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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by sgom2813, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. sgom2813

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    Feb 12, 2009
    hey guys,

    just wanted to run a quick questions by you all. i used to have a quasi system menu 4.0 setup (had 3.2 with softmii 2.something (cannot remember but i think it was the first one that utilised cioscorp v2) and simply installed wads for IOS30 and system menu 4.0E for the sd loading capabilities as i am without a wireless connection.) Now that a more thorough guide for offline upgrading has come (ultimate guide), i used it to upgrade all of my IOS's just for the sake of making my wii more up to date. all the wads are official except for the fix of IOS60 which allows wad installation. when i eventually get wireless i will update further to 4.1. Also during the entire process i have had cIOS249 rev14 installed.

    Now the questions:

    -the manual FW upgrade will have overwritten most of the cIOSCORP files yes?

    -disc channel loading should no longer work? (but it does, leading to my next question)

    -how can i fully remove what remains of cioscorp (im assuming thats what is still allowing games to be run from disc channel when preloader is set to use IOS60)

    -if i was to remove cioscorp entirely, would i be able to set preloader to used cIOS249 to allow disc channel loading?

    in short i want to maintain disc channel loading and am wondering if i can do it without cIOSCORP. im not opposed to reinstalling CORP, i am simply wondering if using rev14 is possible and if it is faster at loading.

    for anyone who helps me out thanks in advance.

  2. illinialex24

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    May 26, 2009
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    The Midwest
    Yes, likely all of them. I would recommend running cIOScorp again and using Startpatch (starfall for 4.0/4.1) to patch the update. However, the only issue is you couldn't play Wii Sports restort because they have updated cIOS's except for 4.1, but it only updates IOS60, and just for Sports Resort. The current one is for 4.0 called cIOS60HK or cIOS60BF, and its a wad file, include it with the cIOScorp wads and itll work.

    Yes, disc loading won't work.

    Don't use a preloader and without cIOScorp, no, it wouldn't work. Re-install cIOScorp with cIOS60BF and use Startpatch (preloader sucks IMO) and it should work. Be careful, only use the update patch for it because some of it is semi glitched in start patch, mainly regionless stuff (like Starfall).

    No, but you could do USB Loading.

    And to remove cIOScorp, just get Dop IOSv7 and install every IOS you can possibly do to their latest version up to IOS61. It will fully remove any cIOS's you have besides IOS249.

    But don't do that. Just re-install it lol with cIOS60BF and Startpatch.
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