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    Oct 29, 2015
    Hello all 5 Wii U owners,

    I've decided to compile the following list just in case that someone may find it useful. Goes from Best to Decent.

    1. Wii U Pro Controller - Have no complains about this controller, the controller feels extremely light-weight, lasts for up to 80hrs and it's super comfortable. Recommended for all and especially Mario Kart 8.

    Score: 5/5


    2. Gioteck GC-2 Controller - Great controller, layout is a straight copy from the Xbox 360 controller, buttons feel somewhat smushy as well as that they're a bit too far from each other (takes time to get used to) and has analogue triggers although Wii U only recognises digital triggers so it doesn't matter and again, it's very comfortable. Also, this controller is usable for Wii (games that are compatible with Classic Controller) and Wii U games. Excellent for FPS games but would definitely recommend to avoid playing Mario Kart 8 with it if your hands are used to the WUPC.

    Score: 4/5


    3. Wiimote with Hori Controller - Pretty much the same as the Wii U Pro Controller except that unfortunately it connects to the Wiimote so it's not ideal for everyone.

    Score: 4/5


    4. GamePad - The standard controller that comes with every Wii U system but with this aside, I can't say that this is really all that good. Some say that it's the same as the WUPC but they're wrong. The layout of the GamePad buttons and analogue sticks are all expanded throughout and so it could very well feel unnatural and unbalanced if you were to compare it with the WUPC, it's heavy, somewhat clunky and the battery only lasts for about 2-3hrs (High Capacity Battery lasts for about 8hrs). Lastly, I played Smash with this controller and it was very VERY uncomfortable and I dare to say, laggy, too. However, for Smash the best combination is the GameCube Wii U Adapter + GameCube adapter, no contest.

    But let's not forget that there are games which are only compatible with the GamePad so in this regard there's really no alternative (unless you were to connect it to the PC and use custom settings though this doesn't apply to actual Wii U controllers).

    Score: 3/5


    The Wiimote controller is from the last-gen Wii although a few Wii U games do use it in that they require it or it's just a way to play with as. It's common knowledge that Pikmin 3 whilst playable with any controller that the best experience is with the Wiimote so it's good to have at least one Wiimote (+ Nunchuk) around. This controller is really well built for classic NES, SNES and games that use only basic buttons but my personal issue with this is that it runs on battery than an internal battery like the other controllers have.

    Score: 4/5

    That's all. Think I've covered what I had to.
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