Computer cannot access action replay.

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    Jul 29, 2014
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    Help! I've had this problem ever since I've bought this. My [READ: Working] 3ds compatible action replay dsi will be recognized by the computer, but gives errors. I've tried moving codes to it and i get "Failed to write a file to your ActionReplay (Not enough free space)", even though there are only 4 games, about 20+ codes in total, which I typed in manually. The computer says there are no games on the action replay, making it impossible to add long codes since I'd have to do it by hand. When I try to do "reset hardware" from the computer, i get "An error occurred whilst reseting your Action Replay Device.

    Please reinsert the device and try again."

    I do not believe there is a way to reset the firmware of a 3ds compatible action replay via the actual gaming device.
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    Hm, I'm unfamiliar with those devices, but could this be a 64-bit problem? I heard some USB related DS peripherals don't work on a 64-bit OS.