dashlaunch 2.22 problems

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    Jun 10, 2009
    dashlaunch 2.22 problems

    hi guys,

    below is my settings for dashlaunch 2.22 on jtag dash 13146.could you please tell me if this is ok,as when i installed it first of all,my xbox kept freezing up on the boot logo and i had to reflash it again,and am a bit weary about doing it again.not to sure if its a problem with dashlaunch or with my settings below:

    launch ini on root of internal hdd:
    BUT_X =:hdd1:\Content \ 0000000000000000 \ C0DE9999 \ 00080000 \ C0 DE99990F586558
    BUT_Y =hdd1:\fsd\default.xex
    Start =
    Back =
    LBump =


    nxemini = true
    pingpatch = true
    contpatch = false
    fatalfreeze = false
    fatalreboot = true
    safereboot = false
    regionspoof = false
    region = 0x7FFF
    dvdexitdash = true
    xblaexitdash = true
    nosysexit = false
    noupdater = false
    DEBUGOUT = false
    exchandler = false
    dumpfile =
    BootDelay = 0x2A
    liveblock = true
    livestrong = false

    and the setting i using when updating dashlaunch ieress either a for or b for no:
    Do you want to be Able to relaunch from miniblade NXE dash in?
    Press A

    Do you want to enable ping limit fbdev's patch?
    Press A

    Do you want to enable mojobojo's content patch unlock?
    Press B

    Do you want the console to freeze on fatal errors?
    Press B

    Do you want the console to reboot on fatal errors?
    Press A

    Do you want to enable Ability to spoof with RB region game on launch?
    Press A

    When the default item is set and you are playing a video, exit back to NXE
    Press B

    When you are playing an XBLA game and use the exit option, exit to NXE
    Press B

    Do you want to remove the Ability to go to system settings via miniblade
    Press B
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