1. blady83

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    Oct 29, 2017
    greetings guys, as the title mentions it I have trouble installing the devkitpro updater v3.0.3, the error is as follows your internet connection seems to be not allowed or dropped out, and probe restarting the modem, router, deactivating the firawall and I do not have anti virus and the devkit is not installed, I hope you can help me.

    greetings guys, I tell you that I could install the devkipro updater 3.0.3 and I solved it by downloading directly the file with the internet explorer, since previously it was with the google chrome and I failed, the steps that followed were the following, current the Internet explorer to the latest version and enter the devkitpro updater 3.0.3 repository and run it and install it perfectly, I am compiling without problems in windows.

    saludos chicos, les cuento que ya pude instalar el devkipro updater 3.0.3 y lo resolvi descargando ejecutando directamenta el archivo con el internet explorer, ya que anteriormente lo hacia con el google chrome y me falla, los pasos que segui fueron los siguientes, actualica el internet explorer a la ultima version y entre al repositorio del devkitpro updater 3.0.3 y lo ejecute y se instalo perfctamente, ya estoy compilando sin problemas en windows.
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  2. GraphiX2004

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    Feb 10, 2019
    United Kingdom
    Had the same issue today tried to run the installer and got the "Your Internet Connection has dropped out etc" I think he's trying to say open Internet Explorer and set it as your default browser. Go to Internet Settings and choose to setup a working connection. Then run the installer. It should now work fine and install the packages. Someone else said go to their homepage and get the source files without the installer.... Well they removed all source files from their sourceforge page so the installer is the only method possible now. Hope this helps anyone else who's on the very last steps of building SNEEK.
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