CWcheat Problem

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    Mar 1, 2009
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    Hrmm whenever I start up FF7 now I wanna use CWcheat and all cause i just wanna beat Ruby and Emerald weapon for fun and all, I have two plugins that show up, cwcheat.prx [GAME] and popsloader.prx [POPS]. Whenever I start it the cheat menu doesnt show up now, and when it did no cheats ever showed up and i even added some myself following the right format.

    Firmware: 5.00m33-6
    CWCheat 2.2 Rev D

    If someone could maybe try and guide me through why its not workin that would be great.


    I am holdin select for like 10 secs and all and nothin is workin anyone got some comments on how to fix?


    Got the select to work no cheats show up now


    Fixed, close stupid cwcheat has wrong game id