Clone SD from one console to the other

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    Sep 27, 2018
    Hi everyone, I’m sorry if it’s a dumb question but I’ve recently purchased a New 3DS XL because I’m not getting any younger and my New 3DS is now a bit too small for me. I have a lot of games on my 3DS’ SD card, and am looking for a way to copy all of them from the 3DS SD to the 3DS XL SD.

    I have researched the topic (I’ve seen a reddit post for instance titled “Everything you wanted to know on the 3DS but were afraid to ask” (I can’t post the link), a youtube video and various threads on this forum) but nothing helped, when I follow the instructions I end up with two blank games without any names (by the way, how do I even get rid of that?).

    Both consoles are on 11.8 Luma3DS.

    Thanks for the help!
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    Jan 1, 2018
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    1. Back up your games into *.cia with GodMode9
    2. Back up your saves and extdata with Checkpoint or JKSM.
    3. back up your GBA VC games saves with GodMode9.
    4. Do a System Transfer from source n3DS to target n3DSXL if you want to keep the NNID.
    5. Reformat and check your micro SD card with guiformat and H2testw for the n3DSXL.
    6. Reinstall all your pirated games that didn't transfer over in System Transfer.
    7. Restore your saves with Checkpoint/JKSM and GBA VC saves with GodMode9.
    8. Probably some other stuff.
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    Sep 27, 2018
    It works! Thank you very much. I was looking for a complicated answer where a simpler one was on the very website I used to install Luma on my new console... idiot.
    Thanks again, TurdPooCharger (love the username by the way).
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