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    Mar 17, 2010
    United States
    Well, I know others have thought of this, but is it possible to make codes for HG/SS that effect for the Pokewalker feature?
    One possible use would be to make special code-based courses for the PokeWalker that contain only Pokemon and items that we actually want. Another possible use is to receive a Pokemon, watts and steps without actually connecting a PokeWalker. This would be useful for emulation and flash cards. One last cheat I can think of is to alter the rarity of Pokemon in any course. I'm sure people wouldn't mind effortless Flying or Surfing Pikachus.
    I know there aren't any now, but I figure by speaking up about this idea somebody will actually try to make it happen. And who knows? They may actually figure out why the game has 3 slots for the PokeWalker but only uses one.
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