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    Feb 13, 2014
    I am looking to buy a second hand PSP and I've mostly decided on what I want to do, but I want to know if there are any negative results.

    I think I will be going with the 2000 because it's apparently harder to accidentally brick, I don't mind the screen and they're a little bit cheaper.
    Is there any difference between the PSP 2000 and the PSP S&L or is it just the name?
    I know with the 3000 the 9g is to be avoided, are there any models I should avoid with the 2000?

    I don't understand what the difference is between 6.20PRO and 6.60PRO. Will any games be unavailable depending on whether I choose?
    I am looking for a permanent install. But how permanent is permanent?
    Does it just mean that it will boot automatically or does it mean I can't change it later?

    I may have the opportunity to get a PSPGO but I haven't read much about hacking for it.
    I am interested in playing with a PS3 controller and using my tv for it. The lack of a UMD drive doesn't bother me, but the reduced battery life does.
    The model is PSPN1002, that's all the information I have so far. Is there anything important I should know about modding a PSPGO?
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    Slim is 2000, Slim & Light is 3000.

    The PSP 2000s that are easy to unbrick are the earlier models that can use pandora. Later models, might as well be a 3000.

    Any PSP model can be hacked nowadays, things kept improving up until the PSP stopped getting updates from Sony.

    The sticky covers the 6.20 and 6.60 choice.

    As far as I know, all the PSP Gos were from the same model/software run and come with 6.20 and have the same hackability.
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    To piggyback of Rydian; the PSP Go does have the same hackablility as the other PSP models. The only differences that I can think of are two:

    1. PSP Go's are only able to be downgraded to a certain firmware (5.75 I believe?), as that's the first firmware that was available for PSP Go's, though it's recommended that you use 6.60PRO as it's the most recent (and stable) firmware.

    2. As hard as it is to brick PSP's these days, bricking a PSP Go is fatal, and once it happens there's no fixing it. Again, it's pretty hard to do unless you do it on purpose, but it never hurts to be cautious.

    Aside from that, I recommend getting the PSP Go. I had a PSP and traded it for a Go since the Go has the 16GB of internal memory, and it's much smaller than the other PSP models.
  4. TecXero

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    It's not that there's a lower chance of bricking a Slim (at least on newer homebrew. Older stuff, you would want to stick to Phat and Slim), it's more of you can unbrick the Slim. The Go and Slim are both great for homebrew, the Slim feels better in the hands and has an UMD drive but the Go has a better screen and is smaller, so pick your poison. The significance of 6.20 CFW is it allows you to run a permanent patch on Brites and Gos. If you use a Slim, just update to 6.60 and install ME or Pro with the cIPL Patch.