Conduit Mutilplayer Blowout

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    Sega and High Voltage was meant to demo the Conduit's Multiplayer on Tuesday but ran into a problem; Nintendo's Servers. Nintendo's servers were down for maintenance which left Sega out in the cold for the demo. High Voltage decided who needs video and decided all aspects of the multiplayer anyway the could.

    Here are the specifics:

    - online headcount was brought down from 16 players to 12 in order to keep things running smoothly
    - Free for All mode: players frag each other until a predetermined frag count is met
    - Marathon mode: get as many kills as you can in a certain time limit
    - Three Strikes: play a match with only 3 lives to spare
    - Last Man Standing: be the last man standing
    - ASE Football: the player that holds onto the ASE the longest wins
    - Bounty Hunter: take out specific targets, lose points for taking out wrong targets
    - Team Reaper: play Quick Match and Marathon with sides
    - Shared Stock: teammates share lives from a team pool
    - Team Objective: capture the flag style, but with the ASE replacing a flag
    - Team Objective 2: one ASE in a level, grab it and bring it back to your base to score
    - WiiSpeak supported, but you’ll only hear the players that are actually standing close to you in the game
    - at peak WiiSpeak saturation, you’ll hear the 6 closest players

    Wii Speak sounds good right? Well its too bad you'll still need friend codes.

    We do have Friend Codes. It was something we wanted to make as elegant as possible, but while still working within the boundaries of Nintendo. I personally am not a fan of Friend Codes; however, I understand why they are there. As long as it’s not a pain in the butt to get it in there, and you don’t have to continually re-enter it or anything like that, I think folks will be fine with entering it once and away you go.

    No dlc as well. But I don't think that was ever expected. And thats all we know now. Theres rumbling of a Experience system but that has not been officially mentioned and guessed upon by fans by looking at screen shots. There is also most likely going to be a online character creation system since Gamestop is giving pre-order bonuses, one of which is a "Secret Agent multiplayer skin."

    Source: Gonintendo via IGN
    Source: Desructoid
    Images: Nintendo everything
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    do they mean Friend Codes for the whole of online play or just for wii speak chat
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    I think the whole thing. In the interview with Desctrutoid they described their online to Mario Kart Wii. YOu'll still be able to play random matches but I'm guessing no communication without friend codes. There a little ague IMO.
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    Wow this is like a Halo version for the Wii to be blunt.
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    Oh my GOD. I CAN'T WAIT!!!

    The multiplayer looks really really good.

    I haven't been this excited over a Wii game in years.
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    So glad I reserved my copy.
    Though not so exclusive skins for charector making sounds dumb.
    I want a T-shirt and a laser rifle for a pre-order bonus.
    Speficily one that shoots actual rifles.
    Yes, a laser that shoots rifles.
    I demand it!

    Cant wait, its all looking really good.
    Wish it would come with a free or semi free Wii-Speak. :/

    Edit: The Art book pre-order bonus is good.
    Lasers that shoot rifles not needed.
    Still wanted though.
    Interesting with the special ASE skin and function though.
    Too bad its not an ASE Keychain LED light.
    I like my real life pre-order bonuses.

    Also funny how Gamestop makes it sorta sound like the pre-order ASE is required to play the game xD
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    Wow, that indeed looks superb.
    I hope it still pretty on a normal TV, I don't have a HD TV here :/
    But damn, that actually looks very good, I really hope this doesn't disappoint me and can get me addicted to the online multiplayer!