Creating rom lists?

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    So, I got a 2TB harddrive of roms (appropriately called the 'Time Capsule'). My question is how would I create rom lists for these roms?
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    Just a list of names or do you want something more in depth?

    If it is just a list of names then in windows open a command line and navigate to the directory
    The dir command can be made to only note names and you can pipe it to a file

    in this case the command would look something like
    dir /b >>a.txt
    A file named a.txt would be made containing the list of names.
    If you want more switches to arrange by size or whatever

    On linux/unix the ls command does it by default, same if you are one of those filthy mac users as well
    ls > a.txt

    If you need something more involved then ROM management programs have been seen to have such functionality, you could also make a SFV file for the directory and it will make a list of the file names and corresponding crc32 values or whatever you want like that.
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    Exactly what i was looking for. Thanks!