Compiling Wolf3D for the PSP

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    Jun 2, 2017
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    I've got the source code for Wolf3D on the PSP here.

    It was by Zack and Chilly Willy way back in 2009. I have this crazy ambition to port Super 3D Noah's Ark to the PSP, and the first step to that would be getting vanilla Wolf3D to compile. I'm using Windows 10 but I could spin up a Linux box just for this if it would matter.

    The first problem I had was that version 6.0 didn't come with a makefile. However, version 5.2 did have a makefile, so I tried adapting that.

    The problem I'm stuck on at the moment is that the code seems to depend on SVGAlib and I'm not sure how to install that into my PSPSDK setup. Was there a special PSP port or fork of SVGAlib that I'm missing?

    Anyone have any advice on PSP homebrew development in general for someone new to it?
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