align 32k // Full Size

    Using FSTFIX A Few Games Use

    "Stream Audio Fix // Tweak Align 32k" Only* (Baten Kaitos Eternal Wings is a good example of this being the case)

    (Reformat your drive using windows: Right Click "My Computer" select "Manage" select "Disk management" right click the box or boxes and format it so you only see one box)

    ***Haven't used Dios Mios yet, but I will later.
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    You can't change the sector size, it's a physical size of the drive, a manufactured choice.
    To know f you drive is 512 or more, launch a GameCube games with DIOS MIOS setting in USBLoaderGX. If it's not 512k it will tell you.
    If it launches but still blackscreen, the issue is not the sector size, but your hdd compatibility.
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    Test 1 DIOS MIOS Hdd Incompatibility - I used a 2.5 20 Gig hdd I took from the Xbox360's hdd enclosure and it is in its own usb enclosure (I did some time ago when i originally updated the 360's hdd). The "fujitsu 2.5 20 Gig", is not compatible. When I play the games on the Hdd Format: 32k, cluster size 32k Folder: WBFS/F-ZERO GX [GFZE01]/F-ZERO GX.iso [GFZE01] (Name of the Game Image). It shows up in USB Loader r1226 (not wii flow 4.2.1), and it doesn't show a title image, when I try to start the game, I get black screen and I get bumped back into the Home Brew Channel. I'm ofcourse using Dios Mios v2.10 for the usb (tried ios249, 223 and 233 and 236) (upto date with "Hermes 5.1" and "d2x CIOS final v8"

    Got the Game ID from dropping the Gamecube ISO in a hex editor (its the first 6 digits at the top of the iso, no reason to use DM's software, the F-Zero backup I've used is from a backup disk that works in my wii using neogamma or usbloader)

    Test 2 DIOS MIOS from SD Card (using Dios Mios Lite) - I have a 512 SD Card I natively use with the wii, the only thing bigger I have is a SDHC 4.0 Gig SD card not sure if SDHC is compatible, I forget. I also have a Sandisk 4.0 gig cruzer that very picky I think its a product clone, will see if I get it working and report back...

    Test 2 Dios Mios Lite from SD Card Incompatibility with 64 Cluster Size Dios Mios Lite requires - (Scan Disk) SDHC 4.0 Gig formated to Fat 32 with cluster size of 64 (my 4.3 wii does not read any of the apps on it from the homebrew channel, wii simply doesn't read it with 64 cluster size, tried swapping out my (Scan Disk) 512 at Usb Loader, just won't read it. Formated the SDHC 4.0 Gig to Fat 32 and 32 Cluster, no problem but Usb Loader will not detect the game, (tried the native DM's Optimized file output into a "Games" Folder and the WBFS folder naming convention (like we used in Test 1) will not detect it the game image. (it did detect it from the USB Hard Drive using Dios Mios v2.10 for usb)

    Test 2 Retest - found post #4 interesting gbatemp.net/threads/dios-mios-lite-fatal-error-apploader-size-is-zero.341680/ ........... That is trying an older version like 2.6 which will maybe allow the use of a 32kb Cluster instead of 64 for the SD Card - Will test and report back. FAILED

    Test 3 Returning to Dios Mios Hdd to test with USB Stick 4.0 Gig - Will test and report back. Worked with "Scan Disk Cruzier

    DIOS MIOS may just be an epic fail for some concoles ... ... (I have a 4.3 Dash, forgot to mention) Originally Installed Dios Mios Usb version and SD Card Version using Wad Manager 1.7 with IOS249 because 236 could not install it, I don't think that this matter just pointing it out.


    I used Wad Installer 1.7 to uninstall the wad first, then I installed it with IOS 223 using "Dios Mios 2.8", "cfg USB Loader r65" detected the ISO that the "DMToolbox" (Dios Mios Software) spit out but it loads very slow and the music skips alot using its image dump (optimized at 32k align). Gona try using an iso from FSTFIX and may version 2.10 instead of 2.8 for USB. (Tested with F-zero the splash logos showed up immediately but it took about a minute and a half to show the game's title, and about a miniute to play the first level with sound skipping, may just be damage from DM's software's optimization setting)

    (The USB Stick is formatted with FAT 32, by windows xp ... not sure what the cluster size is probably 32k as Dios Mios usb requires this cluster size, but the Usb Stick is in Port 0 the one closes to the bottom of the wii when its laid down flat) (the SDHC 4.0 Gig homebrew channel doesn't see it when its more then half full, but Wad Installer can read all the contents, usb stick is the only working option for me so far)

    (FSTFIX with F-Zero (Tweak Align 32k and Stream Audio Fix Only) works slightly better then the Dios Mios Tool)

    Dios Mios USB 2.10 also works with the USB Stick, plays smooth in game, less sound skipping between loading then 2.8, so I would stick with this version. I'm actually probably not going to use the program until the hdd compatibility issues are fixed or I get another hdd, but I don't plan to anytime soon. (F-Zero loads in about 40 seconds in practice mode, about 2 minutes to load grandprix map after customization screen, once your in the level no sound skipping though, so it does work great in this way. The Resident Evil 1/2/3 games use less processing power so we may not see the hitches from a USB stick.

    Miscellaneous Details (Format)

    The USB Sitck once again is using FAT 32 formated with Windows xp, a 4 Gig Scandisk Cruzer. Inside the USB stick: there is a folder called "games" inside that a folder called "GFZE01" (f-zero's Game ID, get using a hex editor 6 Digits near top of image), then "game.iso" this is the game image. Each game you want to add, make a folder with its GAME ID only, then add the game inside named "game.iso".

    cfg USB Loader version 70 r62 it will show "USB Mass Storage Device" press A, it will say parition invalid, then Partition: auto not found !, press A. Then select "RAW 0.00 FAT1 usb", now you can select your game, maybe add box art for it later on, that all. Some games will work without hiccups from the usbstick, just a guess

    But is gamecube really worth it? using a USB Hdd that is compatible my 2.5 Fujitsu is not compatible, you can probably just follow this usb stick format for "cfg Usb Loader v70 r65". This is not the same naming format for USB Loader 3.0 GX r1226 (which we used in Test 1, because they don't identify the same naming format)

    Gamecube Games Tested

    Just F-Zero so far, was gona test Rogue Squadron 2, but it will have major hiccups because I think it has streaming, even though the music and sound works from a burned backups. I'll go ahead and test Resident Evil 2 and report back, but I probably won't be using DIOS MIOS from the Usb Stick since I have a hdd for the wii games.

    Resident Evil 2 Works at 100% from USB Stick (minus 10 to 20 seconds between door openings) does look great with forced 480p progressive, dumped it, then used FSTFIX with these options (32k align, Stream Audio Fix and Fullsize), then I renamed the file to "game.iso" and placed in a folder named "GHAE08" (its GAME ID) then I put it in the "games" folder on the usb stick the same one with the folder "GFZE01" (F-Zero's game ID).

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    Thanks. I just used a separate usb drive for GC Games now.