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  1. oscarj08

    oscarj08 Member

    Dec 22, 2009
    Custom WAD Channels.​
    Cios & Applications

    Cios 38 Rev 17.
    Offline Cios 38 Rev 17 wad.
    Hermes Cios 202/222/223/224 v5.0.
    Hermes Cios 202/222/223/ 3.0v4.
    Offline Hermes Cios 3.0v4 Installer.
    Offline Hermes Cios 202/222/223/224 v5.0 Installer (202 & 222 -->Ios 38 , 223 & 224 --> Ios 37). (fixed)
    Multicios (Dip Ios 232). (fixed)
    Offline MultiCios Installer.
    Cios 55 Bugfix.
    Cmios Rev 05. (Select v8).
    Cmios Rev 03.
    Libdi DVDx.

    These Wads Were Made By Legal Sources (CustomizeMii).

    Neogamma R8 RC3 English Channel.
    Neogamma R8 RC2 English Channel.
    Neogamma R8 RC1 English Channel.
    Neogamma R8 RC1 Spanish Channel.
    Neogamma R8 RC1 AutoBoot English Channel.
    Neogamma R8 Beta 17 English Channel (fixed).
    Neogamma R8 Beta 15 For Cios rev 15 English Channel.
    Neogamma R8 Beta 15 For Cios rev 14 English Channel.
    Neogamma R8 Beta 15 Autoboot Channel For Cios Rev 14 Or 17 Channel.
    Backup luancher Gamma 0.3 002 Fix Channel.

    Softchip R102 English Channel (It Says R101 But It's R102).

    Uloader 4.8a English Channel.
    Uloader 4.5b English Channel.
    Uloader 4.5a English channel.
    Uloader 4.1 English Channel
    Uloader 4.0 English Channel.
    Uloder 3.6a English Channel.

    Gecko OS (Modchip)
    Gckeo OS 1.9.3 RC Channel.

    Gc Backup Loader
    Gc Backup Loader 0.2 Channel.
    Gc Backup Launcher 0.1 Xi Channel.
    Gc Backup Launcher 0.1 Theta Channel.
    Gamecube Memory Card Manager 1.0 Channel.

    USB Loader GX
    USB Loader GX R913 Channel.
    USB Loader GX R907 Channel.
    USB Loader GX R899 Channel.
    USB Loader GX R896 Channel.
    USB Loader GX R889 Channel.

    Uniiloader v0.65 English Channel.

    CFW USB Loader
    CFW USB Loader v2b5 Channel.

    Wiiflow R28 Channel.
    Wiiflow 1.2 RC2 Channel
    Wiiflow R25 Cios 249 Channel.
    Wiiflow R25 Cios 222 Channel.

    Coverfloader R1036 Channel.


    Triiforce MRC Beta 8 Channel.
    Triiforce MRC Beta 7 Channel.


    Wii64 Beta 1 Channel.
    Gcube Beta 1 Channel.


    WiiSX Beta 1 Channel.
    WiiSX R46 Channel.

    -If I Am Breaking Rules Or Replaying This Post Please Moderator Delete This Post. I Only Do This With Intentions To Help People.

    -If There Are Some Links That Won't Work Please Tell Me What Link Is And I Will Reupload It Again.

    -This Post Was Reopened
  2. giantpune

    giantpune GBAtemp Addict

    Apr 10, 2009
    United States
    whats up with the cIOS wads? and offline cIOS installers? how does that work without distributing copyrighted code?
  3. pepxl

    pepxl GFX W!Z4RD

    Jun 19, 2009
    what happened to the old thread?
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