Digimon New Order-where's rosemon

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    Sep 7, 2016
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    So I recently got the game and have been really into it and as of yesturday have finished the main story and am now at the post story part with the royal Knights and seven sins digimon. But I've run into an issue with rosemon who was supposed to be from what I've seen in the few guides in English for this game a storyline acquired member of the city and who is now one of the 3 digimon keeping me from completing the town. Along with herculeskabuterimon and leomon who all seem to be tied to finding rosemon. I've search the whole digital world and have not seen any sign of her and her chamber is blocked by herculeskabuterimon who won't move can anyone help me out here thanks.

    The title says new but it's actually Next order miss type on my end.
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