D2C AND D2C2 difference?

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    well I opened up my Wii today on my security chip it says D2C...how do I check if it is D2C2?

    Well I just found out it was just a plain D2C since there is no 2 on the metal clip spinner(but I have the metal clip just there isnt a 2) thing ontop of the dvd drive!...becuase apparently I switched my DVD Drive with my friends I was scared to take off the clip so I just switched dvd drives with him and he baught my modchip off me so ya...now im getting the WiiKey2...I had horrid eject issues with the D2Pro9 on a Clip but I fixed it for him found out having the wii flat down on the ground fixes the eject issues for him [​IMG].

    Also on that yellow sticker on the DVD Drive the 3 letters start with NMX do I have a D2C2!? or a D2C.

    Close this thread I just found out its a D2C2 I told my friend I want my DVD Drive back -.-...
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    Öööhm okay... you do know, that D2C and D2C2 are practically the same to mod nowadays and that eject issues can manifest in both of them, right?
    The only chip that hasn't got those issues is the Wasabi, so really I can't understand why you would get a Wiikey2, but that's your thing...
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    What's the eject issue?
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    its where your games dont eject at all when you press eject. >_>