cycling problem and corrupt saves - please help

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    Feb 9, 2015
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    Got a blue button sky3ds recently for an old 3ds, started on os 4.5 moved to 9.4 throughout the usage. memory cards that Im using are Kingston 32 gb and sandisk 8 gb.

    basically everything worked fine until I reached certain number of games that I have tried, not suere exact. The initial games that worked fine and cycled as expected with button push continue to work fine no matter what card I put them on.

    "New games" continue to cycle quickly - the only way to load them into memory is to hold the blue button when the loading screen first appears for few seconds. They become playable after that point (Stop to cycle) but two things happen.

    1. blue light continues to flash
    2. At initial load - game reports corrupt save file and reformats
    3. As long i don't load the next game and go through "save corrupt" and "format"
    the initial game save is usable
    4. If i load the next game I automatically lose the previous save file

    It seems to me that because the game is stuck and I cannot cycle tothe next one using
    a button the save file enver gets dumped but rather persists in sky3ds memory that
    gets overrun by the "next" game each time save game is created.

    I tried everythin - using diff mem cards, trying to advance/cycle the game by using settings,
    dumping and restorin save files, puttin new games in between the old working ones but nothing works.

    Does anyone know a solution?
    I would appreciate any meaningful and informed comment.
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