Digimon Lost evolution freeze

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    so im using no$zoomer and, when the fireworks end, and the guy gets out of the stage(fireworks stage) the screen turns black and the game freezes
    so what do i do?
    thanks in advance
  2. AsPika2219

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    Use Desmume and play the game until visiting Digimon World. Save the game! Next, open FILE menu and select EXPORT BACKUP MEMORY. From drop down list, select No$gba (the 2nd one). Change directory into Battery which No$gba folder located. Type the name (Digmon Story Lost Evolution for example) and press Enter. Close the Desmume! Open the No$Zoomer and go to Options, Config (or just press F11 key) and change hange reset/startup entry point to gba bios (nintendo logo). Press OK! Save the setting and quit No$Zoomer. Reenter back and open the game. Enjoy Digimon game! [​IMG]

    About emulation slow on Desmume, don't worry! Just turn off the sound and use software rasterizer for display setting.