Cyclods just got Wired

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    Aug 3, 2008
    Hey guys I was wondering people can help me out here. Okay heres the story. My friend and I was playing metroid using multiplayer (not wifi) anyways while we were playing his screen just turned all blue and made a weird sound like a screech non stop. So he turned it off and turned it back on. He booted up the Cyclods but it wouldnt load and instead had the blue screen again and the screeching sound. He tried it on my ds and the same thing happend. I tried my Cyclods on his ds and it worked. Is there a way to fix this? He told me that if I can fix it he will pay me $20 and not buy a new Cyclods. (He probably wont but I want to help him fix it because he might)

    Thanks guys XP
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    Jan 3, 2008
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    format the msd and set it up again, your data is probably corrupted. try your msd in his cyclo and see if it works. his msd might have taken a crap.

    -another world
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    try formatting the microsd card
    damn a bit late on my post anyways what the guy above me said
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