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Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by MyBrainIsStew, Nov 19, 2011.

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    I'm trying to update my ios to play Skyward Sword but for some reason i can't get these to install on my wii. I'm using the installer on the wiiflowiki and when It finishes installing it, it says that the installation was successful but when i go to install the next one and i look at my ios map its not listed as the ones i installed. I'm probably doing something wrong I haven't played any new games on my wii in a long time so I'm probably just missing something. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    You don't need to update your cIOS.

    Stop following random tutorial, you should check the forum first and see all the help we are providing.
    If you have d2x v6 then it's already good.

    d2x v7 (alpha5 or beta1) is for developers! not for end users.
    It includes debugging tools you won't need.

    here is one tutorial :

    You have two scenarios to play the game :
    1. You already watched the Wii motion+ video:
      You don't need the "fix pack" (cIOS d2x v7) at all. just play Zelda like any other games.
    2. You never watched the Wii Motion+ video:
      • solution 1 (dirty, but quick): Go to your loader setting, select Alternative dol method, and pick the "player.dol". Launch the game, it will show you the Wii motion+ video and reboot the system. Go back to your game setting in the loader, and disable alternative dol. Launch the game and Enjoy :D
      • Solution 2 (clean): Install D2x v6 if you don't have it yet. install in slot 249 the base 56. Go to your USBloader setting (or game setting) and enable the option "Block IOS reload". Launch the game, it will show you the video only the first time you launch it. and instead of rebooting the system it will launch the game. Enjoy :D
        (PS: you can disable "block IOS reload" once you watched the video M+, it won't try to load it again ever)

    The "fix" is only provided so the users install the latest D2x in order to enable "block IOS reload" option.
    But it's not required at all, you can play the game without this option, you ONLY NEED to watch the video Motion+ once (maybe you already did with Wii Sport Resort? then it's fine, you won't ever have to watch it again).

    Zelda has no protection at all, it's just a "common" Wii motion+ game : you need to watch the video.

    Here is another one :

    I hope it will help you and prevent you loosing your time trying to install something you don't need.
    Zelda is working with all cIOS (even the old rev17 from Waninkoko), you don't need d2x at all. But if you decide to install one anyway because yours are too old (before rev17), then install d2x v6
    v7 will be officially released to end users in few days/weeks.
  3. MyBrainIsStew

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    May 18, 2010
    United States
    ok thanks for the help but when i went to install v6 for some reason it wouldn't install correctly however I followed your method without installing since you said it would work anyway. I'm watching the M+ video now and i should be playing the new zelda shortly. Thank you so much for the help.
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