CSI:Hard Evidence Issue

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    I'm using Configurable USB Loader 52b on a Wii softmodded to 4.2U with a Western digital external hard drimve.

    CSI Hard Evidence consistently freezes up at a point 2 hours into game play in the first mission, the first time the player needs to use the UV light. No amount of resetting and restarting will solve this.

    I've tried numerous settings configurations, but haven't found anything that works yet. According to the Game Compatibility Table: "Usbloader GX rev 611 crash when using uv light in first case, need to apply ppf patch ( xxx-csi_fix.rar ) for the game to work past the first case. "

    Is there any newer, more elegant solution, or is downloading and installing the patch the only way?

    In case you're having the same trouble I am, a quick google search gives patch instructions courtesy of wiihacks:

    faulty iso image
    download rar

    extract ,
    open ppf - o - matic
    select csi iso file
    select patch ( xxx-CSI_fix.ppf )
    click "apply"
    then reburn image with imgburn @ 2.4 speed