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    May 31, 2016
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    So, before I explain please read this. I'm using DIOS-MIOS because I want to be able to run GC backups from the home menu. Unfortunately, WiiGSC/CRAP doesn't seem to work with GC games, but Abz has this cool page where I can get booters with cool banners (Thx!). The problem is that when I try to load the game with codes, (the game i'm using is Metroid Prime) I see no codes in use. It is set to On, (I double checked) I've used the GCT before with good results, and the codes are in usb1/games/[game title, ID], with the game ID as the name of the GCT. The codes are also in sd/CODES . I get no errors, no problems seen, and I am on DM 2.11. (TBH I didn't even know DM could load backups when I first started using it for running Gecko codes on GC games) But just to clarify, DIOS-MIOS version is 2.11, USB and SD are FAT32, regular Wii, NOT DIOS-MIOS Lite. The game itself runs totally OK. The Wii is 4.3U, and the game is U version.
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