damn it xseed

Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by DarkShinigami, Jul 26, 2011.

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    yeah this is me raging right here

    i decided to finish a few of my older games 100% only to find my and every non japanese copy of wild arms 4 has a monster in the beastery xseed took out. so the only way ill get 100% is to either use a cheat device with a beastery code.

    just outta curriosity does anyone have a code breaker and a usa copy of wild arms 4 available?

    oh and off topic but is there anyway to convert a ps2 save gotten off the internet to a psv(PS3 compatible psx/ps2 save )?
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    Ah yes, that glitch. I loved Wild Arms 4, but it was a shame. Lucky I have an ARMax. I'd help, but I'm a PAL gamer.

    As for the saves, only PS3 can make PSVs that will work on a system. You need to use the USB memory card device for the system to get one.

    Edit - Do you have anyway to use homebrew on the system? I think there was a ELF version of CodeBreaker somewhere on the net.