1. Dr. Clipper

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    Aug 28, 2007
    Check back a few pages. oggzee already gave a time frame for this.
  2. kavid

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    Sep 28, 2008
    -- What do you mean with "load games"? Starting the games or something else?

    - which cios 222/223 version do you have installed, rev2 or rev3


    -- have you tried both variant 222 and 223?

    no test

    - does it work with uloader 2.8d?

    no test,ehc3.....elf from 2.8d.

    ehc2.elf from 2.5

    configurable usb loader v40b3
  3. oggzee

    OP oggzee GBAtemp Addict

    Apr 11, 2009
    Can you try with ehcmodule3.elf removed?

    The loader has a built-in embedded ehcmodule3 from uloader 2.8d anyway, so you don't need an external one.

    And can you test also the other things i asked?
  4. kavid

    kavid GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Sep 28, 2008

    i remove the ehc3.....elf,but yet freez.
  5. boto12

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    Jul 31, 2009
    United States
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  6. Pip_X

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    Jul 4, 2006
    Plz try use another SD card or for mat ur SD with Panasonic SD card formatter and then try again.
  7. kavid

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    Sep 28, 2008
    OGG ,I reinstall herms' ios223 as 37 merg with 36,it's working.
    40b3 is ok.
  8. oggzee

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    Apr 11, 2009
    So did I, just now [​IMG]
    Yes Monster Hunter works for me too with: cios 223 rev3: 37 merged with 36.
    No other option change necessary.

    So, since there aren't any known issues with 40b3, I will be releasing 40 now.
  9. laurozza

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    Sep 17, 2008
    Where can i download this theme?
  10. Species8472

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    May 13, 2009
    United States
    It has not been uploaded yet. I'll do that this after adding widescreen versions of the backgrounds.
  11. boto12

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    Jul 31, 2009
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  12. j0k3r

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    Apr 20, 2009
    Gambia, The
    ...thy for this great USBloader [​IMG]. Can I use my 3d Covers and my Disc Labels from my USBlaoder_gX, for this loader, too? Because the gX ones have 6 letters and the conf loader has 4 letters.
  13. Liquidfire

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    Jul 27, 2009
    United States
    Just wanted to drop in and thank OGG and everyone who has had a problem/fixed a problem on these forums as this loader is by far my favorite, and nearly anyone who has had a problem/fixed one has addressed my concerns already [​IMG].

    Keep up the good work its much appreciated and closely followed [​IMG]

    Thanks again.
  14. zektor

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    Nov 29, 2005
    United States

    You can also install 222 merged. The reason it gives you the option to install "36 default" is because at one time Hermes was not sure if the merge install would mess with games. Now it is known not to, so I installed this way:

    222 - 37 merge 36


    223 - 38 merge 36

    Figured might as well. If I ever run into a snag using 222, I can try 223 and see if it makes a difference. As of now, I haven't had any issues [​IMG]
  15. usptactical

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    Apr 7, 2009
    United States
    Yes, CFG supports 4 and 6.
  16. oggzee

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    Apr 11, 2009
    I have been keeping the list of changes for old releases in the first post of this thread, but that list has grown so much i need to move it somewhere else, so here goes:

    <b>Configurable SD/USB Loader History</b>

    OLD Versions:

    <b>cfg v68 (release)</b>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/Cfg_USB_Loader_68.zip" target="_blank">Cfg_USB_Loader_68.zip</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg68.dol" target="_blank">cfg68.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg68-222.dol" target="_blank">cfg68-222.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg68-compat.dol" target="_blank">cfg68-compat.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg68-dbg.dol" target="_blank">cfg68-dbg.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/lang68.zip" target="_blank">lang68.zip</a>
    (or online update)

    24-04-2011 cfg v68 (release)
    * Included the Circles theme by abdias in full package
    Which is also the first theme that uses the new gui menu theming options
    * Fixed "press any button" after cover download
    * Fixed gamercard option in gui menu

    22-04-2011 cfg v68b4 (beta)
    * Set custom buttons inactive when any window is opened
    * New theme options:
    Setting gui_text_color_menu will set the base gui menu color
    and all of the above color options too.
    Setting gui_text_color_button will also set radio and checkbox
    default value is same as gui_text_color_menu

    21-04-2011 cfg v68b3 (beta)
    * Detection of cios d2x v4 beta 2
    * If pointer is outside a defined gui_cover_area then don't scroll
    * Fixed: wrong size of 2d&3d no cover image in gui menu game select
    * Fixed: admin unlock in gui mode to show full game list
    * Fixed: missing gui menu custom buttons after switching from console
    * Cleanups

    19-04-2011 cfg v68b2 (beta)
    * New theme option:
    gui_button_NAME = X, Y, W, H, TextColor, image.png, Type, HoverZoom
    NAME can be: main settings quit style view sort filter favorites
    TextColor is same format as gui_text_color_menu
    (Seting TextColor to 0 will disable text on the button in case icons are used)
    Type: button or icon
    HoverZoom: 0-50 in %
    Paramteres after coordinates are optional. Default values:
    gui_button_NAME = X, Y, W, H, white/A0/44444444, button.png, button, 10
    * New theme option:
    gui_bar = 0, [1], top, bottom
    Will disable / enable gui bar or enable only top or bottom.
    * Minor fixes to gui admin unlock & left/right dpad with coverflow
    * Changed default gui menu color to white/A0/44444444
    * Removed [FRAG] note at startup

    17-04-2011 cfg v68b (beta)
    * Translation fixes
    * Themable gui menu images:
    buttons: button.png checkbox.png radio.png
    windows: window.png page.png
    Images can also be placed in usb-loader base dir
    and if a theme doesn't provide it's own button.png
    then images from the base dir are used.
    * New theme options:
    gui_window_color_base = RRGGBBAA default: FFFFFF80
    gui_window_color_popup = RRGGBBAA default: FFFFFFB0

    13-04-2011 cfg v68a4 (alpha)
    * Fixed Translation: Cover~~Front Cover~~Back
    * Fixed switch from gui to console mode
    * New themed options:
    gui_text_color_menu = COLOR / OUTLINE / SHADOW
    gui_text_color_info = COLOR / OUTLINE / SHADOW
    gui_text_color_menu = 6688FFFF / A0 / 44444444
    gui_text_color_info = white / A0
    each component can be "black", "white" or RRGGBBAA
    OUTLINE and SHADOW are optional
    * Bigger Start button
    * Minor GUI menu updates

    11-04-2011 cfg v68a3 (alpha)
    * Translation updates
    New strings: Cover~~Front Cover~~Back Fav: Off Fav: On
    * Changed gui option:
    gui = 0, 1, 2, 3, [4], start
    gui = 0 : GUI disabled
    gui = 1 : GUI enabled, GUI Menu disabled, start in console mode
    gui = 2 : GUI enabled, GUI Menu disabled, start in GUI mode
    gui = 3 : GUI Menu enabled, start in console mode
    gui = 4 : GUI Menu enabled, start in GUI mode
    gui = start : same as gui = 4
    * Game dialog button changes:
    Pressing button A on cover will start the game
    To rotate the cover hold button 1
    To zoom use buttons +/-
    buttons UP/DOWN: change cover style
    buttons LEFT/RIGHT: prev/next game
    * Cover cache fixes

    07-04-2011 cfg v68a2 (alpha)
    * Skip game start confirmation when started from gui menu.
    * When a game is selected and the wiimote is not pointing
    to the screen move the pointer to the start button so
    that pressing button A will start the game directly.
    * Always start with cover view in game dialog
    (previously it remembered the last state)
    * Changed gui option:
    gui = 0, 1, 2, [3], start
    gui = 0 : GUI disabled
    gui = 1 : GUI enabled but starts in console mode
    gui = 2 : GUI enabled and starts in GUI mode
    gui = 3 : GUI and GUI Menu enabled. Starts in GUI mode
    gui = start : same as gui = 3
    * Translatable GUI menu

    06-04-2011 cfg v68a (alpha)
    * GUI menu

    <b>cfg v67 (release)</b>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/Cfg_USB_Loader_67.zip" target="_blank">Cfg_USB_Loader_67.zip</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg67.dol" target="_blank">cfg67.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg67-222.dol" target="_blank">cfg67-222.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg67-compat.dol" target="_blank">cfg67-compat.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg67-dbg.dol" target="_blank">cfg67-dbg.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/lang67.zip" target="_blank">lang67.zip</a>
    (or online update)

    04-04-2011 cfg v67 (release)
    * Fixed crash with intro=1 (Issue 123)
    Possibly also fixes problems with game forwarder channels
    * Other minor fixes and cleanups

    03-04-2011 cfg v67b (beta)
    * Support for HQ covers (from Wiiflow, thanks to Hibern)
    * new option: cover_url_hq
    default: <a href="http://wiitdb.com/wiitdb/artwork/coverfullHQ/{CC}/{ID6}.png" target="_blank">http://wiitdb.com/wiitdb/artwork/coverfullHQ/{CC}/{ID6}.png</a>
    * File cache of compressed Full and HQ covers for faster loading
    (Saved to covers_path/cache)

    22-03-2011 cfg v67a (alpha)
    * Improved cover cache - no more cover reloading
    after a theme or style change or cover download
    * Minor improvement in coverflow cover rendering
    * Minor adjustment of stick movement (nunchuck or classic)
    * Fixed slow movement in console mode game list
    when games are NTFS and hdd space info is enabled

    <b>cfg v66 (release)</b>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/Cfg_USB_Loader_66.zip" target="_blank">Cfg_USB_Loader_66.zip</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg66.dol" target="_blank">cfg66.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg66-222.dol" target="_blank">cfg66-222.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg66-compat.dol" target="_blank">cfg66-compat.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg66-dbg.dol" target="_blank">cfg66-dbg.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/lang66.zip" target="_blank">lang66.zip</a>
    (or online update)

    cfg v66 (release)
    * Version

    11-03-2011 cfg v66b (beta)
    * Added detection of cios d2x v2,v3 (thanks kamiro04)

    11-03-2011 cfg v66a (alpha)
    * Added detection of cios r21-d2x-v1 (thanks kamiro04)
    * Updated libfat to 1.0.9
    * ntfs-3g 2011.1.15 / libntfs-wii r7 (thanks Dimok)
    * new option: gui_pointer_scroll = 0, [1]
    disable/enable pointer scrolling of the game list
    * cleanups


    <b>cfg v65 (release)</b>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/Cfg_USB_Loader_65.zip" target="_blank">Cfg_USB_Loader_65.zip</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg65.dol" target="_blank">cfg65.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg65-222.dol" target="_blank">cfg65-222.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg65-compat.dol" target="_blank">cfg65-compat.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg65-dbg.dol" target="_blank">cfg65-dbg.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/lang65.zip" target="_blank">lang65.zip</a>
    (or online update)

    25-01-2011 cfg v65 (release)
    * version

    25-01-2011 cfg v65b8 (beta)
    * cios base detection for r17b

    25-01-2011 cfg v65b7 (beta)
    * Fixed gui theme specified font_clock.png
    * cios base detection for r17

    24-01-2011 cfg v65b6 (beta)
    * Fixed: sort = install-desc in config.txt
    * cios detection for base 57 r21+r19 modmii
    * Improved detection of hybrid modmii cios for non-249 slot

    23-01-2011 cfg v65b5 (beta)
    * Fix modmii cios detection (again)

    23-01-2011 cfg v65b4 (beta)
    * Fix modmii cios detection

    23-01-2011 cfg v65b3 (beta)
    * Detection for modmii hermes cios v4, v5 (thanks FIX94)
    * Fixes for ios base detection

    23-01-2011 cfg v65b2 (beta)
    * Detection for modmii ciosx rev19, 20, 21+19
    and hermes v4, v5, v5.1 (thanks FIX94)
    * Added "Show cIOS info" to global options menu

    22-01-2011 cfg v65b (beta)
    * Added detection for modmii ciosx rev21 (thanks FIX94)
    * Print cios base and rev for slots 245-250
    in global options if button + is pressed
    and to saved debug.log
    * Word wrap game title in the game start confirmation screen
    * Minor cleanups

    19-01-2011 cfg v65a (alpha)
    * Updated libfat to svn-4520 which includes FSINFO (by Dimok)
    FAT fsinfo stores the free space info to a designated sector
    speeding up the time it takes to print the free space.
    Previously the entire FAT table had to be scanned to get the
    free space which could take up to a couple of minutes.
    This was also the reason the option hide_hddinfo=1 is set
    so that by default the free space is not displayed .
    * Added a way to manually scan and sync the free space in fsinfo.
    Go to global options / partition selection and press 2
    Then all FAT filesystems will be shown and the free space for each
    By confirming with A the free space will be scanned again. If the
    scanned free space mathces fsinfo OK is displayed otherwise the
    correct free space, which is then stored to fsinfo.
    It is enough to do this once, after that the fsinfo should be kept
    in sync. (but using some other homebrew to write/delete data from
    FAT will make the info unsynced again, until all other apps are upgraded
    with the new libfat as well)
    * Minor change to usbstorage mem allocation (back to v63)
    (in case it fixes problems with v64 that were not in v63)

    <b>cfg v64 (release)</b>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/Cfg_USB_Loader_64.zip" target="_blank">Cfg_USB_Loader_64.zip</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg64.dol" target="_blank">cfg64.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg64-222.dol" target="_blank">cfg64-222.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg64-compat.dol" target="_blank">cfg64-compat.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg64-dbg.dol" target="_blank">cfg64-dbg.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/lang64.zip" target="_blank">lang64.zip</a>
    (or online update)
    17-01-2011 cfg v64 (release)
    * Minor cosmetic fix in http error reporting

    16-01-2011 cfg v64b6 (beta)
    * Fixed sort by install date

    15-01-2011 cfg v64b5 (beta)
    * Improved USB timeout handling also when searching for config.txt on USB

    15-01-2011 cfg v64b4 (beta)
    * Fixed BCA with hermes cios v5.1
    * Cleanups

    14-01-2011 cfg v64b3 (beta)
    * Fixed theme download
    * Fixed wiitdb game info
    * Split (required) and [optional] controllers

    13-01-2011 cfg v64b2 (beta)
    * Fixed hang in v64b when checking for updates

    13-01-2011 cfg v64b (beta)
    * Fixed crash when downloading large cheat codes (Issue 100)
    Possibly fixes also the occasionally corrupted downloaded cover images
    * Added USBStorage_Deinit() to shutdown
    * Turn off wiimotes after they are idle for 5 minutes
    * Display supported controllers in wiitdb game info
    * Cleanups

    12-01-2011 cfg v64a (alpha)
    * Support for ID4 wiitdb entries (wiiware)
    * Fixed unnecessary re-downloading of HQ full covers when they already exist
    * Better HTTP error reporting when downloading cover fails

    <b>cfg v63 (release)</b>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/Cfg_USB_Loader_63.zip" target="_blank">Cfg_USB_Loader_63.zip</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg63.dol" target="_blank">cfg63.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg63-222.dol" target="_blank">cfg63-222.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg63-compat.dol" target="_blank">cfg63-compat.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg63-dbg.dol" target="_blank">cfg63-dbg.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/lang63.zip" target="_blank">lang63.zip</a>
    (or online update)

    10-01-2011 cfg v63 (release)
    * Minor cleanups
    * Full package changes: covers/2d, Languages -> languages

    09-01-2011 cfg v63b6 (beta)
    * Fixed crash when missing wiitdb.zip
    * Translatable page indicator for wiitdb game info

    09-01-2011 cfg v63b5 (beta)
    * Fixed coverflow slowdowns when using wiitdb
    * Improved switching between games in confirmation screen
    (disabled background mp3 while switching because of banner sounds)
    * Removed obsolete options cover_url_*_norm
    * More info in debug.log (mem, time)
    * Minor cleanups

    08-01-2011 cfg v63b4 (beta)
    * Scrollable wiitdb game description (buttons UP/DOWN)
    * Switch to prev/next game in the confirmation screen (buttons LEFT/RIGHT)
    * Added DUTag to gamercard_url: <a href="http://tag.darkumbra.net/{KEY}.update={ID6}" target="_blank">http://tag.darkumbra.net/{KEY}.update={ID6}</a>
    * Fixed partition=ask

    04-01-2011 cfg v63b3 (beta)
    * Changed covers_path_2d default value to /usb-loader/covers/2d
    instead of /usb-loader/covers however both locations are still
    looked up so existing setups should not be affected. Downloading
    2d covers will save to /usb-loader/covers/2d only if it exists,
    otherwise /usb-loader/covers is used - same as before.
    If the option covers_path_2d is set manually in config.txt then
    it works same as before, the behaviour isn't changed.
    * Optimized sort by install date
    * Wiitdb optimisations
    * Added uDraw to filter by controller
    * Fixed WBFS partition on a 4k sector size drive
    * Minor cleanups

    31-12-2010 cfg v63b2 (beta)
    * Fixed device init timeout handling

    31-12-2010 cfg v63b (beta)
    * Improved device init timeout handling:
    If the device doesn't respond in 3 seconds one can
    try reloading IOS or exiting to HBC or sys menu
    timeout has been increased from 30 to 90 seconds
    * Minor cleanups

    29-12-2010 cfg v63a3 (alpha)
    * Fixed using of ios slots 245 and 246
    * Fixed hang when game fails to load (at "Press any button to exit")

    28-12-2010 cfg v63a2 (alpha)
    * Updated dip+frag plugin for ciosx r21
    * Added ciosx r21 base detection (Thanks FIX94)

    28-12-2010 cfg v63a (alpha)
    * Added 2 more slots for waninkoko cios: 245, 246
    * Added saving of debug.log and ioshash.txt from global options screen
    * Fixed broken title in coverflow mode when no games are installed

    <b>cfg v62 (release)</b>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/Cfg_USB_Loader_62.zip" target="_blank">Cfg_USB_Loader_62.zip</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg62.dol" target="_blank">cfg62.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg62-222.dol" target="_blank">cfg62-222.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg62-compat.dol" target="_blank">cfg62-compat.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg62-dbg.dol" target="_blank">cfg62-dbg.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/lang62.zip" target="_blank">lang62.zip</a>
    (or online update)

    cfg v62 (release)
    * Updated libogc to 1.8.6

    21-12-2010 cfg v62b3 (beta)
    * More translatable strings (languages, playlog)
    * Fixed: display of 3d cover when selecting a game in coverflow mode
    when a 2d and full cover are missing
    * Minor cleanups

    19-12-2010 cfg v62b2 (beta)
    * Fixed gui_clock_pos alignment
    * Fixed title in grid mode when no game is selected
    * gui style change notification is now printed in title area
    the same way as button actions (profile change, ...)
    * Added option: gui_title_area = x, y, w, h
    default: 0,0,0,0 meaning, position depends on gui_title_top
    min w, h: 320, 10 note: h is not yet used
    * renamed option gui_pager_pos to gui_page_pos

    19-12-2010 cfg v62b (beta)
    * fixed partition=auto for wbfs
    * new themable options:
    - gui_clock_pos = x, y
    default: -1,-1 meaning, title position is used
    if set clock is displayed all the time
    - gui_pager_pos = x, y
    default: -1,-1 meaning, title position is used
    * Translatable (Jabe & cambric request):
    - button names
    - partition types and header
    - video and language options
    - cover styles

    18-12-2010 cfg v62a5 (alpha)
    * Fixed partition = auto
    * Better formatting of wiitdb info

    18-12-2010 cfg v62a4 (alpha)
    * fixed ext2fs support
    * fixed error message about multiple wbfs partitions
    when using a second fat or ntfs or ext2fs part.

    18-12-2010 cfg v62a3 (alpha)
    * fixed partition selection and crash from 62a2

    17-12-2010 cfg v62a2 (alpha)
    * ext2fs support (Thanks to Dimok!)
    * new theme option: coverflow_reflection = color_top, color_bottom
    color is hex rgba, 0,0 will disable reflections
    default: coverflow_reflection = 666666FF, AAAAAA33
    * new theme option: gui_cover_area = x, y, w, h
    default: gui_cover_area = 20, 24, 600, 408
    minimum accepted w, h: 480, 320
    enabling debug will draw the area rectangle
    * Improved coverflow to console transition
    * Updated libntfs (sync with wiiflow)
    * Updated grrlib: 4.0.0 -> 4.3.1
    * Updated intro 4 (smaller)

    07-12-2010 cfg v62a (alpha)
    * Updated libs:
    - libfat 1.0.5 -> 1.0.7
    - jpeg 8a -> 8b
    - png 1.2.34 -> 1.4.4
    - zlib 1.2.4 -> 1.2.5
    * New default intro=4 : stripes themed (by abdias)

    <b>cfg v61 (release)</b>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/Cfg_USB_Loader_61.zip" target="_blank">Cfg_USB_Loader_61.zip</a> (full package)
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg61.dol" target="_blank">cfg61.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg61-222.dol" target="_blank">cfg61-222.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg61-compat.dol" target="_blank">cfg61-compat.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg61-dbg.dol" target="_blank">cfg61-dbg.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/lang61.zip" target="_blank">lang61.zip</a>
    (or online update)

    cfg v61 (release)
    * In case a CODE DUMP happens the wii will reset in 60 seconds
    instead of waiting on the code dump screen
    * full package changes:
    - added a new default theme: stripes by abdias
    - removed themes: BlueMatrix, NXE, cfg_*
    - removed noimage_wide which is not used anymore
    - removed cfg61-222.dol (available as a separate download)
    In addition to cfg61-222.dol (with default ios 222-mload)
    there's now also:
    cfg61-compat.dol built with the old devkit 17+ogc 1.7.1
    cfg61-dbg.dol with debugging enabled by default

    02-12-2010 cfg v61b9 (beta)
    * fixed startup with multiple wiimotes
    (libogc svn-4463 thanks to tueidj and tantric)
    * fixed hourglass image in coverflow mode

    27-11-2010 cfg v61b8 (beta)
    * Allow to disable splitting of installed games on NTFS with fat_split_size = 0
    * If home=screenshot, don't disable it after screenshot is made in main menu

    27-11-2010 cfg v61b7 (beta)
    * Fixed RAW fs / part.table detection

    25-11-2010 cfg v61b6 (beta)
    * back to libogc 1.8.5 with CODBO fix (USB deinit, thanks to tueidj)

    21-11-2010 cfg v61b5 (beta)
    * Fixed theme switching (Issue 69)
    * Increased max themes from 100 to 300 (Issue 60)
    * updated game count when downloading covers to start from 1 (Issue 92)
    * Removed boxart.rowdyruff.net from the list of cover urls

    21-11-2010 cfg v61b4 (beta)
    * Use libogc 1.8.3 to fix COD:BO
    * Enable pointer control with any wiimote (but only one at a time -
    the one with the lowest number that points to screen is used)
    * more improvements to raw fs detection: in case the partition table is
    ambiguous - if it appears there is a raw fs and a valid part. table then
    make a decision based on device type: for sd assume raw, for usb assume p. table
    * Updated mp3 player (triple buffering from libogc)

    19-11-2010 cfg v61b3 (beta)
    * Fixed .mod playing

    18-11-2010 cfg v61t3 (debug test)
    * print more debug info, debug enabled by default
    * if home=screenshot then make a screenshot if home is being held for 1 second
    otherwise exit to hbc. So a short press on home will exit while holding home
    for 1 second will make a screenshot
    * possible fix for corrupted console text

    cfg v61t2 (test)
    * init usb immediately after ios reload

    cfg v61t1 (test)
    * libfat and libntfs build with devkit 17 and -Os

    31-10-2010 cfg v61b2 (beta)
    * Updated libogc to 1.8.5
    * Fixed wiitdb synopsis for non-EN locale
    * Print wiitdb download url when updating
    * Reenabled loading a config file specified by args

    30-10-2010 cfg v61b (beta)
    * Slightly faster startup time (by about 1-2 seconds)
    (optimized loading of config and wiitdb)
    * Selectable intro:
    intro=0 : black - only allowed when direct game launching
    intro=1 : black bg with program name (small)
    intro=2 : color image [default]
    intro=3 : grey image
    This option only works if set in meta.xml <arguments>
    * Improved NTFS related error messages:
    - when starting games from NTFS compressed or encrypted files
    - when trying to install game or covers on ntfs with write disabled

    27-10-2010 cfg v61a3 (alpha)
    * Upgraded devkitppc 17 to 22 (again)
    * Fixed devkitppc 22 and net related crashes (hopefully)
    * URL options will now accept also numeric IP address

    23-10-2010 cfg v61a2 (alpha)
    * Reverted devkitppc from 22 back to 17 (libogc is still 1.8.4)
    This seems to fix the wiitdb and net related crashes in v61a
    * fixed: fat_install_dir = 3
    * better compatibility with some forwarders
    (ignore drive number (usb1:) in argv[0])

    19-10-2010 cfg v61a (alpha)
    * Upgraded dev tools devkitppc 17 to 22 and libogc 1.7.1 to 1.8.4
    * Improved partition check for raw fs (v60t1 fix)
    * cios 222 shadow mload proper version (5.1) check
    * debug stuff:
    pressing + in global options screen will report:
    - devkitppc and libogc version
    - mem stats
    - startup timings
    option debug=16 will report game launch timings

    <b>cfg v60 (release)</b>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/Cfg_USB_Loader_60.zip" target="_blank">Cfg_USB_Loader_60.zip</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg60.dol" target="_blank">cfg60.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg60-222.dol" target="_blank">cfg60-222.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/lang60.zip" target="_blank">lang60.zip</a>
    (or online update)
    12-09-2010 cfg v60 (release)
    * Fixed install on ntfs to .wbfs file type

    12-09-2010 cfg v60b6 (beta)
    * Fixed and improved support for wbfs/fat/ntfs on RAW device

    11-09-2010 cfg v60b5 (beta)
    * Fixed: partition = auto
    partition = auto is now the default value
    for both normal .dol and -222.dol

    10-09-2010 cfg v60b4 (beta)
    * Fixed SSBB+ SD card
    * New option value: partition = auto
    Will select first valid from: WBFS1, FAT1, NTFS1
    FAT or NTFS partition will only be valid if the /wbfs folder exists

    10-09-2010 cfg v60b3 (beta)
    * Fixed install to ISO on NTFS

    09-09-2010 cfg v60b2 (beta)
    * New option value: install_partitions = iso
    On NTFS it creates an exact dump to an iso file
    On WBFS/FAT it will behave same as 1:1

    08-09-2010 cfg v60b (beta)
    * Changed FS mountpoint handling:
    USB drive: 'usb:' is first FAT 'ntfs:' is first NTFS partition
    SD/SDHC card: 'sd:' is first FAT or NTFS partition if FAT is not found
    game: is a temporary mount for games on FAT or NTFS and will be any partition
    that is selected but is not already mounted as one of the above
    config.txt is now searched also on ntfs:/usb-loader/config.txt
    in addition to sd: and usb:

    02-09-2010 cfg v60a (alpha)
    * NTFS write support
    new option: ntfs_write = [0], 1, norecover
    norecover will prevent mounting an uncleanly unmounted fs.
    (thanks for the updated libntfs go to Dimok and Miigotu)

    <b>cfg v59 (release)</b>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/Cfg_USB_Loader_59.zip" target="_blank">Cfg_USB_Loader_59.zip</a> (full)
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg59.dol" target="_blank">cfg59.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg59-222.dol" target="_blank">cfg59-222.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/lang59.zip" target="_blank">lang59.zip</a>
    (or online update)

    01-09-2010 cfg v59 (release)
    * version change

    31-08-2010 cfg v59b2 (beta)
    * dip+frag plugin for cios 249 updated to rev20
    * Changed the default value of: disable_dvd_patch = 1
    Since now the dvd slot check is handled properly by
    all cios the patch is disabled by default
    * Enable shadow mload on hermes cios v5.1

    30-08-2010 cfg v59b (beta)
    * Loading games from SDHC for hermes cIOS
    * Update modifies existing meta.xml instead of replacing it (gannon)
    (So that any additional parameters or user edits will be retained,
    only version and date are updated)
    * Changed directory creation code to avoid errors on an incomplete path (Clipper)

    27-08-2010 cfg v59a (alpha)
    * Improved support for Hermes cIOS v5.x
    Updated ehcmodule to v5 and new odip plugin
    Moved frag code from ehcmodule to odip
    Removed support for Hermes cIOS 1,2,3 and external modules
    (cios v4 is still supported)
    Games on SD/SDHC don't work with hermes cios for the moment.

    <b>cfg v58 (release)</b>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg58.dol" target="_blank">cfg58.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg58-222.dol" target="_blank">cfg58-222.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/lang58.zip" target="_blank">lang58.zip</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/Cfg_USB_Loader_58.zip" target="_blank">Cfg_USB_Loader_58.zip</a>
    (or online update)

    26-08-2010 cfg v58 (release)
    * preliminary cios rev21 support

    25-08-2010 cfg v58b2 (beta2)
    * Gamercard support (Clipper, Daileon)
    * New options: gamercard_url and gamercard_key
    - These options work like the cover_url options
    and support the =+ operator to add multiple sites/keys
    - Keys and URLs are matched up in order
    - If you set a key in the list to 0, or leave out trailing keys, the
    respective sites from the URLs will not be tried.
    - The tags {KEY} and {ID6} can be used in the URLs.
    - Defaults are for WiinnerTag and NCard in that order, but with blank keys:
    gamercard_url = <a href="http://www.wiinnertag.com/wiinnertag_scripts/update_sign.php?key={KEY}&game_id={ID6}" target="_blank">http://www.wiinnertag.com/wiinnertag_scrip...p;game_id={ID6}</a>
    gamercard_url =+ <a href="http://www.messageboardchampion.com/ncard/API/?cmd=tdbupdate&key={KEY}&game={ID6}" target="_blank">http://www.messageboardchampion.com/ncard/...&game={ID6}</a>
    gamercard_key =

    22-08-2010 cfg v58b (beta)
    * Added wiird setting to global options screen.
    (If the gecko is not connected the option is inactive)
    * Improved IOS base detection (from NeoGamma - by WiiPower)
    * New option: debug_gecko = [0],1,2,3
    write debug info to usb gecko

    01-08-2010 cfg v58a (alpha)
    * Support multiple slots for Waninkoko's cios rev20: 247, 248, 249, 250
    Changed option: ios = 247, 248, [249], 222-mload, 223-mload,
    224-mload, 222-yal, 223-yal, 250

    <b>cfg v57 (release)</b>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg57.dol" target="_blank">cfg57.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg57-222.dol" target="_blank">cfg57-222.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/lang57.zip" target="_blank">lang57.zip</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/Cfg_USB_Loader_57.zip" target="_blank">Cfg_USB_Loader_57.zip</a> (full package)
    (or online update)

    Full package includes a new HBC icon, more suitable for the new HBC 1.0.7 dark background, updated configurator 57.14 and other accompanying files (wiitdb, titles, languages,...)

    cfg v57 (release)
    * Added video patching mode from Sneek (by Crediar)
    changed option: video_patch = [0], 1, all, sneek, sneek+all

    30-07-2010 cfg v57b9 (beta9)
    * Added ID of 1.07 HBC to launch functions. (Clipper)
    * Allowed hex values for options that can specify a channel ID
    so the new HBC is supported. Value for HBC 1.07 is AF1BF516. (Clipper)
    * Scrollable list of updates (oggzee)

    24-07-2010 cfg v57b8 (beta8)
    * Added language selection to write_playlog (Clipper)
    * Improved playlog title detection: if the title for selected game language is empty,
    and playlog is enabled (but not set to a specific language) then try with english
    or the first language for which a title exists. (oggzee)
    * Fullscreen theme preview on button 1 (oggzee)
    * Download of theme preview can be cancelled by holding B (oggzee)
    * Moved theme preview images from themes/*.jpg to theme_previews/*.jpg (oggzee)
    * Optimizations of coverflow cover selection (usptactical)
    (realtime and compressed stencil buffer)

    13-06-2010 cfg v57b7 (beta7)
    * Initial jpeglib support added (usptactical)
    * Added jpeg error handling: bad jpegs will be renamed
    to filename.bad (usptactical)
    * Theme Preview images (usptactical)
    option: theme_previews = [1], 0
    Determines if preview images can be downloaded and
    option: preview_coords = x,y,width,height
    option: wpreview_coords = x,y,width,height
    Set x/y to -1 to use Cover x/y
    Set width/height to 0 to use Cover height/width
    * Using select = random option in coverflow scrolls
    covers to next game (usptactical)
    * Bug fix for clicking on titles in theme download
    menu. (Clipper)

    08-06-2010 cfg v57b6 (beta6)
    * new option: select = [previous], start, middle, end,
    most, least, random
    Selects which game is picked by default on startup.
    The new default is the previous game played (to get old
    operation, set select=start).
    'start', 'middle' and 'end' refer to position in the list.
    'most' and 'least' refer to number of plays (in Cfg).
    'random' selects a different game each time.
    * new button action: random
    Selects a different game at random from the current list
    To use, assign to a button, like button_Z=random
    * Title/alphabetical sorting made case insensitive (oggzee)
    * clear_patches save bug fixed
    * cheat bug fixed

    25-05-2010 cfg v57b5 (beta5)
    * .wip patches now working
    * fix for .txt cheat detection (some cheats were incorrectly
    identified as editable)
    * New per-game option:
    clear_patches = [0],1,all
    When on (1) return_to_channel and the dvd check are disabled
    When 'all', then all .dol patches are disabled

    20-05-2010 cfg v57b4 (beta4)
    * Patch for Prince of Persia
    * new option: disable_pop_patch = [0], 1
    * new option: disable_dvd_patch = [0], 1

    20-05-2010 cfg v57b3 (beta3)

    16-05-2010 cfg v57b2 (beta2)
    * Theme downloading (via global options)
    * Themes provided by <a href="http://wii.spiffy360.com" target="_blank">http://wii.spiffy360.com</a>
    * new option: adult_themes = [0], 1
    Adult themes only shown for download if switched on

    27-04-2010 cfg v57b (beta)
    * Added warnings for stubbed IOSes (gannon, Wiipower)
    * Changed warning for IOS249 <rev18+FAT32
    to make it more intuitive.

    14-04-2010 cfg v57a (alpha)
    * After ripping a disc, you can push 1 to download images
    * new option: return_to_channel = [0], JODI, FDCL, ...
    Games will return to the selected channel ID
    e.g., JODI for HBC or a forwarder channel
    to reload Cfg.
    0 is the default Wii Menu operation
    Note: write_playlog won't work if you don't go back
    to the Wii Menu between games (only the last game
    played will be recognised in the log)
    * download_all_styles = 0 now downloads full covers
    if a coverflow GUI mode is selected. 2D images
    will be downloaded if the full download fails.

    <b>cfg v56 (release)</b>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/Cfg_USB_Loader_56.zip" target="_blank">Cfg_USB_Loader_56.zip</a> (full)
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg56.dol" target="_blank">cfg56.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg56-222.dol" target="_blank">cfg56-222.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/lang56.zip" target="_blank">lang56.zip</a>
    (or online update)
    Full package now includes a new theme "Grey Matter" by pepxl which matches the new intro.

    18-03-2010 cfg v56 (release)

    * omit false DL warning

    16-03-2010 cfg v56b2 (beta2)

    * Choosing "Disc" from alt dol menu will prompt for
    Disc Plus options on launch of game (choose for
    Metroid Prime Trilogy to be asked which to play)
    * Disc Plus bug fixes
    * Fixed sorting of long multibyte titles (oggzee)

    14-03-2010 cfg v56b (beta)

    * Sam & Max fix restored for disc. (Clipper)
    Gets CSI: Deadly Intent working from disc.
    * Alt dol menu with scroll (Clipper)
    * Gui text outline fix
    * Minor intro update (pepxl)
    * Minor cleanups

    13-03-2010 cfg v56a (alpha)

    * Alt.dol disc plus (from NeoGamma R8.RC4 by WiiPower / tueidj)
    .wdm files go to: sd:/usb-loader/GAMEID.wdm
    * New intro (by pepxl)

    <b>cfg v55 (release)</b>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/Cfg_USB_Loader_55.zip" target="_blank">Cfg_USB_Loader_55.zip</a> (full)
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg55.dol" target="_blank">cfg55.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg55-222.dol" target="_blank">cfg55-222.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/lang55.zip" target="_blank">lang55.zip</a>
    (or online update)

    09-03-2010 cfg v55 (release)

    * No change (version only, full package)

    07-03-2010 cfg v55b3 (beta3)

    * Fixed occasional hang when trying to start
    games on FAT/NTFS with cios 249 rev19

    07-03-2010 cfg v55b2 (beta2)

    * Games on SD/SDHC FAT/NTFS with cios 249 rev19

    06-03-2010 cfg v55b (beta)

    * Fixed ios250 support
    * Updated 249 r18 dip with disc check fix
    * Print ios249 base ios (37,38,57,60) and mload version
    * Rename cfg-fat to cfg-222
    * Changed option default: hide_hddinfo=1 also for normal cfg.dol
    * Fixed magic word actions for the GUI
    * Changed intro
    * Cleanups

    06-03-2010 cfg v55a3 (alpha)

    * 249 rev18 fat/ntfs other base than 38 fix
    * Bug fixes for "nothing" and button remap actions

    05-03-2010 cfg v55a2x (experimental)

    * FAT/NTFS support for cios 249 rev18.
    NOTE: it overrides the dip plugin which adds frag support
    thanks to the mload capability in cios 249 rev18

    04-03-2010 cfg v55a (alpha)

    * Added new values to the home and button_* options:
    priiloader - uses the Priiloader magic word "Daco" to go to Priiloader menu
    wii_menu - uses the Priiloader magic word "Pune" to go to Wii Menu
    Any other Priiloader magic word can be entered as text (no others exist yet)
    Any channel ID can be entered, e.g., FDCL for pepxl's forwarder

    Cool Usage Ideas:
    To go to Wii Menu when using Priiloader:
    home = wii_menu
    home = Pune
    To implement a restart function after updates:
    home = FDCL #replace with your forwarder's ID
    button_H = exit
    # Because of the implementation of the options,
    # This makes the home button restart Cfg when
    # used in a menu like the global menu, and
    # exit when used in the game list or GUI.
    Implement multiple exit types and channel launchers:
    button_B = FDCL # reboot via forwarder
    button_1 = HATP # launch PAL Nintendo Channel
    button_2 = etc.

    <b>cfg v54 (release)</b>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg54.dol" target="_blank">cfg54.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg54-fat.dol" target="_blank">cfg54-fat.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/lang54.zip" target="_blank">lang54.zip</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/Cfg_USB_Loader_54.zip" target="_blank">Cfg_USB_Loader_54.zip</a> (full)
    (or online update)

    cfg v54 (release)

    * Fixed: wiird = 2 (paused start) (by WiiPower)

    cfg v54b3 (beta3)

    * IOS 249 rev18 support

    cfg v54b2 (beta2)

    * Separate ocarina and hooktype options:
    ocarina = [0], 1
    hooktype = nohooks, [vbi], wiipad, gcpad, gxdraw, gxflush, ossleep, axframe
    * Print a warning if ocarina/wiird enabled but hooks can't be set
    * Print "Loading..." translation before freeing unifont

    cfg v54b (beta)

    * wiitdb: fallback to game language if configured language is not found
    * new option: wiird = [0], 1, 2
    1 = enable debugger
    2 = enable debugger and pause start
    * changed option: ocarina = [0], 1, vbi, wiipad, gcpad, gxdraw, gxflush,
    ossleep, axframe, nohooks
    ocarina = 1 is same as ocarina = vbi
    * support for wiitdb case color attribute (usptactical)

    cfg v54a2 (alpha2)

    * Per-game playlog writing now uses the game's language setting to determine
    the title to use.
    * titles_url default now uses {DBL} instead of {CC}.
    * Both titles_url and db_url can accept both {CC} and {DBL} tags now.

    cfg v54a (alpha)

    * Gecko OS 1.9 cheat engine aka Ocarina 2 aka Bralw+ support (by WiiPower)
    * Changed write_playlog to be a per-game option (Clipper)
    * fixed db_language AUTO setting and lang_to_cc function for Chinese languages. (Clipper)

    <b>cfg v53 (release)</b>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg53.dol" target="_blank">cfg53.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg53-fat.dol" target="_blank">cfg53-fat.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/lang53.zip" target="_blank">lang53.zip</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/Cfg_USB_Loader_53.zip" target="_blank">Cfg_USB_Loader_53.zip</a>
    (or online update)


    cfg v53 (release)

    * New option: load_unifont = [0], 1
    Specifies if unifont.dat should be loaded or not. unifont.dat contains
    all the unicode characters, required for Asian (CJK) language support
    so that translation or wiitdb info shows up correctly.
    Note: the Latin unicode set is already embedded into the loader,
    so to display German, French, Spanish, etc... unifont.dat is not needed
    * Renamed the included Chinese translation files according to standard:
    SChinese.lang -> ZH_CN.lang (Simplified Chinese)
    CHT.lang -> ZH_TW.lang (Traditional Chinese)

    cfg v53b3 (beta3)

    * Fixed crash with cios222 v5
    (happened with this combination: normal cfg.dol
    with options: ios=222-mload & partition=wbfs)
    * Fixed update progress ... notification

    cfg v53b2 (beta2)

    * More fixes for handling of corrupted cover images (usptactical)
    * Minor translation updates

    cfg v53b (beta)

    * Better handling of corrupted cover images - they should not crash
    the loader anymore and will be renamed to filename.bad (usptactical)
    * Japanese / Chinese translation and wiitdb support (oggzee)
    A new font file is required for this: unifont.dat
    * Removed ISFS from playlog (Clipper)
    * Scroll option screens if the console size is too small (Clipper)
    * Removed wiiboxart from URLs. (Clipper)
    * print cover download url and progress (oggzee)
    * force fat freespace update when installing (oggzee)

    cfg v53a (alpha)

    * cIOS 222/223/224 v5 support
    Note: only use 222 for loader, 223 and 224 will freeze if used for loader,
    however 223/224 work fine for games. That means, don't put ios=223-mload in
    config.txt, but it's ok if it is set for a specific game in options screen.
    * New option value for ios: 224-mload
    * Support for HDDs with 4k sectors (WBFS partition only)
    * Fixed option: home=hbc

    <b>cfg v52 (release)</b>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/Cfg_USB_Loader_52.zip" target="_blank">Cfg_USB_Loader_52.zip</a> (full)
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg52.dol" target="_blank">cfg52.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg52-fat.dol" target="_blank">cfg52-fat.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/lang52.zip" target="_blank">lang52.zip</a>
    (or online update)
    Full package includes the configurator 52.6, latest wiitdb.zip and updated .lang files.

    Changes:<pre>cfg v52 (release)

    * Left/Right hold repeat in console (Clipper)
    * GUI displays messages for sort, profile and theme switch. (Clipper)
    * Minor cleanups (Clipper)

    cfg v52b5 (beta5)

    * Fixed handling of multiline strings in .lang files
    * Minor translation updates

    cfg v52b4 (beta4)

    * New actions for buttons: sort (switch sort type), filter (filter menu) (Clipper)
    * Button actions sort, profile and theme will display a message in the console (Clipper)
    * Holding any of the buttons in button_other in the GUI will work for menu_unlock (Clipper)
    * Fixed: title length 3 from folder names
    * Fixed: WiiTDB update crash
    * Handle & etc. in wiitdb titles
    * fat_install_dir = 3 will use layout: /wbfs/Title [ID].wbfs
    * new option: fs_install_layout is an alias for fat_install_dir
    * Minor cleanups

    cfg v52b3 (beta3)
    * Button remapping options (Dr. Clipper)
    See below for information.
    * Previous home option is now a theme option with overrides
    * Reversion of boot disc to cIOS method (for real this time)
    * Fix for switching between NTFS partitions (oggzee)
    * Various translation and menu alignment fixes (oggzee)
    * Support for new filenames on FAT/NTFS: (oggzee)
    /wbfs/TITLE [GAMEID].wbfs or /wbfs/TITLE [GAMEID].iso
    * option: db_ignore_titles = [0], 1
    Set this option to ignore titles from the database

    About button remapping:
    Firstly, the guitar default mappings have changed slightly.
    The new mappings are as follows:

    Each of the following buttons can now have its own action:
    B, -, +, 1, 2, Home, X, Y, Z, C, L & R.

    These actions are valid for the console game list and the GUI
    mode only. For options that affect the menus, see below.
    The new options for this type of mapping are all theme options
    with config.txt overrides and are as follows:
    option: button_B = [gui], <other actions>
    button_- = [main_menu], <other actions>
    button_+ = [install], <other actions>
    button_H = [reboot], <other actions>
    button_1 = [options], <other actions>
    button_2 = [favorites], <other actions>
    button_X = A, B, 1, [2], H, -, +, <action>
    button_Y = A, B, [1], 2, H, -, +, <action>
    button_Z = A, <b>, 1, 2, H, -, +, <action>
    button_C = [A], B, 1, 2, H, -, +, <action>
    button_L = A, B, 1, 2, H, [-], +, <action>
    button_R = A, B, 1, 2, H, -, [+], <action>
    These buttons can be mapped to any of the following actions:
    nothing # does nothing
    options # access game options
    gui # switch to/from GUI
    reboot # reboot to system menu
    exit # exit to launching app
    hbc # exit to HBC
    screenshot # take a screenshot
    install # install a game
    remove # remove a game
    main_menu # access main menu
    global_ops # access global options menu
    favorites # toggle favorites view
    boot_game # boot a game from the drive
    boot_disc # boot a game from disc
    theme # switch to next theme
    profile # switch to next profile
    unlock # access the unlock password dialog immediately
    As shown, X, Y, Z, C, L & R can also be optionally targetted to
    emulate one of the buttons on the Wiimote (A, B, 1, 2, -, +, Home).
    If used this way, this emulation will also work in menus.

    As stated, the other options allow you to select the default
    action in the game list and GUI mode only. The menus can be
    remapped by specifying which buttons affect which commands.
    These options take a commas separated list of button names from the
    following list:
    B, 1, 2, -, M, Minus, +, P, Plus, H, Home, X, Y, Z, C, L, R

    The following are the mappable commands. All the options are theme
    options with overrides in config.txt.

    option: button_cancel = , <comma separated list of buttons>
    Set which button(s) will act as the back button in menus

    option: button_exit = [Home], <comma separated list of buttons>
    Set which button(s) will perform the 'home' action in menus

    option: button_other = [1], <comma separated list of buttons>
    Set which button(s) will perform the other or alternate action in menus
    This covers switching between options and global options, choosing to
    download BCA during install, choosing to ignore meta.xml during upgrade etc.

    option: button_save = [2], <comma separated list of buttons>
    Set which button(s) will perform the save action in menus

    To switch buttons B & 1 around so that 1 operates as GUI while
    B operates as back:
    button_B = options
    button_1 = gui
    button_other = B
    button_cancel = 1
    To make both the L and R buttons on a GameCube controller
    operate as back buttons in the menus in addition to B:
    button_cancel = B, L, R
    Plug in the Classic controller and you can have any twelve
    different actions available at once (with A being boot_game):
    button_B = gui
    button_1 = options
    button_2 = favorites
    button_- = profile
    button_+ = theme
    button_H = exit
    button_L = remove
    button_R = install
    button_X = main_menu
    button_Y = global_ops
    button_Z = boot_disc

    cfg v52b2 (beta2)
    * File custom-titles.txt in the base directory is searched
    for game titles.
    * Titles are extracted from wiitdb.zip but can be overridden
    with either titles file.
    * The titles precedence (highest to lowest) is as follows:
    - custom_titles.txt
    - titles.txt
    - wiitdb.zip
    - directory name (FAT & NTFS only)
    - game image
    * When saving global options, the saved settings are listed.
    * Console color fixes (Dr. Clipper)
    * Play time logging to message board (marc_max & Dr. Clipper)
    When enabled, this option will put the correct title
    and play time into the Wii Message Board log and will
    also be read by the Nintendo Channel. However, this will
    usually fail if you skip the Wii Menu via BootMii or
    Priiloader autoboot.
    * option: write_playlog = [0],1
    Note, it is disabled by default as this fix changes your
    Wii's NAND and cannot be used via autoboot methods.

    cfg v52b (beta)
    * Gamecube disc loading
    Just like Wii discs, only original discs supported!
    * Wii disc loading now uses the disc specified IOS.
    This should increase game compatibility.
    * Console font outline and shadow fix by Dr. Clipper
    * Many translatable strings have been improved.
    * Cover URLs updated

    cfg v52a2 (alpha 2)
    * Fixed options.
    option: language_path has been removed.
    The path is now fixed at /usb-loader/languages/
    option: language has been changed to translation to
    prevent conflicts with the game language setting.
    option: translation = [AUTO], EN, custom, etc

    cfg v52a (alpha)
    * Translation files now supported.
    option: language_path = path to language files
    Default: USBLOADER_PATH/languages
    option: language = filename without extension
    Default: Current the wii language from the following list
    JA, EN, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL, ZH, ZH, KO
    * Fixed crash issue if booting from disc failed
    * Database can now be named wiitdb.zip.
    The old naming scheme is still supported however.

    cfg v51 (release)</b>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/Cfg_USB_Loader_51.zip" target="_blank">Cfg_USB_Loader_51.zip</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg51.dol" target="_blank">cfg51.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg51-fat.dol" target="_blank">cfg51-fat.dol</a>
    (or online update)
    cfg v51 (release)
    * New Sort: last play date
    option: sort = play_date
    * Removed empty line from game list when showing database info
    * Secondary sort using titles added. Lists should be consistent
    when there are matching values now

    cfg v51b3 (beta3)
    * Fixed the ambiguity with the game dir layouts (ID_TITLE or TITLE [ID])
    * fat_install_dir = 2 will use the new layout (TITLE [ID]) when
    * Removed redundant options from main menu.
    * Cleaned up the sort and filter menus.
    Improved sort menu. Ascending / descending options for current
    sort are remembered.
    * Color of database info now changed.
    * Install and disc boot menus will show [?] cover before a disc is
    read, and game cover for disc if found.

    cfg v51b2 (beta2)
    * More bug fixes
    Loader no longer crashes when trying to sort or filter without
    a database.
    Accented characters now show up in the synopsis.
    Display of synopsis cleaned up and improved.
    Entities now converted in the synopsis. (", etc)
    Main menu will respect the disable_options configuration.
    sort=play_count now works properly without reloading the game list.

    cfg v51b (beta)
    * Minor bug fixes
    Loader will not wait for a button press in the event a database
    is not found.
    Disc boot menu will show the proper database information.
    * Changed db_url option and db_language option slightly
    option: db_url = [http://wiitdb.com/wiitdb.zip?LANG={DBL}]
    {DBL} will be replaced by the db_language value
    option: db_language = [AUTO], EN, JA, German, etc
    * option: "-asc" is no longer necessary to specify a sort as ascending.
    * db_show_info no longer hides the hdd info or footer in the console.
    * Added more game directory layouts: (by oggzee)
    /wbfs/TITLE [GAMEID]/GAMEID.wbfs
    When loading games from FAT or NTFS
    * Added {PUB} to cover url options.
    {PUB} will be replaced by the last two characters of the ID
    (the publisher)
    This can be used to do things like forcing NTSC covers for
    PAL games by replacing {CC} with US and {ID6} with {ID3}E{PUB}

    cfg v51a (alpha)
    * Wiitdb support. Can be downloaded inside the loader on the
    global options screen.
    * Enhanced nunchuk support: C mapped to A, Z mapped to B
    * Filtering of games based on certain criteria
    * Sorting of games based on certain criteria
    * Gameplay history
    * Disc Loading
    * New: Main menu accessible by pressing - or going to the
    global options screen.
    Disc loading, sorting, filtering, and more options are located here.
    * option: db_url = [http://wiitdb.com/wiitdb.zip?LANG={db_language}]
    URL to download database from.
    * option: db_language = [Console Language], EN, JA, German, etc
    Language to use for the database. If invalid or not able to be
    displayed by the loader this will default to English.
    Both country codes (EN) and languages (English) are valid.
    * option: db_show_info = [1], 0
    Show info loaded from the database.
    * option: write_playstats = [1], 0
    Write to the play history file.
    * option: sort = [title-asc], etc
    Change the default sorting method. Default is Title Ascending.

    Valid sort options:
    "title" => Title
    "players" => Number of Players
    "online_players"=> Number of Online Players
    "publisher" => Publisher
    "developer" => Developer
    "release" => Release Date
    "play_count" => Play Count
    "install" => Install Date
    (This will only work with FAT or NTFS drives)
    To use ascending add "-asc" to the option.
    ie: sort = players-asc

    To use descending add "-desc" to the option.
    ie: sort = players-desc

    <b>cfg v50c (bugfix)</b>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg50c.dol" target="_blank">cfg50c.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg50c-fat.dol" target="_blank">cfg50c-fat.dol</a>
    (or online update)

    * Fixed starting games from SD Card with FAT or NTFS
    (No additional SDHC compatibility changes, just making SD work as in v49)

    <b>cfg v50 (release)</b>

    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/Cfg_USB_Loader_50.zip" target="_blank">Cfg_USB_Loader_50.zip</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg50.dol" target="_blank">cfg50.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg50-fat.dol" target="_blank">cfg50-fat.dol</a>
    (or online update)

    Included in the full package is now also the Configurator v50 which is located in:


    cfg v50 (release)

    * Optimizations for highly fragmented files (either fat or ntfs)

    cfg v50b2 (beta2)

    * Fixed crash when using flat /wbfs file layout without subdirectories
    * Fixed crashes when starting HBC forwarder discs
    And added safety checks of memory regions when loading disc
    * Raised number of fragments limit to 20000
    * Properly identify dual-layer iso
    * Removed obsolete ehcmodules for IOS 222 revisions 2 and 3
    External ehcmodules for these versions are still supported
    * Use the new ehcmodule with fat/ntfs support also for wbfs
    (but still uses wbfs mode for wbfs partition)
    Can be overriden using an external ehcmodule4
    External module for fat/wbfs has been renamed
    from ehcmodule_fat.elf to ehcmodule_frag.elf
    * In case the new fragments method fails for any reason for FAT
    it will fallback to the old method
    * Other cleanups

    cfg v50b (beta)

    * .iso files on NTFS support
    The file name layout is the same as for .wbfs files:
    /wbfs/gameid.iso or /wbfs/gameid_title/gameid.iso
    * Fixes and cleanups for NTFS support (fixed ntfs getf -1 error)
    * option: partition=ntfs1 accepted

    About NTFS support:

    FAT support in ehcmodule has been rewritten with a new
    generic wii disc emulation system that is:
    - light weight / zero overhead
    - filesystem independent
    - fileformat independent
    It works by supplying the ehcmodule with a list of sector fragments
    that specify the location of data using direct sector addressing.
    To see the list of fragments one can use debug=1 and they will
    be printed out before starting the game.
    The number of fragments if limited to 5000, that number is also
    the max theoretical number of fragments on a wbfs partition (actually
    4600, for a dual layer disc with a 2mb wbfs block size). In normal
    conditions the number of fragments should be a lot lower most commonly
    just a single big block. Fragments are used to describe both physical
    address on hdd and virtual adress on wii disc so if a .wbfs file is used
    the list will be composed of 3 fragments - disc header, update partition
    and game partition.
    libntfs however doesn't seem stable enough for write access at the moment,
    so the ntfs partition is mounted read-only meaning install and remove can't
    be done from inside the loader for now.

    Credits: WiiPower for libntfs modification which returns the list of fragments.

    cfg v50a (alpha)

    * Fix for PeppaPig (from NeoGamma by WiiPower)
    * Fixes and cleanups for NTFS

    cfg v50x (experimental)

    * Rewritten FAT support in ehcmodule with a generic system
    * NTFS support
    * Improved gui speed with large number of games
    (most noticable in grid, flow and flow-z gui styles)
    * Print on the intro screen if the ios is reloaded a second time
    (in case the setting from config.txt is different from default)
    * The -fat version 'simple' option does not change 'hide_hddinfo'
    * Changed WBFS ERROR: read error while installing a game to a WARNING.
    Note: the read error check has been introduced in v47, all previous
    versions including the original loader 1.5 and all other loaders
    silently ignore it.
    * Changed default value of install_partition=only_game
    To avoid errors caused by modchips when trying to copy the update partition.
    * Minor cosmetic changes to cover download when trying different urls.
  17. zektor

    zektor GBAtemp Maniac

    Nov 29, 2005
    United States
    That is the longest changelog I have ever seen! [​IMG]
  18. oggzee

    OP oggzee GBAtemp Addict

    Apr 11, 2009
    OLD versions (1-49)
    <b>cfg v49 (release)</b>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/Cfg_USB_Loader_49.zip" target="_blank">Cfg_USB_Loader_49.zip</a> (full package)
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cios_mload_cfg49.zip" target="_blank">cios_mload_cfg49.zip</a> (ehcmodule_fat source)
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg49.dol" target="_blank">cfg49.dol</a>
    <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg49-fat.dol" target="_blank">cfg49-fat.dol</a>
    (or online update)
    Included in the full package is now also the Configurator v49.6, it is located in:


    cfg v49 (release)

    * Fixed install game on SD/FAT
    * Override [w]covers_size theme option with config.txt
    * simple=0 will not unset hide_hddinfo when using -fat version
    * Only one "#GAMEID" string inside binary - for direct starting

    cfg v49b2 (beta2)

    * Improved speed of loading game list when using FAT and /wbfs/id_title/ subdirs
    * Changed default: fat_install_dir=1
    * When downloading titles.txt and wii region is JA or KO force EN in titles_url {CC}
    * Allow specifying alt_dol=name (on disc) when using direct start
    * Accept GAMEID without # as argument for direct start (RHAP01 instead of #RHAP01)
    * Override some theme options in base config.txt.
    The options that can be overriden are those that don't
    have a major effect on the theme looks and layout:
    - hide_header
    - hide_hddinfo
    - hide_footer
    - buttons
    - simple
    - cover_style
    - cursor
    - menu_plus
    - gui_text_*
    - gui_text2_*
    - gui_title_top
    * Save cfg loader version when saving gamelist.txt

    cfg v49b (beta)

    * Added BCA dump to file from install menu
    (Press + to install and then press 1 to dump BCA)

    cfg v49a (alpha)

    * Games on SDHC with IOS 222/223 for both FAT or WBFS partition
    * Games in subdirs on FAT: /wbfs/GAMEID_TITLE/GAMEID.wbfs
    option: fat_install_dir = [0], 1
    * Rename old boot.dol to boot.dol.bak when upgrading
    * If the loader is used to start a game directly
    (from a channel created with crap or similar tools)
    and option: intro=0 is specified then no intro
    and no progress is displayed until the game is started
    * Support for .wip game patches (by WiiPower)
    Loaded from: sd:/usb-loader/GAMEID.wip (text format)
    * Support for BCA data (by Hermes)
    Loaded from: sd:/usb-loader/GAMEID.bca (binary data of size 64 bytes)
    (updated dip plugin from uloader 3.2)
    * option: disable_nsmb_patch=[0],1 will disable the builtin nsmb patches
    (in case someone wants to use/test the external .wip patch or .bca data)
    * Enable WiiRD if usb gecko is connected and ocarina is enabled
    even if not codes are found (by Rfrf)
    * Ocarina url fix: /R/ID6 instead of /ID1/ID6 (for SNM*)

    <b>cfg v48 (release)</b>

    full package: <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/Cfg_USB_Loader_48.zip" target="_blank">Cfg_USB_Loader_48.zip</a>
    normal boot.dol: <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg48.dol" target="_blank">cfg48.dol</a>
    -fat boot.dol: <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg48-fat.dol" target="_blank">cfg48-fat.dol</a>
    (or online update)

    Included in the full package is now also the Configurator v48.2, it is located in:


    cfg v48 (release)

    * External ehcmodule improvements (by WiiZ)
    * Fixed titles.txt with custom game ids (proper ID6 lookup)

    cfg v48b2 (beta2)

    * FAT loading speed optimisations
    * Support for 4gb .wbfs files on FAT - fixed the 2gb limit
    * Changed the default split size when installing to 4gb-32kb
    * Option: fat_split_size = [4], 2
    * Benchmark mode with debug = 8 and start or install a game
    * Allow space in profile name, so the names must be separated by a comma (,)
    * Raised max favorites to 100
    * Removed obsolete cover sites: gateflorida.com, awiibit.com
    * Cleanups

    cfg v48b (beta)

    * NSMB NTSC patch
    * Make updating meta.xml optional by pressing button 1 in the
    online update screen to skip it.
    * Specifying titles url allows the use of {CC} tag for the country code.
    changed default: titles_url = <a href="http://wiitdb.com/titles.txt?LANG={CC}" target="_blank">http://wiitdb.com/titles.txt?LANG={CC}</a>
    * Presing button A on global options screen works too (same as right)

    cfg v48a (alpha)

    * Profiles - aka multiple favorite groups
    option: profile_names = [default], name2, name3,...
    (max profiles:10, max profile name length: 16)
    Profiles can be added, removed and reordered with this option.
    But if you want to rename it, you will need to change the profile
    name also in settings.cfg otherwise it will be considered as a new
    name and the old one will be forgotten next time you save settings.
    Profiles can be switched in the global options screen. Changing a
    game favorite setting is done as usual in the game options screen.
    option: profile = name will specify the default profile to use
    saving global settings will also save which profile is used
    * Minor fix to favorites switching in console mode
    * Update /apps/.../meta.xml when downloading an update.
    So that the correct version is visible in HBC
    * Added 'Update titles.txt' to global options screen.
    option: titles_url = [http://wiitdb.com/titles.txt]
    Can be changed to a localized version like this:
    titles_url = <a href="http://wiitdb.com/titles.txt?LANG=FR" target="_blank">http://wiitdb.com/titles.txt?LANG=FR</a>

    <b>cfg v47 (release)</b>
    full package: <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/SDUSB-Loader_cfg47.zip" target="_blank">SDUSB-Loader_cfg47.zip</a>
    dol only: <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg47.dol" target="_blank">cfg47.dol</a> or <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg47-fat.dol" target="_blank">cfg47-fat.dol</a>
    (or online update)

    <pre>cfg v47 (release)
    <!--coloro:#FF0000--><span style="color:#FF0000"><!--/coloro--><b> * Minor coverflow fixes</b><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->
    * Cleanups

    cfg v47b3 (beta3)
    * Support for guitar controller in the loader (by gannon)
    * More banner sound fixes (opening.bnr case)
    * Changed the default value of the option: hide_hddinfo=1 But only for the -fat
    variant, because checking the disc free space on fat takes a few moments.
    * 4GB partition offset fixes
    * Increased the updates list length to 8
    * Minor coverflow fixes

    cfg v47b2 (beta2)
    * NSMB main.dol patch by WiiPower
    * minor coverflow gui fixes

    cfg v47b (beta)
    * GC and classic controller and nunchuk joystick support (by gannon)
    * option: install_partitions = 1:1
    disable scrubbing when installing, except for the last 256kb which are
    stil scrubbed because of the wbfs block size not aligned to wii disc size
    * Fixed banner sounds with games that have upper case OPENING.BNR
    (Thanks to RolloS60 from wiicoverflow)
    * Cleanups

    cfg v47a (alpha)
    * Better compatibility with weird WBFS partition setups:
    - WBFS on RAW disk device, without a partition table
    With such a setup the partition table will look like this:
    P# Size(GB) Type Mount Used
    RAW 500.00 WBFS1 [USED]
    - WBFS on EXTENDED partition. Normally a filesystem should
    reside on either a primary or logical partition, never on
    an extended partition. Extended is just a container of logical
    partitions. However older version allowed this setup and so
    the support for it is back. The partition table will look like:
    P# Size(GB) Type Mount Used
    P#1 500.00 EXTEND/WBFS1 [USED]
    And the loader will also let you fix the partition table by
    pressing 1, which will change the partition type from EXTEND to
    a known data type (0x0b, which is also used for fat)

    <b>cfg v46 (release)</b>
    Full package: <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/SDUSB-Loader_cfg46.zip" target="_blank">SDUSB-Loader_cfg46.zip</a>

    Updated .dol: <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg46.dol" target="_blank">SDUSB-Loader_cfg46.dol</a>
    (or online update)

    Special 222-fat version: <a href="http://cfg-loader.googlecode.com/files/cfg46-fat.dol" target="_blank">SDUSB-Loader_cfg46-fat.dol</a>
    Which is same as 46 but with different default
    options: ios=222-mload partition=FAT1
    (also available in online update)

    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->Changes since 46b:

    * Support for direct launching of games from fat
    ÂÂ (Useful for game channel launching, using loadstructor or similar tool)
    ÂÂ To specify direct loading from fat, the parameter has to be in form: #GAMEID-X
    ÂÂ Where X is 0-3 for wbfs and 4-9 for fat partitions (4 means first fat partition)
    * Automatically switch to ios222 in case ios249 is used for starting games from fat
    * Only allow IOS 222 and 223 in game options if fat partition is selected
    * Improved drawing speed in some coverflow gui modes
    * Cleanups

    Changes since 45:

    cfg v46b (beta)

    * Added option: partition = [WBFS1], ..., WBFS4, FAT1, ..., FAT9, ask
    * Saving global settings will also save current selected partition
    * Increased fat cache size in IOS module
    * Load FAT module in IOS early in case config has:
    ÂÂ ios=222-mload (or ios=223-mload) and partition=FAT*
    ÂÂ So that IOS does not need to be reloaded another time before
    ÂÂ starting the game from a FAT partition
    * Added indication in global options if [FAT] module is loaded in IOS
    * Cleanups

    cfg v46a2 (alpha2)

    * Faster loading of game list from a fat partition - should be instant now.
    ÂÂ The only thing that has a slight delay is showing the hdd free space
    ÂÂ in console mode game list (if it is enabled)
    * Create game info file after installing on a FAT partition named:
    ÂÂ usb:/wbfs/GAMEID_TITLE.txt This makes it easier to tell the titles
    ÂÂ of installed games when using a filesystem explorer
    * Rephrased the warning message when no WBFS partition found
    * Allow to select partition if no wbfs partition is found and disable_format is on.
    * Minor cleanups in partition selection

    cfg v46a (alpha)

    * Loading games from a FAT32 partitions. The game file has to
    ÂÂ be located and named like this: usb:/wbfs/GAMEID.wbfs<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->

    <b>cfg v45 (release)</b>

    <a href="http://sharebee.com/d8700ca5" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/d8700ca5</a>
    (or online update)


    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1--> * full package, no code changes (version only)

    cfg v45b2 (beta2)

    * Fixed multiple WBFS partition support for drives larger than 1TB
    * Fixed "DVD in drive check" by patching the game (thanks giantpune)
    ÂÂ (only if IOS249 before rev12 or IOS222/223)

    cfg v45b (beta)

    * Updated ehcmodule for IOS222-mload from uLoader 3.1
    * Fixed disable_format option
    * Show game info in options screen while scanning for alt.dols
    * More IOS related warning notes: (thanks WiiPower)
    - cIOS before rev14: possible 001 error source on new games (Wii Fit Plus)
    - cIOS before rev13: need a disc in the drive
    - cIOS before rev10: no sd/sdhc support
    - cIOS before rev9: no usb support
    * Changed the default for: download_id_len = [6]
    * Changed IOS order - moved *-yal after *-mload
    * Show version on intro screen
    * Partition selection screen improvements
    * The usual minor cleanups

    cfg v45a (alpha)

    * Multiple WBFS partitions support (from uLoader)
    ÂÂ Limitation: max 4 WBFS partitions on same drive supported by ios 222/223
    * Print game size, dual-layer and wbfs free space in install screen
    * Save gamelist.txt when saving settings in global options screen
    * option: home = hbc will exit to Homebrew Channel (thanks to giantpune)
    ÂÂ (similar to home = exit, but might work better with forwarders)
    * Stability fixes:
    - Corrupted cover images should no longer crash the loader
    - Fixed hdd spin down/up at startup for some drive models (since v43, tnx Narolez)
    - Don't print error if opening.bnr not found
    - mp3 playing stability fixes (fixes stuttering and slowdowns in rare occasions)
    - fixed the few notes of music between banner sound and game start
    - minor cleanups
    * Added CIOS related warning notices: (thanks Clipper)
    - CIOS249 rev13 : unsupported "return to menu" to exit game
    - CIOS249 rev14 : unsupported dual layer (start, install)
    - CIOS249 : unsupported multiple WBFS
    - CIOS222 : unsupported SDHC WBFS
    * New intro screen (by Milcoi)<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->

    <b>cfg v44 (release)</b>

    <a href="http://sharebee.com/283b41c0" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/283b41c0</a>
    (or online update)

    Changes:<!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->Changes since beta:
    * Full package
    * Updated resources/fonts* with unicode and clock fonts
    * Updated titles.txt (from wiitdb.com)
    * Added localized resources/titles-XX.txt (EN, FR, DE, ES, IT, NL, PT)
    * No code changes (only version)

    Changes since 43 release:

    cfg v44b4-6 (beta4-6)
    * Banner sound fixes
    ÂÂ all 3 audio formats are implemented, so the few rare
    ÂÂ games that previously didn't play should work now.
    * Clock font can be changed with font_clock.png
    ÂÂ (either from theme or base dir)

    cfg v44b2 (beta2)
    * Play banner sound in the game start confirmation screen
    * option: clock_style=[24],12,12am,0

    cfg v44b (beta)
    * Updated ehcmodule for CIOS 222/223 rev4 to uloader 3.0C
    * Fixed ios argument from forwarder
    * Option: sort_ignore=A,An,The
    ÂÂ (sort_ignore=0 for old sort method)
    * Show clock in GUI mode if wiimote doesn't point at screen for 5 seconds
    * Skip gui transition at start
    * changed default: gui_text_outline=FF
    * Minor unicode fixes

    cfg v44a (alpha)
    * Improved coverflow gui mode:
    - better transitions between modes and console
    - fluid movement of covers
    * Latin unicode support for titles.txt (EN,ES,FR,DE,PT,IT)
    ÂÂ (not supported: Japanese, Korean or Chinese)
    ÂÂ New font name: font_uni.png (can be created with the Confugrator)
    ÂÂ Localized titles.txt can be downloaded from:
    ÂÂ http://wiitdb.com/titles.txt?LANG=FR
    * parse cmd line for ios=... before ios reload
    ÂÂ (used by forwarders)
    * Changed message for device init error to:
    ÂÂ Make sure USB port 0 is used!
    ÂÂ (The one nearest to the edge)
    * Scale intro to fullscreen in 576i mode<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->

    <b>cfg v43 (release)</b>

    <a href="http://sharebee.com/15f170b3" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/15f170b3</a>
    (or online update)

    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->cfg v43 (release)

    * minor code cleanups

    cfg v43b (beta)

    * Improved antialiasing in coverflow (sharper)
    * Reorganized game options screen:
    - Allow to change saved options
    - Unsaved changes are private per-game, not global
    - Moved alt.dol selection to options menu
    * Minor gui fixes: style switching, screen scale glitch<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->

    CIOS 222 version:
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/3a964040" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/3a964040</a>

    <b>cfg v42c (bugfix)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/d364114f" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/d364114f</a>
    * Fixed green bar when loading game with a different cios (222...)

    <b>cfg v42 (release)</b>

    <a href="http://sharebee.com/f04df01d" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/f04df01d</a>
    (or online update)

    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->Changes since 42 beta2:

    * Fixed scrolling glitch in options screen
    ÂÂ with themes that have small console size
    * Modified intro screen (based on Milcoi design)
    * Moved larger themes to a separate package:
    ÂÂÂÂCfgThemePack1.zip (see below)

    Changes since 41 release:

    cfg v42b2 (beta2)

    * Fixed coverflow antialiasing in PAL 576i (50Hz) mode
    * Fixed occasional flashing in options screen
    * Intro screen (thanks to Milcoi)

    cfg v42b (beta)

    * Antialiasing in CoverFlow GUI modes. (thanks to Hibern)
    ÂÂ Can be tuned with option: gui_antialias = [4] {0-4}
    * cios 222/223 rev4 support:
    - using new dip_plugin and ehcmodule from uloader 3.0B
    - external ehcmodule for rev4 has to be named: ehcmodule4.elf
    - note: rev2&3 modules are still integrated and used appropriately.
    * Changed url tag CC value for portugal/brasil from PO to PT
    * Removed obsolete options: cover_url_*_wide, download_wide
    * Show 6 letter ID in game options screen
    * Better support for custom games in titles.txt - use full 6 letter IDs
    ÂÂ if available, otherwise 4 letter IDs still work same as before.
    ÂÂ Note: 6 letter ID in titles.txt was supported before but just 4 were used.
    * Show a note in the global options screen if there are multiple config.txt
    ÂÂ files used (one in base and another in apps/... dir)
    * Fixed occasional crash with the combination of
    ÂÂ options: video = game, video_patch = all
    * Minor fixes (thanks to wiimm)

    cfg v42a (alpha)

    * Ability to force progressive mode: (from NeoGamma)
    - Split 'patch' video mode to a separate option:
    ÂÂ video_patch = [0], 1, all
    - 'video_patch = all' will force all modes to the selected video mode.
    ÂÂ This will also force progressive / interlaced mode, depending on what
    ÂÂ is configured in wii settings. This can be used for example to force
    ÂÂ progressive mode if the game will otherwise use interlaced mode (MPT)
    - The equivalent of the old video = patch is now:
    ÂÂÂÂ video = system
    ÂÂÂÂ video_patch = 1
    ÂÂ This will patch NTSC -> PAL modes if console is PAL
    ÂÂ and PAL -> NTSC modes if console is NTSC
    ÂÂ This will not change interlaced / progressive mode

    * Allow wiird to work if ocarina is enabled and no codes are found.
    ÂÂ (seems to still not work)<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->
    And the 222 special version:
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/f562eecd" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/f562eecd</a>

    <b>cfg v41 (release)</b>

    <a href="http://sharebee.com/470918c1" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/470918c1</a>
    (or online)

    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->ChangesÂÂsince beta:

    * Fixed minor glitch with resized overlays
    * Increased hide game limit to 500
    * Updated all themes in the package to use overlays
    ÂÂ (while still being backward compatible)
    * New themes included: (all using overlays)
    ÂÂ - NXE_transparent by Blue-K
    ÂÂ - Nature 3D by DonTlaloc
    ÂÂ - Black Cat by Milcoi

    ChangesÂÂsince 40 release:

    * Streamlined steps in game install screen
    * Fixed green screen before starting game (from cloader)

    * Improved theming:

    * Background overlay support
    ÂÂ additional images can be supplied that will be overlaid over the background:
    ÂÂ - bg_overlay.png or bg_overlay_w.png for console background
    ÂÂ - bg_gui_over.png or bg_gui_over_w.png for gui background
    ÂÂ If *_w.png variant is not found then the normal is used.
    ÂÂ New options:
    ÂÂ - background_base
    ÂÂ - wbackground_base
    ÂÂ - background_gui
    ÂÂ - wbackground_gui
    ÂÂ Used to specify the background base over which the overlays are applied.

    * background width can be larger than 640 and will be either
    ÂÂ - scaled if widescreen
    ÂÂ - cropped if not widescreen
    ÂÂ down to 640x480. Note: height must still be 480.

    * Option layout no longer re-sets the covers_size and wcovers_size
    ÂÂ So that a cover_style or [w]cover_size in front of layout works as expected.<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->

    And for the interested: cfg v41 with 222-mload as the default ios:
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/2cc83434" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/2cc83434</a>

    <b>cfg v40 (release)</b>

    <a href="http://sharebee.com/787988eb" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/787988eb</a>
    (or online)

    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->Changes since beta3:

    * Increased timeout for entering password to 30 seconds
    * Renamed option admin_lock to admin_unlock as that better describes
    ÂÂ what it does - it allows you to unlock admin functionality
    * Fixed option unlock_password

    Changes since 39c:

    * uLoader cIOS 222/223 rev3 support
    - both rev2 and rev3 are supported
    - ehcmodule for rev2 is updated to uloader 2.5
    - ehcmodule for rev3 is from uloader 2.8D
    - external ehcmodule for rev2 has to be named: ehcmodule.elf
    - external ehcmodule for rev3 has to be named: ehcmodule3.elf
    * Minor GUI speed optimizations of rendering and cover loading

    * Admin unlock by password

    * Hide games from settings screen<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->
    See README-CFG.TXT for detailed explanation about the admin unlock functionality!
    Or read it in this post: <a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=147638&st=2925&p=2177460&#entry2177460" target="_blank">http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=147...p;#entry2177460</a>

    And a special version the uses ios 222-mload by default:
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/49fd8edd" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/49fd8edd</a>
    This is similar to adding ios=222-mload to config.txt, but doesn't load 249 first.
    Not sure yet if it has some real benefit... but has been requested by zektor so here it is.

    <b>cfg v39c (bugfix)</b>

    * Changed cheats url to: geckocodes.org
    * Fixed SD card access in games
    * GUI page number alignment

    <b>cfg v39 (release)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/4dcc912e" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/4dcc912e</a>
    (or online update)
    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->since beta:
    * Fixed running games from SDHC
    * GUI Text improvments:
    - Fixed gui_text_color=black
    - gui_text_outline and gui_text_shadow accept black and white too
    since v38 release:
    * Improved the covers reflection
    * GUI Text improvments:
    - Moved gui_text_outline and gui_text_shadow to theme section
    - Select the outline color automatically if only alpha specified
    ÂÂ (now AA and 000000AA are different)
    - Added gui_text2_* options for text on darkened background in coverflow mode
    ÂÂ (faded background or reflections)
    - Center title in gridflow modes
    - Adjusted title position in gui for overscan
    - Added option: gui_title_top = [0], 1
    - Fixed sometimes unreadable text
    * Added option: gui_lock = [0], 1
    ÂÂ (locks gui style changes with up/down buttons)
    * Increase max title length in titles.txt to 64
    * url tag CC=ZH For W region game id (Taiwan)<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->

    <b>cfg v38 (release)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/d1135610" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/d1135610</a>
    (or online update)
    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->Changes since beta:
    * Fixed searching for .mp3 files
    * Fine tuned wiimote pointer scrolling in coverflow
    * Bigger default gui font
    * Added options: gui_text_outline=AA gui_text_shadow=AA
    ÂÂ AA is the hexadecimal alpha value or a full color RRGGBBAA
    * Added a better selection of fonts
    * Removed a few old themes (ultimate, stars)
    * Updated titles.txt
    Changes since 37 release:
    * Added WiiMote pointer scrolling in coverflow modes - as you move the pointer towards
    ÂÂ the edge of the screen, the covers automatically move.ÂÂAlso, the movement speed
    ÂÂ increases as the pointer approaches the edge.
    * Added random music playing - all .mp3 or .mod files in the base
    ÂÂ folder will play randomly (sd:/usb-loader by default)
    * Added new parameter (PATH) to the "music" option in config.txt to allow
    ÂÂ any folder to be specified for music playing (e.g. sd:/mp3s or usb:/mp3s)
    * Pause music while installing new games.
    * Changed option: download_cc_pal = [AUTO], EN, FR, DE, AU, ...
    ÂÂ If AUTO is specified, then the code is set depending on the console
    ÂÂ region - if Australia: AU, Brasil: PO else, console language is used.
    ÂÂ This is now the default, but can still be specified as before.
    * Support for msdos and utf8 formatted ocarina TXT files
    * Always mount USB FAT partition, not just when there is no config.txt on SD.
    * Minor cleanups<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->

    <b>cfg v37 (release)</b>

    <a href="http://sharebee.com/4ea4d712" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/4ea4d712</a>
    (or online update)

    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->Changes since beta2:

    * Fixed USB FAT detection on drives larger than 1TB
    ÂÂ (Also FAT detection shold no longer require that the partition is marked active)
    * Fixed covers not showing in favorites mode
    * Minor cleanups

    Changes since 36d:

    * Fixed some issues with the new libfat
    * Display which covers are already present when downloading
    ÂÂ missing covers for a single game.
    * Improved covers loading speed - using new libfat.
    ÂÂ (fixed the issues with usb hdd fat partition in v37ax)
    * Cover downloading improvements: when downloading missing covers,
    ÂÂ it will now check if it's missing for all cover styles not just the current.
    ÂÂ (so that full covers can be easily downloaded, without the need to download everything)
    ÂÂ Also note: pressing RIGHT will download only missing covers, while pressing LEFT will
    ÂÂ force download all covers. This is valid for per-game cover download and for downloading
    ÂÂ covers for all games.
    * Changed WiiMote rotation functionality in coverflow: rotate 90 degrees to flip to the
    ÂÂ back cover and then rotate back up to 0 degrees to flip to the front.
    * Full cover image support in all coverflow gui modes
    ÂÂ - NOTE: Full covers will load in all coverflow modes by default.ÂÂIf no local full cover is found,
    ÂÂÂÂ the 2D flat cover will be used.
    * Full cover download support - choose <Download All Missing Covers> in Global Options to download
    ÂÂ - NOTE: Full covers go in the "usb-loader/covers/full" directory.
    * Added URL tags for full cover downloads.
    * Twist the WiiMote 90 degrees (right or left) while pointing at the screen to flip the center cover
    ÂÂ over to display the back.ÂÂUp on the D-Pad continues to do the same.
    * Mouseover on cover in coverflow mode highlights cover and shows game title.ÂÂPressing A on the
    ÂÂ selected cover will load the game, 1 will go to Game Settings, etc.
    * Visual improvements to cover objects in coverflow mode<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->

    <b>cfg v36d (bugfix)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/3590dbf0" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/3590dbf0</a>
    (or online update)
    * Fixed error when accessing network and after that using IOS 222/223-mload
    * Improved url tag {CC} region detection for: IT, ES and NL
    * Changed default urls to use {ID6} instead of {ID}

    <b>cfg v36c (bugfix)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/73c2e1af" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/73c2e1af</a>
    * Fixed url {CC} tag for US region
    * added option: download_cc_pal = [EN], FR, DE, AU, ...
    The code is used as a replacement for {CC} tag for PAL regions.
    If image is not found with the supplied cc code, download is
    retried with EN code.
    * Changed default urls to wiitdb.com site.

    <b>cfg v36 (release)</b>

    <a href="http://sharebee.com/244fe5c4" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/244fe5c4</a>
    (or online update)

    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->Changes (since 36 beta):

    * Minor cleanups of the Cheat Manager
    ÂÂ Increased limits for cheat codes (per game):
    ÂÂ max 256 cheats, max 1000 total code lines

    * added {CC} tag for urls (Country Code) based on
    ÂÂ game region id expands to one of: EN FR DE JA KO

    Changes (since 35 release):

    cfg v36b (beta)
    * Ocarina TXT (Cheat Code Manager)
    ÂÂ (based on wiicmpnc and wiiflow)

    * Loadstructor support (launch a game directly)
    ÂÂ (either by binary gameid patch or forwarder param)

    * Online update: size check

    cfg v35d (bugfix)
    * Fixed crash after installing a game

    cfg v35c (bugfix)
    * Stability improvements for games that require alt.dol.
    ÂÂFixes freezes and glitches in MOH2, FIFA08 (maybe others as well)<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->

    <b>cfg v35 (release)</b>

    <a href="http://sharebee.com/f058f2d1" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/f058f2d1</a>

    <i>(also available through online update)</i>


    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->Changes (since 35 release candidate):

    * Force video mode fixes
    * Online update: progress indicator, fixed crash, compact display
    * Reduced size of embedded graphics
    * Minor cleanups

    Changes (since 34 release):

    * Integrated Coverflow Gui mode
    ÂÂ - NOTE: This mode renders the game covers in true 3D so 2D (flat) cover images are needed.
    ÂÂÂÂ If "fake" 3D/disk cover images are currently being used (in console or Grid mode), moving to Coverflow
    ÂÂÂÂ will automatically switch to 2D covers and then switch back when leaving.
    ÂÂ - To access Coverflow mode (from console mode) press B and then down several times.
    ÂÂÂÂ Each subsequent Down button press will iterate through each coverflow style.
    ÂÂ - Currently only 2D flat front covers are supported.ÂÂFull cover image (front, spine,
    ÂÂÂÂ back) support will be added in a future release.

    * Added all coverflow modes to gui_style option:
    ÂÂ - coverflow3d coverflow2d frontrow vertical carousel

    * Save global settings:
    - theme
    - device
    - gui style and rows

    * Load Alternative .dol from disc (from NeoGamma by WiiPower)
    * Save selection of alt.dol from disc

    * Online Update

    * Fixed garbaged display when printing out a code dump

    * Increase max favorites to 64

    * Console game list optional marks:
    ÂÂ console_mark_page = [0], 1
    ÂÂ (mark with + on top/bottom of page if list continues)
    ÂÂ console_mark_favorite = [0], 1
    ÂÂ (mark with * in front of favorite game title)
    ÂÂ console_mark_saved = [0], 1
    ÂÂ (mark with # in after game title with saved settings)

    * Fixed =+ with cover_url options

    * Updated cover mirrors urls

    * option: download_all_styles = [1], 0
    ÂÂ Downloading all styles (flat,3d,disc) of covers, or just the current style<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->

    <b>cfg v35rc (release candidate)</b>

    <a href="http://sharebee.com/64d0d449" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/64d0d449</a>
    (available also through online update)

    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1--> * Stability improvements
    * Added all coverflow modes to gui_style option:
    ÂÂ - coverflow3d coverflow2d frontrow vertical carousel
    * Save gui style and rows settings in global options save
    * Online update: improved detection of boot.dol location
    * Fixed garbaged display when printing out a code dump
    * Increase max favorites to 64
    * Updated covers urls to:

    cover_url =ÂÂhttp://www.muntrue.nl/covers/ALL/160/225/boxart/{ID6}.png
    cover_url =+ http://wiitdb.com/wiitdb/artwork/cover/EN/{ID6}.png
    cover_url =+ http://wiitdb.com/wiitdb/artwork/cover/US/{ID6}.png
    cover_url =+ http://wiicover.gateflorida.com/sites/default/files/cover/2D%20Cover/{ID}.png
    cover_url =+ http://boxart.rowdyruff.net/flat/{ID}.png
    cover_url =+ http://awiibit.com/BoxArt160x224/{ID}.png

    cover_url_3d =ÂÂhttp://www.muntrue.nl/covers/ALL/160/225/3D/{ID6}.png
    cover_url_3d =+ http://wiitdb.com/wiitdb/artwork/cover3D/{REGION}3d/{ID6}.png
    cover_url_3d =+ http://wiicover.gateflorida.com/sites/default/files/cover/3D%20Cover/{ID}.png
    cover_url_3d =+ http://boxart.rowdyruff.net/3d/{ID}.png
    cover_url_3d =+ http://awiibit.com/3dBoxArt176x248/{ID}.png

    cover_url_disc =ÂÂhttp://www.muntrue.nl/covers/ALL/160/160/disc/{ID6}.png
    cover_url_disc =+ http://wiitdb.com/wiitdb/artwork/disc/US/{ID6}.png
    cover_url_disc =+ http://wiitdb.com/wiitdb/artwork/disc/EN/{ID6}.png
    cover_url_disc =+ http://wiicover.gateflorida.com/sites/default/files/cover/Disc%20Cover/{ID}.png
    cover_url_disc =+ http://boxart.rowdyruff.net/fulldisc/{ID}.png
    cover_url_disc =+ http://awiibit.com/WiiDiscArt/{ID}.png<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->

    <b>cfg v35b (beta)</b>
    <u><i>available through the online updates</i></u>
    * Save global settings: theme and device
    * Save selected alt.dol from disc
    <i>I will make a web release with a full package tomorrow.
    For now, I'd like to see how does the online update work.</i>

    <b>cfg v35a6 (alpha6)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/3c1886dc" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/3c1886dc</a>
    * Online Updates
    Online Update gives you a list of releases to choose from, so down-grading is possible too.
    * minor fixes

    <b>cfg v35a5 (alpha5)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/e038a5b1" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/e038a5b1</a>
    * Fixed theme switching
    * Stability fixes
    * Disabled console game list markings.
    Can be re-enabled with options:
    console_mark_page = [0], 1
    console_mark_favorite = [0], 1
    console_mark_saved = [0], 1

    <b>cfg v35a4 (alpha4)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/c3097f25" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/c3097f25</a>
    * Disabled ttf font rendering to speed up cover loading and resolve issue when 3D covers get corrupted
    when music is enabled.

    <b>cfg v35a3 (alpha3)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/781fbacf" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/781fbacf</a>
    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->Changes since v35a2:
    * Integrated Coverflow Gui mode
    ÂÂ - NOTE: This mode renders the game covers in true 3D so 2D (flat) cover images are needed.
    ÂÂÂÂ If "fake" 3D/disk cover images are currently being used (in console or Grid mode), moving to Coverflow
    ÂÂÂÂ will automatically switch to 2D covers and then switch back when leaving.
    ÂÂ - To access Coverflow mode (from console mode) press B and then down several times.
    ÂÂÂÂ Each subsequent Down button press will iterate through each coverflow style.
    ÂÂ - Currently only 2D flat front covers are supported.ÂÂFull cover image (front, spine,
    ÂÂÂÂ back) support will be added in a future release.
    * Favorites in console mode are now marked with a '*'
    * Games with saved options are now marked with a '#' in the last column of the console.<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->

    <b>cfg v35a2 (alpha2)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/5440a731" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/5440a731</a>
    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1--> * Fixed =+ with cover_url options
    * option: download_all_styles = [1], 0
    ÂÂ Download all styles (flat,3d,disc) of covers, or just the current style
    * Changed default urls to:
    # flat
    cover_url =
    cover_url =+ http://wiicover.gateflorida.com/sites/default/files/cover/2D%20Cover/{ID}.png
    cover_url =+ http://boxart.rowdyruff.net/flat/{ID}.png
    cover_url =+ http://awiibit.com/BoxArt160x224/{ID}.png
    cover_url =+ http://wiitdb.com/wiitdb/artwork/cover/EN/{ID}.png
    cover_url =+ http://wiitdb.com/wiitdb/artwork/cover/US/{ID}.png
    # 3d
    cover_url_3d =
    cover_url_3d =+ http://wiicover.gateflorida.com/sites/default/files/cover/3D%20Cover/{ID}.png
    cover_url_3d =+ http://boxart.rowdyruff.net/3d/{ID}.png
    cover_url_3d =+ http://awiibit.com/3dBoxArt176x248/{ID}.png
    cover_url_3d =+ http://wiitdb.com/wiitdb/artwork/cover3D/EN/{ID}.png
    cover_url_3d =+ http://wiitdb.com/wiitdb/artwork/cover3D/US/{ID}.png
    # disc
    cover_url_disc =
    cover_url_disc =+ http://wiicover.gateflorida.com/sites/default/files/cover/Disc%20Cover/{ID}.png
    cover_url_disc =+ http://boxart.rowdyruff.net/fulldisc/{ID}.png
    cover_url_disc =+ http://awiibit.com/WiiDiscArt/{ID}.png
    cover_url_disc =+ http://wiitdb.com/wiitdb/artwork/disc/EN/{ID}.png
    cover_url_disc =+ http://wiitdb.com/wiitdb/artwork/disc/US/{ID}.png<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->

    <b>cfg v35a (alpha)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/c77d8d85" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/c77d8d85</a>
    * Load Alternative .dol from disc (from NeoGamma by WiiPower)

    <b>cfg v34 (release)</b>

    <a href="http://sharebee.com/f09619b5" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/f09619b5</a>

    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->Changes since 34 beta:

    * Changed default URLS to sites:
    ÂÂ 1. wiicover.gateflorida.com
    ÂÂ 2. boxart.rowdyruff.net

    * Retry downloading from all available servers if cover not found

    * Multiple URLS can be specified for cover_url_* options
    ÂÂ They can be in the same line separated with space, example:
    ÂÂ cover_url = http://site1.com/{ID}.png http://site2.org/{ID}.png
    ÂÂ Or in multiple lines using =+ to add instead of =, example:
    ÂÂ cover_url = http://site1.com/{ID}.png
    ÂÂ cover_url =+ http://site2.org/{ID}.png
    ÂÂ cover_url =+ http://site3.net/{ID}.png

    * Added another URL tag: {ID} which will try automatically to
    ÂÂ find the correct ID by trying ID6, ID4 and ID3

    * Download all cover styles at the same time: 2d, 3d and disc

    * option: download_id_len = [4], 6
    ÂÂ Specifies the downloaded cover ID length for the saved file name

    * Print info when loading external ehcmodule

    Changes since 33 release:

    * Changed the way cover_url options work:
    - cover_url* are now global instead of theme options.
    - Added per cover style url options:
    ÂÂ cover_url - standard (2d) covers
    ÂÂ cover_url_3d - 3d covers
    ÂÂ cover_url_disc - disc covers
    - Note: These options still work and do the same:
    ÂÂ cover_url_norm, cover_url_3d_norm, cover_url_disc_norm
    - Downloading covers in widescreen mode will no longer download resized
    ÂÂ widescreen covers, instead full covers are downloaded and then resized
    ÂÂ when they are being displayed. In other words, cover_url_*_norm is used
    ÂÂ always instead of cover_url_*_wide in widescreen mode.
    ÂÂ To revert this to previous behaviour, use the option:
    ÂÂ download_wide = [0], 1 Which will use cover_url_*_wide options in widescreen mode:
    ÂÂ cover_url_wide
    ÂÂ cover_url_3d_wide
    ÂÂ cover_url_disc_wide
    - Note: ID_wide.png covers are still used if found in widescreen mode.
    ÂÂ If not found then ID.png is used, same as before.

    * Changed cover_style to not change the cover_url values as was before
    ÂÂ but just selectes the proper url from one of the specified options.

    * Console mode game list improvements:
    ÂÂ - Added '+' indicators if there are more games in up or down directions.
    ÂÂ - Added page indicator
    * Use bg_gui_wide.png for widescreen gui background.
    ÂÂ If not found bg_gui.png is used instead.

    * Themable gui resources: favorite.png, pointer.png, hourglass.png, font.png
    ÂÂ See inSDRoot/usb-loader/resources for example files:
    ÂÂ - favorite0.png - turns off the favorite star
    ÂÂ - favorite32.png - half sized favorite star
    ÂÂ - favorite64.png - full sized favorite star
    ÂÂ Copy one of the above to sd:/usb-loader/favorite.png to change the favorite star.
    * option: start_favorites = [0], 1
    ÂÂ Start with the favorites game list

    * Ocarina codes are now searched in the following directories:
    ÂÂ 1. sd:/usb-loader/codes/
    ÂÂ 2. sd:/data/gecko/codes/
    ÂÂ 3. sd:/codes/

    * Updated ehcmodule to uloader 2.3 (used by ios 222/223-mload)(by Hermes)
    ÂÂ Load external ehcmodule if found in: sd:/usb-loader/ehcmodule.elf

    * Updated Nature theme (by DonTlaloc)<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->

    <b>cfg v34b (beta)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/23af9901" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/23af9901</a>
    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1--> * Changed the default urls from theotherzone.com to wiiboxart.com
    ÂÂ although, automatic downloading of covers from that site now requires payment,
    ÂÂ which also requires changing of URL to include /USERNAME/PASSWORD/

    * Changed the way cover_url options work:
    - cover_url* are now global instead of theme options.
    - Added per cover style url options:
    ÂÂ cover_url - standard (2d) covers
    ÂÂ cover_url_3d - 3d covers
    ÂÂ cover_url_disc - disc covers
    - Note: These options still work and do the same:
    ÂÂ cover_url_norm, cover_url_3d_norm, cover_url_disc_norm
    - Downloading covers in widescreen mode will no longer download resized
    ÂÂ widescreen covers, instead full covers are downloaded and then resized
    ÂÂ when they are being displayed. In other words, cover_url_*_norm is used
    ÂÂ always instead of cover_url_*_wide in widescreen mode.
    ÂÂ To revert this to previous behaviour, use the option:
    ÂÂ download_wide = [0], 1 Which will use cover_url_*_wide options in widescreen mode:
    ÂÂ cover_url_wide
    ÂÂ cover_url_3d_wide
    ÂÂ cover_url_disc_wide
    - Note: ID_wide.png covers are still used if found in widescreen mode.
    ÂÂ If not found then ID.png is used, same as before.

    * Changed cover_style to not change the cover_url values as was before
    ÂÂ but just selectes the proper url from one of the specified options.

    * Console mode game list improvements:
    ÂÂ - Added '+' indicators if there are more games in up or down directions.
    ÂÂ - Added page indicator
    * Use bg_gui_wide.png for widescreen gui background.
    ÂÂ If not found bg_gui.png is used instead.

    * Themable gui resources: favorite.png, pointer.png, hourglass.png, font.png
    ÂÂ See inSDRoot/usb-loader/resources for example files:
    ÂÂ - favorite0.png - turns off the favorite star
    ÂÂ - favorite32.png - half sized favorite star
    ÂÂ - favorite64.png - full sized favorite star
    ÂÂ Copy one of the above to sd:/usb-loader/favorite.png to change the favorite star.
    * option: start_favorites = [0], 1
    ÂÂ Start with the favorites game list

    * Ocarina codes are now searched in the following directories:
    ÂÂ 1. sd:/usb-loader/codes/
    ÂÂ 2. sd:/data/gecko/codes/
    ÂÂ 3. sd:/codes/

    * Updated ehcmodule to uloader 2.3 (used by ios 222/223-mload)(by Hermes)
    ÂÂ Load external ehcmodule if found in: sd:/usb-loader/ehcmodule.elf

    * Updated Nature theme (by DonTlaloc)<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->

    <b>cfg v33 (release)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/3bf7851e" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/3bf7851e</a>
    since last 33beta3:
    - When switching favorites in gui mode, move to start of the game list
    since 32 release:
    - Favorite Games <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wub.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":wub:" border="0" alt="wub.gif" />
    Favorite game is marked in the game options screen. To switch between
    all games and favorite games, press 2 in either gui or console mode.
    - Fixed game: Wii Sports Resort
    (by disabling "Sam & Max" fix, which was not working properly anyway)
    - Split game and global options screens
    - More memory for alt.dol - higher loader start address (same as v32t1)
    - Possible alt.dol stability improvement (bss init)
    - If the loader is started from usb drive (fat partition) it will look
    for the configuration first on the usb drive and if not found on sd card.
    - Properly renamed "002 fix" to "Anti 002 fix" in game options screen
    - Fixed crash if ocarina is enabled and MK is started

    <b>cfg v33b3 (beta3)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/99347cf7" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/99347cf7</a>
    - Disabled "Sam & Max" fix
    Since it's not working properly and it might help Sports Resort.

    <b>cfg v33b2 (beta2)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/bcd52260" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/bcd52260</a>
    - fixed ocarina

    <b>cfg v33b (beta)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/c0d812ce" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/c0d812ce</a>
    - Favorite Games <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wub.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":wub:" border="0" alt="wub.gif" />
    Favorite game is marked in the game options screen.
    To switch between all games and favorite games, press 2 in either gui or console mode.
    - Split game and global options screens
    - More memory for alt.dol - higher loader start address (same as v32t1)
    - Possible alt.dol stability improvement (bss init)
    - If the loader is started from usb drive (fat partition) it will look
    for the configuration first on the usb drive and if not found on sd card.
    - Properly renamed "002 fix" to "Anti 002 fix" in game options screen
    - Fixed crash if ocarina is enabled and MK is started

    <b>cfg v32 (release)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/70d0edc4" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/70d0edc4</a>
    Source: <a href="http://sharebee.com/c4c9dbe0" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/c4c9dbe0</a>
    Since last beta2:
    - New default theme: BlueMatrix (by Narolez)
    - New HBC icon (by Matriculated)
    Since last release 31c:
    - fix for alt.dol out of memory issues
    - 002 fix option (002b variant)
    - Updated ios222/223-mload ehci module and dip plugin to uLoader 2.1 version
    - Split VIDTV option from video modes
    - new game compatibility options:
    vidtv = [0], 1
    fix_002 = [0], 1
    block_ios_reload = [0], 1
    alt_dol = [0], 1
    - Remeber saved settings for the above game options
    - Alternative .dol loading option (from NeoGamma by WiiPower)
    Loaded from loader base dir GAMEID.dol (4 letter ID)
    [ default: sd:/usb-loader/GAMEID.dol ]
    - Sam & Max fix (by WiiPower) (not working)
    - Updated ios22[23]-mload ehci module from uLoader 2.0
    - Init wpad after ios reload, so that confirm_ocarina doesn't hang
    - Block IOS Reload option
    (works only with IOS 222-mload or 223-mload)

    <b>cfg v32b2 (beta2)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/8a4becd6" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/8a4becd6</a>
    - fix for alt.dol out of memory issues

    <b>cfg v32b (beta)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/b21dcff3" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/b21dcff3</a>
    - 002 fix option (002b variant)
    - Updated ios222/223-mload ehci module and dip plugin to uLoader 2.1 version
    - Split VIDTV option from video modes
    - new game compatibility options:
    vidtv = [0], 1
    fix_002 = [0], 1
    block_ios_reload = [0], 1
    alt_dol = [0], 1
    - Remeber saved settings for the above game options

    <b>cfg v32a2 (alpha2)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/463045b8" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/463045b8</a>
    - Alternative .dol loading option (from NeoGamma by WiiPower)
    Loaded from loader base dir GAMEID.dol (4 letter ID)
    [ default: sd:/usb-loader/GAMEID.dol ]
    - Sam & Max fix (by WiiPower)
    - Updated ios22[23]-mload ehci module from uLoader 2.0
    - Init wpad after ios reload, so that confirm_ocarina doesn't hang

    <b>cfg v32a1 (alpha1)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/ea1fe61c" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/ea1fe61c</a>
    - Block IOS Reload option
    (works only with IOS 222-mload or 223-mload)
    (required for house of the dead 2 to work)

    <b>cfg v31c (bug fixes / minor improvements)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/ec8dd992" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/ec8dd992</a>
    - cIOS 249 rev13 - 002 fix (by WiiPower)
    - Fixed: power off button in GUI mode
    - Fixed: gui style no longer resets when switching to console and back to gui
    - option gui=start will switch to gui directly after device init, without first displaying the game list in console mode
    - print IOS version and revision in device selection menu

    <b>cfg v31 (release)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/b003d644" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/b003d644</a>
    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1--> - option: gui_style = [grid], flow, flow-z
    ÂÂ Set the default GUI style

    - option: gui_rows = [2] (Valid values: 1-4)
    ÂÂ Set the default number of rows in GUI mode

    - gui_text_color = [black], white, HEX
    ÂÂ Set the text color in GUI mode
    ÂÂ Note: to use a color other than a black or white, it has to be
    ÂÂ represented as a HEX value with the following components: RRGGBBAA
    ÂÂ RR=red, GG=green, BB=blue, AA=alpha
    ÂÂ Example: red = FF0000FF, blue = 00FF00FF, yellow = 00FFFFFF

    - Return directly back to GUI mode if any action is started from GUI mode
    ÂÂ Also return to GUI if the action is canceled.
    ÂÂ Action refers to one of: install, remove, options, run game

    - Re-enabled buttons=options_B
    ÂÂ If options_B is used then GUI mode switching is done with button 1

    - Changed option covers_path to global instead of theme option
    ÂÂ In addition the following options are added:
    ÂÂ option: covers_path_2d
    ÂÂ option: covers_path_3d
    ÂÂ option: covers_path_disc
    ÂÂ cover_style will then select which of the above paths is used
    ÂÂ Changing covers_path will change all covers_path_* like this:
    ÂÂ covers_path_2d = covers_path
    ÂÂ covers_path_3d = covers_path/3d
    ÂÂ covers_path_disc = covers_path/disc
    ÂÂ If you need fine controll on the 2d/3d/disc paths use the
    ÂÂ covers_path_* after covers_path.

    - Per-game save settings: country_patch, ios<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->

    <b>cfg v31b2 (beta2)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/d55bb9e7" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/d55bb9e7</a>
    - GUI: New style: "flow-z" (aka Cool Iris)
    - Country Patch for better compatibility with some games (by WiiPower)
    (for Punch Out & EA Sports on JPN consoles, ...)
    Settings menu option: "Country Patch"
    config option: contry_patch = [0], 1
    - Fixes to IOS 222-mload/223-mload
    (fixed occasional hang at start when ios was set in config.txt)
    - Hide uLoader's CFG entry (hide_game=__CF) in default config.txt
    - Updated titles.txt
    - Updated Wolf_3D theme gui background

    <b>cfg v31b: (beta)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/b5f0e7de" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/b5f0e7de</a>
    - GUI: New style: "grid flow"
    To change gui style mode use button up when in 4 rows mode
    or button down when in 1 row mode
    - GUI: Animated transition between rows change and style change
    - Fixes to IOS 222-mload/223-mload
    - If custom IOS is specified, load it before storage device init
    - Added game loading progress indication when using custom IOS

    <b>cfg v31aa: (alpha2)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/15c2c5eb" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/15c2c5eb</a>
    - fix for ios 222-mload, 223-mload

    <b>cfg v31a: (alpha)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/02717c0c" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/02717c0c</a>
    - Support USB drive with a FAT partition for configuration and covers
    (If config.txt is not found on SD, then uses USB FAT partition)
    - Support for kwiirk and hermes cIOS 222
    option: ios = [249], 222-yal, 222-mload, 223-yal, 223-mload, 250
    Note: 222-yal is for kwiirk's cIOS
    Note: 222-mload is for Hermes's cIOS
    - Added IOS selection to options screen
    - GUI Mode screenshot enabled with option: home = screenshot
    - GUI: added fade transition effect from console
    - option: gui_transition = [scroll], fade
    Set GUI transition effect between console and gui mode
    - GUI: animated transition when changing number of rows
    - minor GUI fixes

    <b>cfg v30: (release)</b>
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/8b871597" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/8b871597</a>
    - Fixed crash when switching theme after gui mode
    - Other minor GUI fixes

    cfg v30b: (beta)
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/7c88b04e" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/7c88b04e</a>
    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1--> - GUI Mode (beta)
    ÂÂ By default console mode is started.
    ÂÂ To switch to GUI mode, press B in main screen.
    ÂÂ While in GUI mode, the following buttons are used:
    ÂÂÂÂ button A : start selected game
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ button B : return to console mode
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ button LEFT/RIGHT : previous/next page
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ button UP/DOWN : switch number of rows (1-3)
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ button 1, +, - : options, install, remove
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ button HOME : exit
    ÂÂ The background image in GUI mode can be changed with the file:
    ÂÂÂÂ sd:/usb-loader/themes/Theme_Name/bg_gui.pngÂÂor
    ÂÂÂÂ sd:/usb-loader/bg_gui.png
    - option: gui = [1], 0, start
    ÂÂ Enable or disable GUI mode.
    ÂÂ Using gui = start will start directly in GUI mode when loader is started.
    - Start music only after usb hdd device is opened, to avoid stuttering
    ÂÂ while initializing the usb device.
    - Other minor fixes
    - fixed crash when using some forwarders<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->

    cfg v29d:
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/ee43a588" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/ee43a588</a>
    source: <a href="http://sharebee.com/aa5fcb32" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/aa5fcb32</a>
    - Fixed option: hide_game=...

    cfg v29c:
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/d7a0bafd" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/d7a0bafd</a>
    - Fixed minor glitch in 576i mode

    cfg v29:
    - Theme support (See README-CFG.txt for details on how to create themes)
    - option: theme = Theme_Name
    Load a specified theme from sd:/usb-loader/themes/Theme_Name/theme.txt
    - Runtime theme change from the options menu
    - Fixed mp3 stuttering
    - Now mp3 plays fine also while installing a new game.
    - Faster loading of game covers and scrolling through the game list
    - Now it works fast also with large (1000+) collection of covers in same directory
    - Fixed: searching for music.mp3 if base directory is not sd:/usb-loader
    - removed obsolete option: buttons=ultimate

    cfg v29b: (beta)
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/e9b93d0c" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/e9b93d0c</a>
    - Theme support (See README-CFG.txt for details on how to create themes)
    - option: theme = Theme_Name
    Load a specified theme from sd:/usb-loader/themes/Theme_Name/theme.txt
    - Runtime theme change from the options menu
    - removed obsolete option: buttons=ultimate

    cfg v29a: (alpha)
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/680ff723" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/680ff723</a>
    - Fixed mp3 stuttering
    - Now mp3 plays fine also while installing a new game.
    - Faster loading of game covers and scrolling through the game list
    - Now it works fast also with large (1000+) collection of covers in same directory
    - Fixed: searching for music.mp3 if base directory is not sd:/usb-loader

    cfg v28:
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/a1618f6d" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/a1618f6d</a>
    - Screenshot is saved to screenshot[1..99].png - the first which doesn't exist.
    - More flexible base path - it will search for config.txt in:
    sd:/usb-loader/, sd:/USBLoader/ and app dir which by default
    is: sd:/apps/USBLoader, but can be something else if started with
    homebrew channel from a different location, for example: sd:/apps/my_usb_loader/
    The location where config.txt is first found is then used as a base for all other
    files such as: titles.txt, settings.cfg, music, backgrounds, covers and screenshots.
    Note1: the config.txt and titles.txt in appdir will be read in addition even
    if the base path is one of the global paths like sd:/usb-loader.
    Note2: background and covers paths can still be set to any path
    using appropriate config options.
    - option: cursor = ">>"
    Changes cursor shape, at max 2 characters are used. Can be empty.
    If you want spaces, so that the menu is not shifted use quotes
    like this: cursor = " "
    - option: menu_plus = "[+] "
    Changes the [+] mark in the main, options and start menu.
    At max 4 characters are used.

    cfg v27:
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/b5e3f018" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/b5e3f018</a>
    NOTE: copy SDUSB-Loader_cfg27.dol to inSDroot/apps/USBLoader/boot.dol
    as I forgot to do it in this release. boot.dol is from version 26.
    - Clear button status before formatting, so it always asks for confirmation
    - Allow to exit from device menu with button B, if device has already been
    selected previously
    - Fixed crash on device retry-on-failure timeout (no ios reload)
    - option: ios = [249], 222

    cfg v26:
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/50fae425" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/50fae425</a>
    - Fixed PNG transparency
    - Clear button status after install, so it always asks for confirmation

    cfg v25:
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/53d50e92" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/53d50e92</a>
    - Automatic resize of covers (4:3 -> wide) if wide cover not found.
    It can actually resize any size to specified size with options:
    covers_size = width, height
    default: covers_size = 160, 225
    wcovers_size = width, height
    default: wcovers_size = 130, 225
    used for widescreen setting. If not set it will use the covers_size
    and properly scaling it to widescreen size.
    With these changes in place the loader is now compatible with
    the 3d cover pack by NeoRame:
    <a href="http://rs777.rapidshare.com/files/227304261/3D_Cover_Update_29_April_2009.rar" target="_blank">http://rs777.rapidshare.com/files/22730426..._April_2009.rar</a>
    - The supplied noimage.png images in covers/3d and covers/disc
    now use transparency (tnx narolez)

    cfg v24:
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/645cc418" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/645cc418</a>
    - Support transparent PNG for covers (used by 3d and disc covers)
    - Changed builtin background and nocover images to match the default provided inSDroot.
    - Changed default layout to large3 (to match builtin background)

    cfg v23:
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/96dff67b" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/96dff67b</a>
    - Game compatibility fixes:
    - Fixed harvest moon & nunchuck problem
    - Added video mode: VIDTV
    (It was previously enabled by default, but is not compatible with all games
    so it is now a separate mode. Select it in game options / video mode.
    Required for Japanese and maybe some other games)
    - Fixed network problems in games when downloading covers from loader.
    - Restart music if it was stopped by usb device retry on failure

    cfg v22:
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/beb01b5b" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/beb01b5b</a>
    - option: console_transparent = [0], 1
    Enable transparent console.
    - Auto repeat Up and Down movement if button is held
    - Allow re-download of a cover if it exists
    - Added layout=kosaic

    cfg v21:
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/d859fabd" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/d859fabd</a>
    - Fixed downloading of NTSC covers.
    - Check if downloaded file is a valid PNG
    - Check for a valid HTTP status of downloaded file
    - New set of noimage.png for 3d and disc covers (tnx Narolez)
    - Clear console on init (Narolez)
    - option: home = screenshot
    make a screenshot when home button is pressed (only in main and options screens)
    - option: confirm_ocarina = [0], 1
    - option: cursor_jump = [0] or N
    Sets how much moves left/right (if 0 do a end page / next page jump)

    cfg v20:
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/aa9fac11" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/aa9fac11</a>
    - Added option to 'Download All Missing Covers' in the options menu.
    If selected with dpad-right, only missing covers will be donwloaded
    If selected with dpad-left, ALL covers of installed games will be downloaded
    - Support for 3d covers and disc covers
    option: cover_style = [standard], 3d, disc
    This option also changes the cover_url, covers_path and cover_size
    covers_path will be set to:
    standard: sd:/usb-loader/covers
    3d: sd:/usb-loader/covers/3d
    disc: sd:/usb-loader/covers/disc
    - New set of backgrounds suitable for 3d covers
    - Custom urls.
    URL can contain any of the following tags which are then replaced
    with proper values: {REGION}, {WIDTH}, {HEIGHT}, {ID6}, {ID4}, {ID3}
    option: cover_url_norm = URL (url for normal 4:3 covers)
    default: cover_url_norm = <a href="http://www.theotherzone.com/wii/{REGION}/{ID6}.png" target="_blank">http://www.theotherzone.com/wii/{REGION}/{ID6}.png</a>
    option: cover_url_wide = URL (url for widescreen covers)
    default: cover_url_wide = <a href="http://www.theotherzone.com/wii/widescreen/{REGION}/{ID6}.png" target="_blank">http://www.theotherzone.com/wii/widescreen...GION}/{ID6}.png</a>
    option: cover_url = URL (This changes the url for both normal and widescreen covers)
    - Debugging can be enabled with option: debug=1
    It will also show some music related info

    cfg v19:
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/39062576" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/39062576</a>
    - Fixed music stuttering
    - Fixed mp3 loop crash

    cfg v18:
    <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/file/t45tjzmfmzi/SDUSB-Loader_cfg18.zip" target="_blank">http://www.mediafire.com/file/t45tjzmfmzi/...oader_cfg18.zip</a>
    - Improved USB and SD retry initialize on fail (tnx: Narolez)
    - Improved mp3 loading
    - Added support for mod files as background music
    - option: music = [1], 0, filename
    option music will now accept a filename (.mp3 or .mod) which
    can be relative to sd:/usb-loader or an absolute pathname
    if option is set to: music = 1 then it will search for music.mp3
    or music.mod whichever is found first in sd:/usb-loader

    cfg v17:
    <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/file/wn0qrkyo0le/SDUSB-Loader_cfg17.zip" target="_blank">http://www.mediafire.com/file/wn0qrkyo0le/...oader_cfg17.zip</a>
    - Eject DVD after install is complete if button A is pressed

    - option: hide_game = [0], GAMEID1, GAMEID2, ...
    Hide games from list (can be used for parental control)
    Multiple games can be specified in one line separated by comma ","
    or each game in a separate hide_game = GAMEID line.
    setting hide_game = 0 will reset the hide list.
    GAMEID is a 4 letter game ID.
    Example: hide_game = RZZP, RDCP

    - option: pref_game = [0], GAMEID1, GAMEID2, ...
    Preffered games, to be shown first in the list.
    Syntax is same as with hide_game.
    Example: pref_game = RHAP, RSSP

    - Show number of games after hdd info

    cfg v16:
    <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/file/ryj1jo2w32d/SDUSB-Loader_cfg16.zip" target="_blank">http://www.mediafire.com/file/ryj1jo2w32d/...oader_cfg16.zip</a>
    - fixed music sometimes not working
    - widescreen support
    option: widescreen=[auto], 0, 1
    If widescreen is enabled (or autodetected) then the following options are used:
    option: wbackground=filename.png
    option: wconsole_coords=x,y,w,h
    option: wcovers_coords=x,y
    Note 1: widescreen will be enabled only if the file specified by wbackground
    is found, otherwise it will fall back to normal mode.
    Note 2: cover images have to be named GAMEID_wide.png
    downloading covers will save them with this name automatically.
    Note 3: some layouts will specify widescreen cooridinates automatically
    like: large3 and ultimate3, so there is no need to specify them manually,
    if one of these layouts are used.

    cfg v15:
    <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/file/ydmuujdmyjm/SDUSB-Loader_cfg15.zip" target="_blank">http://www.mediafire.com/file/ydmuujdmyjm/...oader_cfg15.zip</a>
    - Added Force PAL50, PAL60, NTSC video modes (tnx Narolez)
    option: video=pal50, pal60, ntsc
    - Light up DVD slot when install finished (Dteyn/Bool)
    - BETA: mp3 background music - plays a sd:/usb-loader/music.mp3 if found.
    NOTE: sometimes the audio stutters, not sure how to fix it
    Can be disabled with option: music=0

    cfg v14:
    <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/file/qmnhmziunzt/SDUSB-Loader_cfg14.zip" target="_blank">http://www.mediafire.com/file/qmnhmziunzt/...oader_cfg14.zip</a>
    - Colored console text:
    option: colors=[dark], light, mono
    will select a prefedines set of colors for a dark or light background
    or normal 2 color text if mono is specified
    Individual text colors can be specified with options:
    color_header, color_selected_fg, color_selected_bg,
    color_inactive, color_footer, color_help
    - Fixed individual disable_xxx settings. (tnx. Narolez)

    cfg v13:
    <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/file/huiznovvlam/SDUSB-Loader_cfg13.zip" target="_blank">http://www.mediafire.com/file/huiznovvlam/...oader_cfg13.zip</a>
    - Support running games from a SD/SDHC Card with a WBFS and FAT32 partition.
    So you can have the loader, covers, background and other configuration files
    on the FAT partition and games on WBFS parition.
    Note: this worked in waninkoko original 1.4 but seems broken in 1.5.
    - Minor fixes to download covers from internet (tnx: Don Killah)
    - Fixed simple=1 option

    cfg v12:
    <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/file/mtelz1zwjvt/SDUSB-Loader_cfg12.zip" target="_blank">http://www.mediafire.com/file/mtelz1zwjvt/...oader_cfg12.zip</a>
    - fine granularity of simple options:
    added options: disable_remove, disable_install, disable_options, disable_format
    by default none of this is set.
    setting simple=1 will change all of these disable_xxx options and
    hide_hddinfo and hide_footer to 1 and confirm_start to 0.
    setting simple=0 will do the opposite.
    any of the disable_xxx, hide_xxx and confirm_start options can be set individually.
    - allow absolute paths for background (like sd:/somedir/myimage.png)
    if the specified background is not an absolute path it is searched
    in default directory (sd:/usb-loader)
    - option: install_partitions = [all], only_game
    - minor stuff: background version, fixed default apps/USBLoader/config.txt

    cfg v11:
    <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/file/twmiwiwymyi/SDUSB-Loader_cfg11.zip" target="_blank">http://www.mediafire.com/file/twmiwiwymyi/...oader_cfg11.zip</a>
    - <b>Rebase code to waninkoko SDUSB Loader 1.5</b>

    cfg v10:
    <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/file/zzw2mdndzmj/SDUSB-Loader_cfg10.zip" target="_blank">http://www.mediafire.com/file/zzw2mdndzmj/...oader_cfg10.zip</a>
    - load game covers from the options menu (by hungyip84/forsaken)
    - fixed Japan (and other regions) games (tnx: Narolez)
    - support for covers with 4 letter ID like: RHAP.png
    (6 letter ID file names like: RHAP01.png are of course still supported, so whichever is found is used.)
    Covers that are downloaded from the options menu will be automatically saved
    to a file with 4 letter ID instead of 6.

    cfg v9:
    <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/file/jtozzuzrwzu/SDUSB-Loader_cfg9.zip" target="_blank">http://www.mediafire.com/file/jtozzuzrwzu/...Loader_cfg9.zip</a>
    - new set of backgrounds to match the new buttons=options mode
    - option: layout=large3 to match the new backgrounds
    - automatically set number of entries per page
    and number of characters from the console size
    - buttons=options_B for alternative button layout (press B to enter options menu)
    - option: layout=ultimate3 to match WiiShiza backgrounds from ultimate V 3-7
    note: ultimate 7 background use in combination with buttons=options_B
    - options to control the look of main menu:
    option: hide_header = [0],1
    option: hide_hddinfo = [0],1
    option: hide_hfooter = [0],1
    - included titles.txt from: <a href="http://wiki.gbatemp.net/wiki/index.php/USB_Loader_titles.txt" target="_blank">http://wiki.gbatemp.net/wiki/index.php/USB_Loader_titles.txt</a>
    - cleaned up the sample config files to match the sample backgrounds
    - remove confirmation for Ocarina, since it is configurable
    - fixed display of titles longer than console
    - fixed a crash with odd x coordinates
    - other minor fixes

    cfg v8:
    <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/file/mzzzmlygzx5/SDUSB-Loader_cfg8.zip" target="_blank">http://www.mediafire.com/file/mzzzmlygzx5/...Loader_cfg8.zip</a>
    * Options menu, which lets you edit and save game options. Controls:
    - button 1 - enter options menu
    - direction buttons - select and change options
    - button 2 - save/discard game options
    * option: device=[ask], usb, sdhc
    * option: confirm_start=[1], 0
    * option: buttons=[options], original, ultimate

    cfg v7:
    <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/file/qmy2n3dtzzh/SDUSB-Loader_cfg7.zip" target="_blank">http://www.mediafire.com/file/qmy2n3dtzzh/...Loader_cfg7.zip</a>
    - Added per-game saved settings (video, language, ocarina)
    Per-game settings can be saved/forgotten in the start game screen with button 2.
    The settings are saved to sd:/usb-loader/settings.cfg

    cfg v6:
    <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/file/enmyoyinudt/SDUSB-Loader_cfg6.zip" target="_blank">http://www.mediafire.com/file/enmyoyinudt/...Loader_cfg6.zip</a>
    - Support for runtime editing of video, language and ocarina options.
    To enable this, use option: buttons=ultimate
    - option: buttons=[original], ultimate (change button controls layout.)
    The button layout "ultimate" is:
    BUTTON 1 - force video option
    BUTTON 2 - ocarina option
    BUTTON B - language option

    cfg v5:
    <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/file/vytihxfyngh/SDUSB-Loader_cfg5.zip" target="_blank">http://www.mediafire.com/file/vytihxfyngh/...Loader_cfg5.zip</a>
    - merge changes from hungyip84 Ultimate V6:
    - language selection (config option: language=...)
    - video modes (config option: video=system, game, patch)

    UPDATE: some of the configurable options from this loader have been included in the ultimate edition:
    <a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=147085" target="_blank">http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=147085</a>

    <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/file/gl0yyn5oxaj/SDUSB-Loader_cfg4.zip" target="_blank">http://www.mediafire.com/file/gl0yyn5oxaj/...Loader_cfg4.zip</a>
    - <b>Rebase code to waninkoko SDUSB Loader 1.4</b>

    <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/file/i0yzm4wowqg/SDUSB-Loader_cfg3.zip" target="_blank">http://www.mediafire.com/file/i0yzm4wowqg/...Loader_cfg3.zip</a>
    - <b>Rebase code to waninkoko SDUSB Loader 1.3</b>
    - In case you don't need SDHC support - just USB, you can keep using cios r9
    standard SD mode for background and cover access still works with cios r9
    (waninkoko's requires new cios r10 with SDHC support)
    if cios r10 is installed the SDHC mode is enabled.
    - <b>changed default base path from sd:/USBLoader to sd:/usb-loader</b>
    so it uses the same path as waninkoko.
    (If new path is not found, it reverts to the old one)
    - fix ocarina path
    - fix loading config from HBC app dir (/app/usbloader_cfg/config.txt)
    - option: console_entries=N (number of shown games in list)
    - option: layout=original2 (waninkoko 1.2-1.3)

    <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/file/crgdmm0o4nn/USBLoader_cfg2.zip" target="_blank">http://www.mediafire.com/file/crgdmm0o4nn/USBLoader_cfg2.zip</a>
    - option: layout=large2 matches usptactical cover coordinates
    - option: layout=ultimate1 (WiiShizza)
    - option: layout=ultimate2 (jservs7 / hungyip84)
    - option: console_coords=x,y,width,height
    - option: console_color=foreground,background (color values: 0-15)
    - option: covers_coords=x,y
    - option: covers_path=path
    - show noimage.png if cover missing
    - sd bug fix (56Killer)

    <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/file/ym5njyzzlnj/USBLoader_cfg1.zip" target="_blank">http://www.mediafire.com/file/ym5njyzzlnj/USBLoader_cfg1.zip</a>
    Note: This version is based on nIxx mod (USBLoader1.1ssorgmod+cover).
    But I will try to merge all different versions into a single one, with all options configurable.
    At the moment it includes:
    - Sorg mod1.02 (Sorg)
    - Ocarina (fishears)
    - Covers (usptactical)
    - Video Force (auto/ntsc/pal)
    - Simple / childproof
    - Config, Title rename (oggzee)
    - Layouts: original, 17 lines, 21 lines

    OLD Channels:

    <a href='index.php?act=findpost&pid=3386889'>details (check if there's a new version)</a>
    <a href="http://forwarder.fo.funpic.de/USBLoaderCFG%20-%20UCXF%20-%20IOS58%20v8.wad" target="_blank">USBLoaderCFG - UCXF - IOS58 v8.wad</a>
    <a href="http://forwarder.fo.funpic.de/USBLoaderCFG%20-%20UCXF%20-%20IOS58%20v8%20Alternative.wad" target="_blank">USBLoaderCFG - UCXF - IOS58 v8 Alternative.wad</a> (Now using the animated icon)
    <a href="http://forwarder.fo.funpic.de/USBLoaderCFG%20-%20UCXF%20-%20IOS58%20v8%20dol.7z" target="_blank">USBLoaderCFG - UCXF - IOS58 v8 dol.7z</a>
    by FIX94: supports ios58 for usb2 based on WiiMC forwarder / NForwarder58 / WiiXplorer forwarder + meta.xml support by oggzee

    Priiloader compatible Forwarder (by baduncle): <a href="http://priiloader.baduncles.de/forwarder/" target="_blank">http://priiloader.baduncles.de/forwarder/</a>

    Forwarder: <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/?2zzmdyjt0nz" target="_blank">CFG USB Loader - DCFG</a>
    Hybrid Channel (cfg v56a): <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/?zwz2mne2yng" target="_blank">CFG USB Loader ID - DCFG</a>
    Both by pepx. For more info see his: <a href='index.php?act=findpost&pid=2420653'>post</a>

    USBLoaderCFG_NForwarder (by Narolez)
    Forwarder DOL and WAD for Configurable USB Loader with passing cIOS arguments: < <a href="http://cloud.github.com/downloads/Narolez/NForwarder/USBLoaderCFG_NForwarder.zip" target="_blank">http://cloud.github.com/downloads/Narolez/..._NForwarder.zip</a> >
    For more information read the readme. <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=";)" border="0" alt="wink.gif" />

    (Universal) Forwarder Channel: (by Narolez)
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/a17e6c12" target="_blank">USBLoaderCFG_Forwarder-R3.rar</a>
    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->USBLoaderCFG_Forwarder-UCXF.wad
    ÂÂ- ID: UCXF
    ÂÂ- Region Free
    ÂÂ- Trying to load CFG USB Loader from different paths, the load order is:
    ÂÂÂÂ1. sd:/apps/usbloader_cfg/boot.dol
    ÂÂÂÂ2. sd:/apps/usbloader/boot.dol
    ÂÂÂÂ3. usb:/apps/usbloader_cfg/boot.dol
    ÂÂÂÂ4. usb:/apps/usbloader/boot.dol<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->
    Readme and forwarder dol for Preloader are included ...

    <b>Configurable USB Loader "Hybrid Channel" v44</b>: (by Zektor & Narolez)
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/bd5dc1d6" target="_blank">SDUSB-Loader_cfg44_Hybrid.rar</a>
    This is a combination of a full channel and a forwarder - if the boot.dol is found it acts as a forwarder otherwise it's a full channel. See included README-HYBRID.txt for details.

    <b>Full Channel</b> v40 (by zektor)
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/5389d21c" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/5389d21c</a>
    more info: <a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=147638&st=2925&p=2177574&#entry2177574" target="_blank">http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=147...p;#entry2177574</a>

    <b>Forwarder Channels </b>[Matrix themed]: (by Narolez)
    <a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=147638&st=1170&p=2055383&#entry2055383" target="_blank">http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=147...p;#entry2055383</a>

    (Old) Forwarder Channel: <a href="http://www.yafaze.com/wii/files/USB_LOADER_FORWARDER.rar" target="_blank">http://www.yafaze.com/wii/files/USB_LOADER_FORWARDER.rar</a>
    Or: <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/file/5mbj2zznhgy/USBLcfg_Channel_Forwarder.rar" target="_blank">http://www.mediafire.com/file/5mbj2zznhgy/...l_Forwarder.rar</a>

    <b>Full Channel</b> v39 (by zektor)
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/5901f2e5" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/5901f2e5</a>

    <b>Full Channel</b> v38 (by zektor)
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/14558df6" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/14558df6</a>
    (see <a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=147638&view=findpost&p=2162341" target="_blank">post for notes</a>)

    <b>Full Channel</b> for cfg v35a: (by zektor)
    <!--quoteo(post=2093524:date=Jul 2 2009, 08:10 AM:name=zektor)--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(zektor @ Jul 2 2009, 08:10 AM) <a href="index.php?act=findpost&pid=2093524"><{POST_SNAPBACK}></a></div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->I was originally planning on creating a channelized version of v34 final, but progress is at light speed and the introduction of v35a (with disc alt.dol support) is nothing to be snuffed at <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" /> So, here's v35a channelized. I went back to the blue...only because I think the orange/red just looks too evil...haha. Anyway, I plan on creating a whole new channel banner/theme soon instead of re-hashing the original channel work. Till then, enjoy the USBLoaderCFG v35a channel!
    <a href="http://sharebee.com/2b4ceba9" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/2b4ceba9</a><!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

    <b>Full Channel</b> for cfg v33: (by zektor)
    <!--quoteo(post=2080864:date=Jun 26 2009, 10:51 PM:name=zektor)--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(zektor @ Jun 26 2009, 10:51 PM) <a href="index.php?act=findpost&pid=2080864"><{POST_SNAPBACK}></a></div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->Nice work! I have updated the channel as well, and this time used the orange version as someone had previously requested that. As always, I tested it on my Wii first <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" />
    <a href="http://rapidshare.com/files/248998012/USBLoaderCFG_v33-Channel.rar" target="_blank">http://rapidshare.com/files/248998012/USBL...v33-Channel.rar</a><!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

    <b>Forwarder Channels </b>[Matrix themed]: (by Narolez)
    <a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=147638&st=1170&p=2055383&#entry2055383" target="_blank">http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=147...p;#entry2055383</a>

    <b>Forwarder Channels</b> [Old style]: (by Narolez)
    Supports running the loader from wither SD and USB, uses custom location and custom ID.
    Download: < <a href="http://sharebee.com/0c58d140" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/0c58d140</a> >
    <!--quoteo(post=2042094:date=Jun 10 2009, 03:41 PM:name=Narolez)--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Narolez @ Jun 10 2009, 03:41 PM) <a href="index.php?act=findpost&pid=2042094"><{POST_SNAPBACK}></a></div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->I've made new forwarder channels for CFG-Loader. The archive includes two versions, one to fast load from SD and one to load directly from USB FAT-Partition<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

    <!--quoteo(post=2070968:date=Jun 23 2009, 02:38 AM:name=zektor)--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(zektor @ Jun 23 2009, 02:38 AM) <a href="index.php?act=findpost&pid=2070968"><{POST_SNAPBACK}></a></div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->I updated the channel version for anyone interested. Installed and tested on my own Wii:
    <a href="http://rapidshare.com/files/247421413/USBLoaderCFG_v32-Channel.rar.html" target="_blank">http://rapidshare.com/files/247421413/USBL...hannel.rar.html</a><!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

    Full Channel: <b>cfg v31c</b> (by Narolez)
    To inject a new version dol you can use "WAD Channel Updater" or "WADder".
    I've made new full channels of 31c with custom ID's (UCBF / UCOF):
    < <a href="http://sharebee.com/6f822895" target="_blank">http://sharebee.com/6f822895</a> >

    (Old) Forwarder Channel: <a href="http://www.yafaze.com/wii/files/USB_LOADER_FORWARDER.rar" target="_blank">http://www.yafaze.com/wii/files/USB_LOADER_FORWARDER.rar</a>
    Or: <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/file/5mbj2zznhgy/USBLcfg_Channel_Forwarder.rar" target="_blank">http://www.mediafire.com/file/5mbj2zznhgy/...l_Forwarder.rar</a>

    Old screenshots, videos:
    default look, with 3d covers and example with transparent console:
    <a href="http://i43.tinypic.com/2e30qbl.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i41.tinypic.com/262wcyg.png" border="0" class="linked-image" /></a> <a href="http://i41.tinypic.com/28l86k4.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i42.tinypic.com/2cy3338.png" border="0" class="linked-image" /></a>
    wolf theme:
    <img src="http://i39.tinypic.com/2jb1dao.png" border="0" class="linked-image" />

    Video of the Flow-Z (aka Cool Iris) GUI in action:
    <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/HbvbZOWhJfQ&rel=1"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/HbvbZOWhJfQ&rel=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object>
    <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbvbZOWhJfQ" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbvbZOWhJfQ</a>

    Video of the GridFlow GUI in action:
    <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/RsqC3-PCqtU&rel=1"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/RsqC3-PCqtU&rel=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object>
    <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsqC3-PCqtU" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsqC3-PCqtU</a>
  19. oggzee

    OP oggzee GBAtemp Addict

    Apr 11, 2009
    I'll just post here the updated admin unlock documentation, since the full package is really quite a bit to download jsut to get to the readme... i should probably upload that file separately somewhere too but for the moment, here is a cut&paste from README-CFG.TXT:

    Parental Control and Unlocking Admin Functionality
    If the loader is configured with restricted functionality it can be unlocked
    with a password - a "secret" wiimote button combination. Restricted functionality
    means any of the options: "simple" or "disable_*" or "hide_game" are set, which is
    usually used for "Parental Control".
    When admin mode is unlocked it will allow you to access all the previously 
    locked functionality. In addition: when unlocked, any games that are hidden
    with the hide_game option will be displayed.
    To access the unlock screen, hold the 1 button down for 5 seconds and the screen
    will appear.ÂÂAfter you see the text "Enter Code:", press the wiimote buttons
    in the correct order.ÂÂIf you were successful, the word SUCCESS will appear
    on the screen.ÂÂOtherwise the word LOCKED! will appear.ÂÂThe unlock screen has a 30
    second timeout limit so if an incorrect (or no) password is entered, it will
    automatically lock.ÂÂTo set the lock back on with the original settings intact, hold
    the 1 button for 5 seconds and the lock will automatically turn on.ÂÂWhen the loader
    is started, the lock will always be enabled.
    This functionality is controlled by the option: admin_unlock = [1], 0.
    By default it is enabled. To disable the ability to unlock admin mode set
    the option to: admin_unlock = 0
    The default admin unlock password is: BUDAH12
    To change it, use the config option: unlock_password = [BUDAH12]
    The password length is limited to 10 characters. Do NOT use quotes around the
    password - just type what you want it to be.ÂÂE.g.ÂÂunlock_password = 12UDAB
    The following are the button to letter mappings for the password:
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂD-Pad Down:ÂÂ D
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂD-Pad Right:ÂÂR
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂD-Pad Left:ÂÂ L
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂB button:ÂÂÂÂ B
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂMinus button: M
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂPlus button:ÂÂP
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂHome button:ÂÂH
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂ1 button:ÂÂÂÂ 1
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂ2 button:ÂÂÂÂ 2
    To hide certain games, use the the Game Options screen and toggle the "Hide Game"
    setting.ÂÂThis allows you to set which games are hidden when the admin mode is LOCKED.
    In order to see this option, admin_unlock must be enabled (which it is by default) AND
    the admin mode must be in an unlocked state!
    - NOTE: this functionality completely replaces the hide_game option in config.txt,
    ÂÂÂÂbut they CAN be used together.ÂÂAny games currently listed in hide_game will ALWAYS
    ÂÂÂÂbe marked as hidden by default in Game Options and cannot be unhidden until they are
    ÂÂÂÂremovedÂÂÂÂfrom config.txt
    - NOTE 2: An easy way to convert all your games in hide_game to this new functionality
    ÂÂÂÂis to start the loader with your hide_game still in config.txt and then go into
    ÂÂÂÂGame Options in any game (you may have to unlock admin lock first) and change
    ÂÂÂÂsomething and save it.ÂÂAll your hide_game entries will automatically be saved.ÂÂ
    ÂÂÂÂThen you can remove the hide_game entry completely from config.txt.
  20. zektor

    zektor GBAtemp Maniac

    Nov 29, 2005
    United States

    I want to thank you for this oggzee. I can now create dedicated cIOS249 and cIOS222 channels. I'll be creating a new package shortly.


    Ok, new channel package. This time I went back and used Narolez's blue/orange channel designs (and gave you credit for the channel designs as well) since I am a pretty poor artist when it comes to banner design [​IMG] It works out well actually, as each colored channel has been designated for a specific cIOS. So, blue channel is the standard cIOS249 default load, and the orange will load cIOS222 default. So, you can install these channels and be able to boot into the cIOS of your choice without a SD card or config.txt present.

    I know there are quite a few people who think the channel is useless, but if you are like me (swapping multiple SD cards out all of the time) and do not always necessarily have a usb-loader directory in the SD slot, you can *still* load CFG and play a game. It's a good thing in my book. Either way, here it is:

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