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    Our purpose? Is to Collect Gummy Bears! Any Colour,Size,Flavour! While on the search, you get free cookies and milk. You can either save the beverages for Santa or just eat them.

    Hello everyone, I'm DrNub (Who called the Dr?). This Guild is for anyone who don't take guilds REALLY serious. What we mean is like having to be a certain rank to gain privilages, having to follow stict rules, etc.

    It's a relaxed and laid back environment, so you're sure to end up loving it. We're considered to be in the some of the TOP clans in DS games such as Pokemon, COD, MK, etc.

    We are hoping to expand our community EVEN FURTHER! To be strong and go beyond the expectation of other Guilds.

    Q. Do you guys have a site set up?
    A. Yes infact we do http://mvp.ipbfree.com/ or http://404error.tk/ (We had it for over 2 years) It has a chatbox!

    Q. I've noticed your banner says MVP, why is that?
    A. Our previous names for various games was MVP but we've decided to make a new name just for Digimon [​IMG]

    Q. Are there any Try-Outs?
    A. Nope, like what I've said, we as a whole is a relaxed experience group.

    Q.Does the Guild play on all Severs?
    A. We play Majira (Mainly) and Mihira. We are hoping to play more on other servers (your welcome to be in charge of Antyla)

    ~How To Join!~
    You don't necessary have to post it here and instead can tell us on our site.
    Tamer Lvl:
    Digimons & Lvl:
    Server(s) you are playing on:

    ~Current Members!~

    We have over 100 members coming in and out from the chatbox and forums. So I can't really list... Although, I'll list some of the Veterans and respected people of the guild!

    -X (Pro YGO DS player)
    -Yuda (The Best Digimon Player Out Of Us)