Could my External Hard Drive be the reason some games load but then fr

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    Oct 20, 2009
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    Ok most games work 100% no problems at all with my current hard drive loading through usb GX but there are a few games that load but always freeze before the game actually starts. Every game I have tried from EA Sports does this Madden 2010, Tiger Woods 2010, and nba live09 all play they all load but before game starts freezes. Also I have the same problem with Sonic and the Secret Rings and Mario Party 8 and also Wii Music and Deca Sports 2. I actually put Sonic and the secret rings on a dvd-r and tried to load with neogamma and it did the same thing so I never tried burning the rest. I have read almost all these games are playable so I cannot figure out what is wrong. I have 3.1U firmware but all the latest games have worked so I don't see how that is the problem I have been playing a boy and his blob all week no problems. I have the lastest cios rev14. Basically I can see maybe having a bad iso but this many bad iso's and most of them being EA Sports seems like I am missing something needed for those games to work but maybe it could be my hard drive I just don't see why most games would work and a small few would not.