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    Jan 5, 2011
    Hi everyone, i have a lot of videos from many different PSP games, they are in *.pmf format and i convert them into *.avi but without sound (it's in *.at3 format).

    And there's my problem, i can't convert that *.at3 to *.mp3 or *.wav to "paste" the sound into the video.

    I try with GoldWave and an eboot called "at3decode" but that doesn't work with PRO (my CFW is 6.35 PRO-B6).

    So, someone know how convert an *.at3 into *.mp3 or something?...

    thanks in advanced. [​IMG]
  2. Ris312

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    Mar 5, 2011
    A few days ago I extracted the BGM videos from 'DJ Max Portable CE/BS/3' to convert to AVIs but I had the same problem with getting the sound from the PMF file, here is what I did:

    First, Download 'AT3 Converter v1.3' for 6.20 PRO:
    This should work on other custom firmwares too, but I have only tested it on 6.20 PRO-B7.

    1. Download 'AT3 converter v1.3' and extract it to a folder on your computer.
    2. Copy 'AT3Converterv13' folder into 'ms0:\PSP\GAME\' folder on memory stick.
    3. Get the PMF video file or at3 music file you want the sound from and copy it into 'ms0:\PSP\Music\' folder.
    - You can copy as many files as you like as the converter program will convert all files it finds.
    - Program can decode and convert both AT3 and AT3Plus music files and also the sound from most PMF video files.
    - Program is unable to convert 'headerless AT3 files' (demuxed from PMF files, just use the actual PMF file instead)
    - If you have music in the 'ms0:\PSP\Music' folder, I recommend to move it to the 'ms0:\Music\' folder instead.

    4. Make sure you have a bit of free space on your memory stick as a 3 minute audio file when converted into WAV format will be around 30mb.

    5. Start AT3 Converter on your PSP by going to Game > Memory Stick and selecting 'AT3 Converter ver1.3'.
    You might want to set CPU speed to 333/166 using the VSHMenu (Game CPU Speed) before running the program as this will speed up conversion.
    You might also want to plug in the wall charger when converting as it uses a lot of CPU and Battery power. (PSP may get a bit hot too)

    6. On first screen the program will load a few files and then you will see the options screen. (see section below for details)
    Change the options to your liking and then select 'Convert' (top option) and press O.

    Program uses the 'Japanese style' buttons, so you need to press O to start and X to cancel.
    When converting, press /\ to skip a file or press 'X' to cancel conversion.

    7. Copy the converted WAV file from ms0:\PSP\MUSIC folder to your computer.

    8. Convert the WAV to MP3 or any other format you like or remux it into an AVI, etc

    Program Options:


    Convert -> Starts the conversion.
    In -> Input options
    Storage -> Choose storage device for input
    - MS = memory stick
    - USB = requires USBHOST program on PC
    - UMD = convert files from a UMD Disc
    DIR -> Directory to read Input files from (Press O to choose another folder)
    In directory browser:
    D-pad = move up and down
    O = enter folder
    /\ - Go up a folder (e.g from 'ms0:\PSP\Music\' to 'ms0:\PSP\')
    X = select current folder for input files

    Out -> Output options
    Storage -> Choose storage device for output
    - IN = In same folder as original files
    - MS = Memory Stick
    - USB = Requires USBHOST program on PC
    DIR -> Directory to place output files. (Press O to choose another folder)
    In directory browser:
    D-pad = move up and down
    O = enter folder
    /\ - Go up a folder (e.g from 'ms0:\PSP\Music\' to 'ms0:\PSP\')
    X = select current folder for output files

    Format (Default: WAV)
    - WAV = WAV format (fastest encoding / ~10 mb per minute)
    - OGG = OGG Vorbis (slow encoding / variable bitrate)
    - FLAC = FLAC Lossless (slow encoding / variable bitrate)
    Loop = If AT3 file loops, how many times to play the loop (Default is 0)
    Fadeout = Fadeout at the end of song (Useful if AT3 file loops over and over)
    Quality = Choose Bitrate for OGG (from 0.1=80kbit to 1.0=500kbit)
    Complv = Choose compression level for FLAC (1 to 8)
    S-Force = Force Convertion Sampling rate to 44.1khz to 48.0khz. (Default: 48.0khz)

    Exit -> Exit program.


    Thanks to "Celestial Being" for making this awesome program [​IMG]
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  3. Natx15

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    Jan 5, 2011
    Thank you, that was actually very completed. Finally i have those videos with sound. [​IMG]

    Oh!,and thanks too for the other "Tutorial".
    Very useful too. (Works with new one, Tag Force 6).

    Btw, do you know how extract sound from Yu-Gi-Oh! games? In TF6 there are in "*.bgp" format. [​IMG]
  4. Ris312

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    Mar 5, 2011
    The BGP files appear to be AT3 format with an extra header
    you'll need to trim the extra 84 byte header with a hex-editor (Like HxD)
    save the file and change the file extension from BGP to AT3
    then convert it with the AT3 converter program posted above.

    You'll need to delete from the start all the way up to the RIFF part like this (delete the highlighted bit)


    This worked for the first BGP file, so I guess it should work for all the others too...

    edit: this method worked for ALL the BGP files, also all of the AT3 files contain loop-points so you
    can set the "Loop" option to 1 or more in AT3 converter to repeat the music like the game does.
    (not all music files repeat from the start, some files loop point starts a few seconds in)
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    Oct 30, 2006
    Heres a windows tool to convert all at3 types to .aa3 which sony sound forge can convert to mp3,wav etc..


    if the links not working i`ll up load it later

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    Apr 15, 2015