Hacking Did I brick my Switch?


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Jul 12, 2021
United Kingdom
OK so basically I done a few stupid moves over the past couple of days lol. I was on FW 11.0.0 SX OS all working fine for a long time.

Turned on my switch a couple of days ago and 1 of the controllers wasn't working and died on me out of nowhere. I wasn't sure if it was the controller or rail as when I put the right controller into the left slider it short-circuited but the controller wouldn't charge by any other means either. Long story short, I stupidly upgraded the console via internet to see if that would fix the issue. not realizing that there were no more updates for SX OS anymore... And also yeah I know I burnt my fuses and I can't revert anyway now. Live and learn...

I can go to atmosphere so that's fine I guess but I think I may of bricked my switch. I tried booting into SX OS via the RCM menu and pressed restore NAND from backup from the menu. However, there was no backup there which I thought there was but I was mistaken... It gave me a simple error message but now I can't boot at all!

I'm currently trying to dump my corrupted NAND and get my keys to see what I can do but what is the best advice applicable to get my Switch up and running again right now?

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