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  1. Kingslayer_Kyle

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    Apr 17, 2019
    United Kingdom

    Wanna know what people's thoughts are on this

    So far the error message "Corrupted data has been detected. Please run a check for corrupt data" has happened a few times recently.

    I install NSP's with Goldleaf and USB, I've also tried transferring the NSP's to the SD card and installing within the Goldleaf app.

    My SD card is a Samsung EVO 256GB formatted in FAT32.

    I can't instantly replicate this problem but it seems to happen quite often and has now happened on like 10 games that I've been playing and I've gotten the message half way through.

    Does anybody else have any experience with this and know of any solution? I'd appreciate it if anyone knows a fix or what the problem could be. Thanks guys :)
  2. Dichotomy754

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    Nov 11, 2018
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    Try plugging in your sd card and having your pc try to fix the corrupted data. It could be spreading from a single corrupted file.
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