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    Over the past couple weeks I've had an odd issue with an official Sony wireless PS3 controller. Without touching any buttons the controller will act on its own and switch the camera angle of a game. Normally this would be accomplished by pressing the R1 or R2 buttons. But for whatever reason the controller is doing this without me even pressing anything.

    This occurs with multiple games. Also I've tried resetting the controller, and this wont fix the issue. I'm assuming this is a controller issue, and not a system issue. But I wanted to confirm this before buying a new controller. Thanks.
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    Plug it into a computer, install the drivers, and see if the controller is still activating the R1 or R2 buttons without you doing anything. Or, try it on another console. That's a surefire way of seeing if it's the controller or not. It is incredibly likely it's the controller itself, but you never know.
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